Saturday, 28 July 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal catch up and a WDW Cream Tea Interlude

Back from a few days camping in the wilds of Dorset in flaming heat, I've come home to a flood of news involving Jake Gyllenhaal. And so, without further ado, here's a bit of a catch up with the sand barely out of my socks and the last cream tea scarcely digested. You'll note that there are are elements from a previous post which ended up totally scuppered. I blame the heat. Just as well the rain's coming back...

End of Watch has a new release date in the USA. The date has shifted to 21 September, a week earlier than the last release date. This is no doubt associated with the decision to premiere End of Watch at the Toronto International Film Festival this September. However, the film is being shown as a 'Special Presentation' and not as a gala and so it's quite possible that Jake will not be making the trip, instead focusing on the play and on the US premiere.

Talking of the play, promotion images of the cast of If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet have been released. Thanks to IHJ for the images. There are more here.

Jake is definitely starting to get more attention in the media as all these projects converge. As well as being the cover boy for the September issue of Details, the New York Times fashion column has picked Jake as Man of the Moment and is holding him personally responsible for bringing back Bermuda Shorts.

WDW Cream Tea Interlude

After the wettest drought on record, last week we had a few days when it wasn't only very hot, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. This meant a hastily-arranged and spontaneous camping trip to the beautiful Dorset and Devon coast - an idea that also occurred to three fifths of the entire British population. Never have so many cream teas been consumed by so many people. I even saw a man on a beach with a hankie on his head. And so a few pictures from Corfe Castle, Exmouth, Lulworth Cove and Lyme Regis.

On the way back we stopped at the splendid city of Bath, including its brilliantly presented Roman baths and the Georgian pump rooms. I did taste the waters and managed not to spit it out. Result.

Back to the Olympics! What a great job Danny Boyle did with the opening ceremony - spellbinding.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Have a good weekend everyone! Sporty one for me - not that I'm actually doing any sport... Sorry about all the trouble with the last post - what a nightmare. Hopefully everything's ok now.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if moving the release date has anything to do with Jake's schedule with the play. Moving it back might make him more available to promote the movie.

I can't wait to see the movie. IMDB was showing a new possible project for Jake. a Mobster movie (I wish he'd do something light-hearted. He's been doing dark/heavy movies.


Susan said...

I suspect moving the release date of End of Watch might have something to do with the premier of another movie - Looper. That one has Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and is getting a lot of attention. I'm very glad they are opening on different weekends, not competing head-to-head.

Love your interlude pics, Kate! One day... one day... I'll take that trip to the U.K. that I've always dreamed of...

Sorry about all the bother you had to put up with over the now-missing post. Sometimes the internet is just bonkers, isn't it?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you, Sweetpea! That's interesting about the mobster movie - didn't realise it had made it to IMDb - will take a look. That wouldn't be my cup of tea either, must wait and see. I don't think Jake's personal schedule would affect the release of the film so I think it could be along the lines of what Susan suggests.

Hi Susan! Thanks - been a miserable couple of days trying to blog. That's very interesting about the release dates and I'd put money on your explanation. I hope you make it over here sooner rather than later :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Just looked up Mobster: A Call for the New Order on proimdb and it looks odd to me - huge amount of cast and a release date in April 2013. If Jake's the lead and he needs to spend a month or two shooting it, how on earth can he fit it in? Play ends lateish November so even if he shot it all through Dec and Jan how could it be ready? Hmmm.... Interesting to see it's supposed to shoot in NYC and the Kremlin. We shall see!

BBMISwear said...

Glad you were able to get a new post up WDW - sorry to hear about the nightmare of blogging you were going through - hopefully that's all over now.

Great catch up and interlude photos - what a beautiful blue sky in some of those pictures - wow!!

This potential mobster movie has been floating around the internet for a bit and the timing is just plain impossible. If it even comes together with Jake (and who knows who of the "rumored" actors will be confirmed) it would most likely be filmed in 2013 with a 2014 release. As you said...we will see (like so many of Jake's rumored projects). He certainly keeps us guessing, huh?!

Hope everyone who is watching is enjoying the Olympics!


Susan said...

The movie listing on IMDB for Mobster: A Call for the New Order is asking more questions than it answers. It not only already has a release date and the lead actors are still merely rumored, it's also saying it is 135 minutes long. I didn't think it was that easy to pre-determine the exact length of a movie before it has been filmed. ;-) But what do I know? Maybe the strategy is to generate a lot of interest by listing a "dream team" of lead actors while they try to finish casting it. And then update the IMDB page when more information is real and not just speculation. But I don't know anything about making movies, so no one should listen to me....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for the news and wonderful interlude pics.
Have a nice Sunday everyone.

BBMISwear said...

LOL Susan! With all those items listed on the IMDB page it's obvious someone is just typing in random information - a running time already?! Crazy!

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday...another rainy one here (but good for playing on the computer I guess)!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I hope you've had a good weekend. I've spent all of it watching the Olympics and listening to thunder - stormy day today.

Hi BBMISwear :-) I don't think I believe in this Mobster thing at all. I was really surprised to hear it had made IMDb but I just don't see it working. Certainly someone is being extremely optimistic!

Hey Susan! That is ridiculous! They have a time length? Has Jake made this film and we never noticed? Maybe during the night... ;)

My pleasure, Christina!

Have a good evening everyone!

jesus321 said...

well... the mobster movie is all a scsm related to the producer nagendra karri. he has been saying about this movie & collecting up funds for the release. how could some body actually just put up something like that on imdb. we are all getting faked