Monday, 18 June 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal gets some cast mates for his Off Broadway debut, ping pong and Maggie continues to shine for Hysteria

If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, Jake Gyllenhaal's imminent Off Broadway debut, is getting nearer! Previews start on 24 August before opening night on 20 September. It's quite possible that the butterflies are starting to flutter. But, unlike An Enemy in which Jake plays both the lead and the co-star, there are other people in the play and yesterday Variety announced a couple of them:
'Brian F. O'Byrne and Michelle Gomez will join Jake Gyllenhaal in the Off Broadway play "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet." O'Byrne ("Brotherhood," NBC's "Prime Suspect"), who won a Tony for his role in 2004 outing "Frozen," will play the environmentalist father of an overweight teen girl who befriends her drifter uncle, played by Gyllenhaal in his Off Broadway debut. Gomez, who appeared in "Boeing Boeing" on the West End, stars at the teen girl's mother. The role of the daughter has yet to be cast.
Design team includes Beowulf Borritt (sets), Susan Hilferty (costumes), Natasha Katz (lights) and Obadiah Eaves (music and sound).'
Michelle Gomez is a Scottish actress, possibly best known in the UK for Green Room a few years back, while Brian F O'Byrne, an Irish actor, is a regular in Prime Suspect and also featured in the US series Flashforward. Could be quite a mix of accents here with the only English one coming out of Jake...

Jake will no doubt be rehearsing soon as only an actor about to have his NYC Off Broadway debut can. But, at the moment, Jake continues to film An Enemy and move between Toronto and NYC. The most memorable recent sighting is the one of Jake 'Playin' ping pong like a madman' at Spin Toronto on Friday night. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be reminded of Jake's near miss with a ping pong tournament back in January 2010.

Maggie, meanwhile, continues to make TV appearances to publicise Hysteria. Last week she was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. If you're in the US, you can watch it here. Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a link that works on this side of the pond. Maggie did cause a stir looking rather wonderful outside the studio. I do like this retro glamorous actress look of hers.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend! Love hearing more news of the play and the image of Jake playing table tennis is a good one :) Reminds me of our old discussions here about different names - ping pong/table tennis, bat/paddle :)

Anonymous said...

Monday..back to work...thanks Kate for this graet post, some wonderful news to finish this day!I'm so exciting for the "off Broadway project"!!!
Ps: ping pong, in Italy!

Susan said...

I can't seem to picture Jake playing ping pong any way other than 'like a madman.' I get the sense that he puts 110% into everything he does, even relaxing.

Thanks for posting the link to Maggie's Daily Show appearance. Somehow I managed to miss it that night. She's lovely and Hysteria looks better with every new interview. I hope it goes into wide release soon.

BBMISwear said...

It is sooooo good to be back here catching up! The last few weeks have been over the top busy for me and I honestly miss spending time on line checking out Jake News - I love coming back here to get updates and see the familiar names of WDWers! Thank you for the updates WDW!

Oh yes, the excitement for Jake's play builds and builds - I do hope the guy finds some time to rest as he goes from project to project (although he did seem to get quite a lot of rest prior to his most recent film projects with all of us feeling desperate for any type of news we could get)!

Great "Ping Pong" memories WDW - ha ha! Remember I was planning to go to that charity tournament and compete?! I was partly disappointed when he pulled out of the event and partly relieved (since I was going to enter a competition for something I wasn't very good at - ha ha)!

I've caught a few of Maggie's appearances on US TV - always very entertaining and, wow, she looks gorgeous! I love that retro glam look of hers too, WDW. She always knows how to work it (even weeks after having a baby - not an easy task).

Sorry for the ramble...I'm just happy to finally have a morning with a little bit of time to catch up and say hello. I might even finally get to read and write some emails this afternoon - another thing I haven't been able to much of in weeks - it's the little things I guess!

I'll definitely be able to stop by here more often going forward...I miss it!!

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Anonymous said...

I would love to see him play ping pong.

I am hoping to get to see him in the play.


Daniela said...

Hi everyone! :)
Although I was very happy with the news on Broadway Jake, I'm not anxious, because I will not be able to watch lol
but I'm hoping to critique be great
Maggie has a charm in his eyes when she wants

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Carlotta!

I think so too, Susan :)

Great to see you BBMISwear :-) Busy days! I do remember that! That would have been hysterical - you could have ended up playing Jake in the final and then I wouldn't have known who to cheer for!

So good to see you Sweetpea :)

Me neither, Daniela, but yep it's good to hear all about it. Maggie looks beautiful - very happy.

Hope you're all having a good Wednesday. Hot day here before the rain comes back tonight for the solstice...

Martha Stewart said...

You probably already know but I was surprised looking at it this morning. Jake's chef friend Chris Fischer is in this month (July 2012) Martha Stewart Living magazine. Its about his Martha Vineyard garden and cooking called "The Good Earth" pages 104-109. Recipes and photos. Now I'm hungry. ;)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, I didn't know that! I love that. I'll try and find out more. Thank you!

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