Tuesday, 7 August 2012

An interview with Jake Gyllenhaal and a WDW Olympian Interlude

Details magazine has published its full interview with Jake Gyllenhaal from its September issue - and it makes for interesting reading. Jake is clearly in character(s) as An Enemy takes shape and the duality of his roles is extremely intriguing. Also, though, this is a very different Jake from the one we know from Prince of Persia and Love and Other Drugs, to name but two. Jake is now not running and cycling as much as he did - in this new persona, he is black and white, bearded and smoking. Interesting. You can read the full interview here. There is also a video of the photoshoot (if the video below doesn't work for you, you'll find it on the end of the previous link).

I was fascinated by the revelation by Anne Hathaway that it was Jake at the other end of the line as she acted out her last scene in Brokeback Mountain, the scene that tour my heart out: ''It's no accident. Jake takes it all very seriously but also has a very light touch," explains Anne Hathaway, his costar in Love and Other Drugs and Brokeback Mountain. "On Brokeback, my final scene was on the phone with Heath, who was in Venice for Casanova. Jake offered to read Heath's lines. On the last take, he changed the line, ever so slightly. That kicked off something in me, and lo and behold, that's the take in the film."

Do read the full interview with Details. I can't wait to get hold of a copy.

WDW Olympian Interlude

If you've been on Mars with Curiosity than you might be forgiven for missing a certain sporting event. The Olympics has grabbed hold of Great Britain and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been transported into a parallel world off glittering golds and silvers over the last couple of weeks. It's been incredible. Like many people, I've been largely unsuccessful with the ticket hunt but I did get one of the tickets for the Men's Triathlon. And I was lucky - half a million people applied for the 20,000 tickets. I was one of the ticketed standing. This meant I couldn't see the medal ceremony but I could hear it and I could sing along. Just as well because brother Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee won the gold and bronze respectively for TeamGB. What an unbelievable achievement for them and an extraordinary experience for me.

It's fair to say the crowds went wild. It's quite possible I'll not be able to speak tomorrow what with all the cheering for each and every athlete. The only beings not to be too bothered were the noisy quarrelsome geese behind me on the Serpentine.


The Brownlees: Alistair ran in for gold while Jonathan had to take 15 seconds out for penalty. This made no difference to the result and he claimed the bronze. Spain won the silver. There were many Spanish in the crowd as well as people from all other nations. I enjoyed cheering for the lot.

Other things seen today, the Brit gold medallist rower Greg Searle (the recipient of a fair amount of awe) and a regimental goat.

A wonderful day I will never forget. Proud.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! What an incredible day! I am exhausted but happy - no idea how the athletes do it!

Monica said...

How awesome to attend in person! Congrats!

Eureka said...

Lovely interview!
You did have a busy day today. Glad you enjoyed some of the Olympics live.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Monica - it was fantastic!!

Thanks Eureka :)

fatblackcatjournal said...

what are the brooms for?

BBMISwear said...

I only have a minute but just had to say 1) I love the Details interview (OMG that bit from Anne made my heart sink into my stomach). 2) I love the video of the photoshoot - thanks for that! 3) So happy for you that you got to experience the Olympics!

I'm out the door again...but loving all the great Jake stuff coming our way so had to stop by for a quick Hello!! :-)

Leslie said...

The interview and video are awesome. I think this is the closest to the "real" Jake we've seen yet. I've always thought that he sort of conceals himself a bit when he's out promoting films and such . . and that he's a lot more loose and sarcastic in the day-to-day stuff. I hope that this is a reflection of his new management and that he feels comfortable revealing more of his personality.

Leslie said...

fatblackcatjournal: I'm going to guess that the brooms are for Curling. They look just like the ones that they use for that sport and it is an Olympic event.

ANTJE said...

The DETAILS black and white photographs are just beeeeeauuuuuuutiful - apart from the cigarette. But never mind
I especially like the idea that the photographer talked Jake into taking off his socks and shoes.

Anonymous said...

Lovely interview. I can't wait to get hold to a copy of Details myself :-)
Kate, I loved your photos of the olympics. Must have been a wonderful experience for you.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Fat Black Cat - the brooms were being used by the many volunteers to sweep the course so that there were no obstructions for the triathletes when they were cycling or running. The sweepers were given a huge cheer!

Curling is a Winter Olympics sport on ice.

Good you could stop by, BBMISwear :-)

Hi Leslie! To me, Jake sounds like he's being very much in character(s) - as the interviewer noted. This enigmatic, unknowable quality of Jake is something that I've always loved. He's always very clever with what information he gives away and I think he likes to create a reaction. Fascinating! This is another different Jake. I do agree though that he sounds confident and comfortable here, which is great :)

Hi Antje! I don't like the cigarette either - I don't believe it belongs in a publicity shoot. As a foot hater, it always perplexes me when stars have to take their shoes and socks off but they are great pictures!

Thanks Christina! Me too! It was a wonderful experience, thank you. I'll never for get it :)

Have a good day everyone!

Anonymous said...

I'm obviously in the minority but I think Jake sounds a bit silly and pretentious in the Details interview.

BBMISwear said...

I got Details magazine today and have to say that the littlest details (no pun intended!) got to me - namely:

"Jeans and belt his own" (clothing credits in photo with bare feet).

"Jeans and boots his own" (clothing credits in photo in chair smoking cigarette).

Can't say why I liked those little details so much but just had to share - LOL! P.S. Nice Jeans!!!


mermon said...

I love that interview!
BBMISwear thx for sharing, those little details are valuable for me too. I like themost cover picture and the one with Jake's lovely bare\feet. I have a thing for feet ;)

BBMISwear said...

You made me want to check out the clothing credits for the cover Mermon! Clothing by Gucci (I'm sure that's one expensive sweater). I like the bare feet too (sorry WDW about the feet...hee hee)! Isn't it funny how everyone has individual likes/dislikes when it comes to body parts? Well now I'm going down a strange road about body parts - too early in the morning (here) for that so I'll say bye for now - LOL! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, NBBMISwear, for those little details, I love them! I always like to know where Jake gets the clothes from on these shoots, so many times he wears his own clothes.

Hi Mermon!

It sounds like I'm the only person not to like feet! Bring back the Nike!

Have a good Friday everyone! I am worn out...

Daniela said...

Hi Kate, I was watching the closing of the Olympics yesterday and honestly I liked more than the opening rs
Now, four years from now will be your turn to see my country hosting the Olympics!
Unfortunately my pc is broken and I am in doubt to fix it or buy another, I'm enjoying my lunch hour to use the pc of my work,
Well,a great weekend for you and for all!:)