Monday, 21 May 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal wines and dines in NYC and Toronto in just one day! Mothers, directors, Slaughtered Lambs, co-stars involved...

No wonder Jake Gyllenhaal's beard is growing to mighty proportions, he's so busy clocking up the airmiles he's had no time to bother with shaving. It's a miracle he's remembered to put clothes on his body. This weekend Jake has been putting his time to good use by spending Sunday with his mum Naomi in New York City (possibly to have a little bit of a break from new born babies?) before flying to Toronto to have dinner with An Enemy's director Denis Villeneuve. Fortunately, there were photographers about in NYC who managed to get a shot or two of Jake not travelling in public transport. Although he was getting a taxi. But I don't think that counts.

Several things to note here about these wonderful pictures courtesy of IHJ. Firstly, never mind the beard, this is fantastic hair. Denis Villeneuve gets the WDW Seal of Approval for Jake's An Enemy Hair. Clearly, David Ayer didn't do so well for End of Watch. Secondly, Jake's doing odd things with his trousers and shoes again. Thirdly, muscle definition. Fourthly and possibly most importantly, did Jake and Naomi eat in The Slaughtered Lamb? If so, this would prove my rule that it is impossible to walk past a pub called The Slaughtered Lamb and not go in.

Tweets put Jake and Denis in the Italian restaurant Terroni. Yet again I marvel at how expensive Oxford prices are compared to everyone else... One lucky tweeter managed to get a photo. Another got an even better photo (thanks to Mermon for the link)!

Meanwhile, one of Jake's co-stars in An Enemy, Sarah Gadon, has been walking Cannes red carpets and mentioned how happy she is to get the chance to work with Denis Villeneuve. 'The way I look at it, I’ve aligned myself with Cronenberg and now Villeneuve, and that’s when I go, OMG. For me as a film student, it’s all about the director and the film process, and I feel honoured to be at these auteurs’ table. I certainly have pinch-me moments.' The question is, did she actually say 'OMG'?

Thanks to BBMISwear for the dinner tweet :-)


mermon said...

Thanks for that post Kate! Great pics. I find Jake very good looking now. With his hair long and not too long beard. Very handsome. And he has my favourite sunglasses on him.
Don't you think he seems to be in good mood? Maybe new movie has something to do with that.
One lucky girl tweeted her pic with Jake.
Jake and a girl
Sarah Gadon has a chance to act in interesting films and is focused on directors rather than on handsome co-stars :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Mermon, I updated the post with a link to that fab pic! I think Jake does look in a good mood - not that pap pics are a good indicator but that tweet pic is - so maybe it's because he's getting in to a work frame of mind. Excellent!

Susan said...

Hi Kate! Another great post. Love the photos. Let's see:
Hair - check
Beard - check
Muscles - check
Trousers and shoes - give the poor guy a break! I don't care what odd things he's doing with them, they do not detract at all from the total package.
If he's taking the time to pose for pics with store clerks, it sure does seem like he must be in a good mood. Hope it lasts!

Eureka said...

Hi Kate
Nice post. I agree with you all, he is looking good and easy going.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan! I can't help it - the trousers are distracting! Yes, let's hope so :)

Hi Eureka - he really is!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate for the great post! I'm writing, loughing and rolling at the same time!!! And what to say?!?Jake looks fabulous, relaxed and ready to start...If I'm looking forward to EoW, I'm pretty sure that An Enemy will be a very good movie as well...we'll see..Meanwhile we this wonderful blog!!!

bastognegirl said...

I like the trousers...I call it his paratrooper look ...and I happen to be very fond of paratroopers ;-)

BBMISwear said...

Great update WDW! Lookin' Good in all ways indeed! I am very interested to see the look of each character he plays in this new film (we'll all probably look back and say "oh ya, so that's why he looked that way back in May 2012")!

Great stuff going on for Jake...I'm so happy for him (and all us fans who are easily made happy during times like this). As I've always said, it's the little things...