Sunday, 27 May 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal back in Toronto (before I even knew he'd left) and more from Anna Kendrick on End of Watch

This is a brief emergency post to announce Jake Gyllenhaal's safe return to Toronto after a mini break in NYC plus my own survival after a weekend camping in the hot sunshine in a new tent. Jake was seen walking through Toronto airport yesterday (26 May).  I must say, I think filming An Enemy agrees with him. Thanks to IHJ for the pictures, there are more there!

Thanks to Mermon for the link to Anna Kendrick's interview with Collider last week which includes more from Anna about watching a screening of End of Watch: 'Yes, I saw a screening of it and it was very bizarre coming out of it because I realized it was the first thing I’ve ever done that was super intense and serious. I came out of [the screening] physically feeling ill because it was so intense, and I was so tense through the whole movie that my back hurt (laughs). So I was like, “is that good? Did we do a good job? Is that okay?” Because usually you come out of a movie and your like, “That was fun, right everybody? That was a good movie, maybe?” And this was like, “I feel awful, that’s good right?”'

A proper Interlude will follow (consider that ample warning) but in this Olympic year I thought I'd post this picture I took of lads playing football in the arena of the Roman amphitheatre in the most fascinating town of Caerleon in South Wales. Wonderful archaeological sites and all free to visit.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hope you all had a good weekend and that those who have one have a great holiday Monday tomorrow. Ours has been postponed for a week for the Queen's Jubilee so it'd better stay sunny!

mermon said...

It was a very short visit to NYC. Jake is lucky this time to be close enough to home while working. Comparing to Morocco for example.
It seems you're right, Kate. Few tweeters report that Jake films a movie right now in Toronto. Working on Sunday? Are they in such a rush?
What Anna said about the movie suits the feeling I have about End of Watch. I have a feeling I may cry watching it.

mermon said...

Jake is filming today Anthony's part, looking different!In leather! Pics on IHJ.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi mermon! I remember in previous filmshoots, they worked through holiday weekends. But it's just not a 9 to 5 kind of life.

Anonymous said...

I work on sunday too, but my job is not so interesting and exciting, uff uff! Anyway, thanks Kate for the post and thanks Mermon for latest pic's news! Jake in leather...too dangerous!!!
Have a wonderful week!

Karen said...


Thanks for the great updates - in case you or any other UK readers here dont know, the Born Survivor/Bear Grylls (Man V Wild) episode with Jake is on Discovery channel in the UK on 4th June at 9pm! I did watch it on the link you provided, but I have wanted to see it on the TV!