Sunday, 15 July 2012

San Diego Comic-Con End of Watch update

As we'd suspected, Jake Gyllenhaal didn't join co-star Michael Pena and director David Ayer for the End of Watch panel at Comic-Con in San Diego yesterday. It would seem that An Enemy kept him in Toronto. However, that didn't stop Jake from introducing the film to the SDCC crowd via video and this included three clips. One of them is available for us to watch over at hula. Interesting use of beeps, especially if they make it into the movie itself.

ScreenCrave, amongst its other coverage, has great descriptions of the other two scenes. The first:
It’s POV shot from the front of a police car accompanied by a voiceover. The narrator is Officer Taylor (Gyllenhaal) and he’s giving a monologue about his devotion to the law. “A thin blue line protects the prey from predator, the good from the bad. We are the police.” The car is in a high speed chase with a black vehicle in a residential area.
The police car catches up to the rogue vehicle, forcing it to crash into a yard. The driver and its passenger immediately hop out with guns blazing. At this point, we’re still watching from the point of view of an anonymous the car. There’s a quick cut and we see Taylor and Zavala standing in front of the windshield aiming their guns at the assailants. They let off several rounds killing both men. Zavala walks over to their lifeless bodies, turns them over and handcuffs them. America Ferrera‘s character (Officer Orozco) appears in frame and looks at the damage. She exclaims, “Holy shit!”

The second:
Taylor and Zavala arrive on the scene of a house fire. A woman runs off her porch and screams that her two-year old daughter’s inside. Taylor immediately runs in to save her, with Zavala screaming, “No.” Cut to a scene filled with red lighting and puffs of smoke. Both men are shown crawling on the floor where they find the little girl.
Taylor grabs the child and covers her face with a blanket. Zavala tries to lead them out of the home but they’re stuck. They lose contact with one another because of the smoke. Luckily, they latch on to each other again and escape. The next thing we see is a group of firemen approaching the scene. Taylor and Zavala are on the ground shaking, sweating and struggling for breath. The firemen try to help them up, but Taylor yanks his arm and asks where were they.

According to MySpace
The unconventional camera coverage was chosen because David has the philosophy that with YouTube and video games the audience has learned to view footage and come to expect a certain level of reality in ways big studios don’t show. They built cameras to show the POV of the actors. Michael had to spend a lot of time running with one of these cameras strapped to his chest, which was hard because when he started he was out of shape and Jake loves to run.
You can read a full round up of the panel at Collidor, whose editor moderated the panel. Ayer doesn't spare Michael Pena's blushes, calling him fat compared to Jake at the beginning of filming. As time went on, Michael felt more like the 'Mexican RoboCop'. The whole experience, including the training, made Jake and Michael very close and so, no doubt, this charisma between the pair will be something to watch when the film is released. In fact, David Ayer wanted Jake and Michael to appreciate and feel the bond that police officers feel for their partners, a bond that is 'closer than marriage'.

Jake's voiceover to a car chase scene (source): 
“I’m the unpaid bill. I am fate with a badge and gun. Behind my badge is a heart like yours. I bleed, I think, I love. I can be killed. We stand watch together. A thin blue line, protecting the prey from the predators. We are the police.”
You can watch a video interview with Michael and David here at Shockya

All in all, End of Watch suddenly got a lot more exciting and it can't come soon enough - 28 September for the US, 23 November for the UK.


Susan said...

Well, it may have seemed odd to find a movie like End of Watch at Comic Con, but it really has ramped up the excitement for it. We should begin seeing some interesting reviews and commentary all over the web. The "unconventional" camera work will probably be a hot topic.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! Great to discover more about it. The'unconventional' camera work is interesting. Be interesting to see how it differs from all the found footage films. It'll be good to see Jake and Michael interviewed together about this. I bet they'd have a lot of fun promoting it together!

mermon said...

I'm amazed by how many articles showed up after End of Watch panel at Comic-Con. It's not typical film for that event, yet many journalists wanted to share their impressions on it. Great! And they had only good things to say! Low budget film, shot in 22 days got quite big attention among all others popular movies. I would love to see Jake's recording, introducing new clips. One girl tweeted me that he had "full beard but well groomed! He said how he's busy filming in Toronto and wished he were here and then set up the clips"
That clip we may see by Hulu I like v. much. Such a good chemistry between friends and partners. I like their conversation! Let's wish to see two others. Jake rescuing a kid from the flames? Can't wait to see.

BBMISwear said...

Thanks so much for the detailed coverage of what went on at Comic Con WDW - I was very busy this weekend and would have missed all this otherwise! I could watch that Hulu clip 100 times - love the conversation - these two are so funny together! You're right that it will be so good to see them interviewed together at film promotion time.

Hope everyone had/is having a good weekend. Bring on more EoW news!!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! SDCC certainly keeps writers busy! It sounds like the video was filmed a few days ago. It is a shame that Jake couldn't make it but good to see all the buzz.

Hi BBMISwear :-) So glad you liked the post! And good to have lots to report :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Have a good Monday :)

Anonymous said...

I got back from vacation in Italy yesterday and I am just catching up the latest posts. Thanks for all those great news, Kate. Hope to see a lot more news about EoW during the next weeks.
Have a nice evening everyone.

Eureka said...

Thanks Kate for the Comic Com Wrapup.
I liked Jake playing a little Mexican accent. :o)
Good chemistry they showed. Looking forward to see their press conferences together.

Anonymous said...

In the End of Watch clip, both Jake and Michael are not wearing their seat belts. Shame on them...=)

Susan said...

Hi Anon! Yes, shame on them for not buckling up. But since David Ayer puts so much emphasis on reality in his movies, there is a reason. This article from the Los Angeles Times states that officers use many excuses for not wearing seat belts, including that it slows them down when leaving their car in an emergency and that the belt gets tangled in the equipment they wear as part of their uniform.

Not reason enough to forgo using a seat belt in my opinion, but one of the many details Ayer includes to give us a realistic cop drama.

mermon said...

Thank you Susan for an explanation!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all!

Welcome back, Christina! Hope you had a lovely holiday :)

Hi Eureka!

Thanks Susan, for explaining that - I can imagine that seatbelt rules might not be the same for police officers.

have a good day everyone! Is it Friday yet...?

Jhonny Cash said...

Annoying cholos in this movie what a waste of my life.