Thursday, 17 May 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal in Toronto as preparations for An Enemy heat up and a catch up with Maggie

Having spent a few days back in NYC, helping to knock the inhabitants into shape by taking over the SoulCycle spin class again, Jake Gyllenhaal is now in Toronto where An Enemy is due to begin filming on 22 May. Tweets spotted Jake at the airport and then in the city where the sets for the movie were being built. When Jake wasn't helping with that (no doubt putting those legendary carpentry skills to good use), he was outside having a smoke. He has also been meeting with other potential members of the cast.

Being in Toronto may come in handy next month for Jake when The Shoes' Time to Dance video is entered in the Scene Not Herd section of the Toronto Short Film Festival. More details here.

End of Watch is released in the US on 28 September. On the same day, Maggie's film Won't Back Down is also released (conflict of interest for relatives). The trailer has just been released.

Meanwhile Maggie's next movie Hysteria, a film that seems to have been around for ages, finally opens in the US tomorrow. Maggie hasn't been able to attend premieres and events due to the recent birth of Gloria - babysitters are so unreliable these days - but in this interview Maggie talks about how she got into character by drinking lots of espresso and gives tips for managing the English accent. No doubt a subject discussed with Jake over recent years. I do hope that the film will get a British release.

Thanks to IHJ for the screencap and to BBMISwear for some of the links!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I do wish Hysteria were opening here tomorrow as well... Good to see all the Twitter sightings of Jake, makes up a little for the lack of photos. Have a good evening!

Susan said...

Thanks for the post, Kate. It's nice to know I can always come here for the latest information about the truly important happenings in the world. :)

I'm really hoping Hysteria will be shown in a theater near me. Unfortunately, so far none of my local theaters seem to have it scheduled. Apparently I'm not nearly prudish enough to fit in well in my own community. *sigh*

LadyEkster said...

Toronto people, you are so very lucky... and most of you don't even know it! *slams head to the wall* I hope this will mark a new period of exciting reports and sneaky pictures. :)

I didn't realise Hysteria hadn't been released yet in the US. How odd, it got released here last year and I had such fun with it! It's even stranger how it doesn't even have a UK date, given the fact that it's a British story... The science of release dates is still beyond me.

Aileen said...

Thank you for the post. I was starved of Jake News:). Hopefully the next few months will be busy:).

Susan said...

LadyEkster, release dates can't possibly be a science. If they were, we might be able to understand them. I think they are more like sorcery - black magic perhaps.

Something tells me that the subject matter has a lot to do with where and when Hysteria gets released. If that's true, I'll have to wait for it to be a rental!!

BBMISwear said...

Great update WDW - a lot going on these days!

Yes, lots of sightings up in north country but I'm ready for some pictures now! *hint hint to the people of Toronto*


BBMISwear said...

Me again...I jumped the gun and commented before watching the trailer to Maggie's new movie and WOW - I've got goosebumps!

Yay for looks like another great performance by her in a strong role! And that glimpse of Holly Hunter sitting behind the desk speaking reminded me so much of her in that same type of scene talking to Jake, Dustin and Susan when filming Moonlight Mile (more goosebumps)!! Just had to share.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan! It is a shame. When I was in Phoenix years ago, I couldn't find a theatre showing Brokeback. I may have to wait for the DVD release for this one too.

That is strange Lady Ekster and not good!

Thanks Aileen! Hope so too.

Thanks so much, BBMISwear :-) Yep, pictures, people! I love HollyHunter - how wonderful was the cast in Moonlight Mile... What a fantastic year for Maggie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks,Kate, great as usual! Lucky, lucky, lucky Canadians..but why not a Jake's movie in Italy???? Anyway for once in my life i'm feeling lucky with release dates 'cause I saw Hysteria yet, and's amazing!Good weekend to every one! Kisses

Anonymous said...

This is a very funny tweet about Jake:!/SusannaMiller/status/202973683709513729

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much Carlotta :) I do hope I get to see Hysteria on the big screen...

Hi 1:50 - lots of tweets about Jake in NYC today.

Have a good evening everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Oops that was '19:50' :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate,
Thanks for the update.

I have no idea how this is possible but I already watched "Hysteria" aout a month a go and believe me when I tell you that Serbia is usually a late bloomer when it comes to movies that are not Hollywood heavyweights... Anyway as I expected, the movie is amazing, Maggie and Hugh Dancy blew me away completely in this one. Really looking forward to your review when you finally watch it :)

Anyway, going back to sneezing and slobbering in my sick bad.... Caught a really annoying flue.

Have a good weekend!

mermon said...

I can't believe you still didn't see Hysteria, we had premiere March 2! Such a nice, pleasant movie. Yes, Maggie made great performance.
Let's count for Toronto's twitters, not bad so far. Jake came there earlier than scheduled and was at sushi restaurant! "ate at Hiro Sushi last night...WOW what an incredible meal! PLUS Jake Gyllenhaal was there!"
Jake is in Toronto

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you've had a good weekend - I've ha an incredible time with a large bunch of friends who travelled own to Oxford. As a result, today I'm not entirely human... ;)

Thanks Maja! I'm so glad to hear you liked Hysteria :)

Hi Mermon - it's very difficult keeping up with the tweets! He seems to be popping between NYC and Toronto every other minute!

Have a good Sunday evening everyone :)

Hagen said...

Good morning! I hope you had a nice weekend.

New pics of Jake in New York on Mail online.

According to one tweet he was spotted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Hagen! Post coming later today :)

Hagen said...

Nice picture of Jake without his shades on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the shoots today ...

Anonymous said...

I was with two friends watching the shootings today. The production people treated us very badly especially a fat man who seemed to be the diretor, it was disappointing.