Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Emergency post - a brief catch up with Jake Gyllennhaal while in a tent...

I'm speaking to you this evening in the south west corner of a field being stared at by a bunch of brown cows no further than two foot away. After five days and nights of camping, it's unlikely my own mother would recognise me. There is also a very annoying little bird that has followed us around through Dorset, devon, Cornwall and back to Devon that we have named The Wakey Wakey Bird. I may be a vegetarian but I would quite happily broil it with potatoes.

All this means that I have missed a great deal in Jake Gyllenhaaldom and I don't have the internet access of battery power to do much until I'm back home in a couple of days. If this post breaks off midword then you'll know to blame my phone. I hear though that Jake was helicoptered into the Hamptons on Sunday night for the End of Watch screening with Gwynnie. There are photos here and more information here.

The excitement builds for End of Watch with a new trailer, which you can see here if this link below doesn't work.

This coming Friday Jake's NYC theatre debut takes place in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet.There is much more to say on that and much else - thanks to all those who've sent me emails. I look forward to catching up with all the news and with you too in a couple of days. Expect  an Interlude or two!


Susan said...

Kate, I greatly admire your determination. Not only braving the wilds (and cows) in a tent, but posting an update with what could be the last of your battery power! You are a marvelous enabler to the entire community of Gyllenhaalics worldwide!

This latest trailer for End of Watch just about gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. September 21st - can't wait!

mermon said...

Sending hello to your tent, Kate! I hope you enjoy your camping with nature!
Many things regarding Jake show up lately. With End of Watch special screening, some interview, some impressions from it and play almost at the stage, it really is confusing and exciting at the same time.
New pic of Jake from a stage was revealed today.
Jake in a play

ANTJE said...

It's great that even in the wilderness and surrounded by horrible flying objects Jake Gyllenhaal is still in your mind. IHEARTJAKEMEDIA offers some absolutely gorgeous photographs showing Jake in the Hamptons. Lovely and relaxed as ever, including the face pet and the oooh sooo familiar old brown boots.

BBMISwear said...

Kate! So great to hear from you from the wilds!! I'm sorry to hear about The Wakey Wakey Bird but I hope all else has gone well.

Yes, so much Jake News coming in from every direction right now it's hard to keep track! You will enjoy catching up I'm sure. Excitement builds for Friday night and then EoW right around the corner. Wow!!

Be sure to check back in with us when you can. Safe travels.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for the comments and I'm so sorry I've been so cut off! Back home now and a bit of a major catch up :)