Friday, 29 June 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal to appear at Comic-Con in San Diego on 14 July

An Enemy is now into its last couple of weeks of filming in Toronto; its last scheduled date is 13 July. The indication is that as soon as Jake Gyllenhaal wraps, he'll be ready to move on. With no time to waste, Jake will  be heading down to San Diego to to publicise End of Watch at Comic-Con on Saturday 14 July.

Bleeding Cool has published the entire schedule for the event at San Diego's Convention Center and it includes:
'Saturday, July 14 – Open Road panel in Hall H at 12:45 p.m. with Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña and writer/director David Ayer.'
Good news! We'll have the first opportunity in quite a while to hear Jake talk about his work. If it's half as good as what came out of San Francisco's WonderCon in April 2010, then we are in for treats. Of course, back in 2009 Comic-Con gave us our first tantalising hints of Prince of Persia.

Talking of An Enemy:

Thanks to BBMISwear for the heads up!


Susan said...

Hi, Kate! Now I have a reason to look forward to 14 July. I suppose the next thing after Comic-Con will be the play in NYC? We have the potential for a really good fall season shaping up with End of Watch coming out and Jake heating up New York's theater district. I like it when the boy stays busy.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! Could be non-stop now til the end of the year at least! Excellent :D

mermon said...

Hi! I also like when Jake is professionally busy. ComicCon sounds very promising. Hopefully we'll be able to see it somehow.
I like what McFarlane said about Jake playing Dastan during 2009. I agree with him! That old interview shows us how much everybody believed in POP to be v. successful!

mayumintolor said...

wow! Thank you for the great post with a good news! I agree with you all, It's good for us that Jake is busy with his work. :)
And I'm looking forward to the news about the date of release of EOW in my country. I hope and believe it won't be so long!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate, I wish I could be in San Diego but I'm sure they'll have plenty of things online about it. It's been a while since Jake has been in Calif.

Can't wait to see EOW.