Friday, 31 August 2012

End of Watch - Dating and working together

The premiere of End of Watch is looming. On 8 September it opens in a Special Presentation at TIFF. We can therefore expect more clips and chats as this and the US release approach. Jake Gyllenhaal is slightly tied up with a certain play and so Michael Pena, his co-star, is on duty. Today we have a new clip and an interview with Michael that includes a discussion of his working relationship with his partner. Unfortunately, the clip doesn't work in the UK but you may have more luck:


'MTV: How did you and Jake build a strong relationship on set?
Michael Peña: David Ayer was really adamant about us spending time together and talking about the characters and what we want to do and plan it out. He has an older sister, and I have an older brother. We just remembered how they'd fight and bicker. I was like, "I remember that totally," and he says, "But you still love the person." In a way, we just kept talking about it and designing how we were with our siblings. We were getting to know each other, but at the same time designing the friendship and the brotherhood. At the end of the day, you have to believe these guys are real partners, and they spend a lot of time together and they have each other's backs. Instead of saying that, showing that is what's really exciting about the script. When you have the action sequences, it really pays off. You're like, "I really don't want these guys to get hurt. I don't want one of them to get hurt."'

'MTV: Did that relationship make shooting action scenes more intense?
Michael Peña: It [was], in a way, because we put in a lot of work. Every time I was rehearsing a scene that was a shootout or whatever, I wanted to make sure that my partner went home safe and alive. Secondly, I wanted to make sure that my wife and my newborn baby weren't left fatherless. Every time we rehearsed a scene, we would talk about, "Dude, we have to do this for the family." It felt kind of like a sport, where you have these mantras that you keep talking and talking it through so you remember the motivation, why we're playing this thing.'

And finally...

Wouldn't mind a pair of these!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I understand that the video works for most of you so sorry to those of you, like me, who have to put up with a black screen. Hopefully, I'll be able to replace it shortly.

Have a good evening!

mermon said...

I think that a combination of rough scenes with cute ones, like Taylor/Zavala chatting in the car makes this movie very unusual. The guys connect really well.
Nice that in German teaser we have some new scenes. I wonder if in Polish one something will be added.
Jake seems to be happy doing the play, it shows in his behaviour towards fans. Sometimes he's surprisingly nice for them. Here is some account about it:
Encounter with Jake during the play

BBMISwear said...

Wonderful EoW's hard to believe we are so close to the TIFF screening...time is flying!

Hope all are having a nice (and in some cases) long weekend!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Been off up north for the weekend visiting my mum - see there's more to catch up on with Jake! The release in the UK is still quite a bit off (23 November), the only upside of that I can imagine is that we might get some new things right through until then. But what a wait... :(

Hello Mermon and BBMISwear! :-)

Have a good day everyone!

Stefanie said...

Hi everyone I went to see the production yesterday and had a great time. The play was very good and it was a very small theater. Jake was is very very handsome in person but also is a normal size guy I was very happy about that. He is probably 6 feet a little over. When we got to the theater I had conversation w the guy you see Jake showing his tatoo too in pictures posted Iheartjake. He said we just missed Jake by 2 minutes so I said oh ok and that it was not a big deal and I think I surprised him by me saying that, but I would not have bothered the guy. The guard was really nice and asked where we were from and I told him Boston, and of course he made a Red Sox joke, I laughed and we went in.
Back to the play: It lasted about 1hour and 35 minutes no intermission. The girl who plays Anna won me over in the first scene she was great, I wanted to go on the stage and hug her. Jake character did swear a lot but I didnt find it that bad. A very touching story about a family and how everyone in a family unit effects one another. There was a bath tub scene involving Anna the young girls character. In the first 5 seconds of this scene I knew where it was going before I passed out in the theater I got up and headed out. The usher at the mezzanine doors saw that I was white as a ghost and asked if I needed anything he got me a water and escorted me upstairs for fresh air and to my surprise Jake was coming back in from the main enterance i assume he was having a cigarette,and he quickly turned around and opened the door for me, gave me a smiled and a "hi" and said hi and I smiled back.He then saw the usher behind me and gav him a look and the usher said I was not feeling well and we were getting some air. Jake said ok and smiled at me and went back into the theater. I went out side w my new friend the usher for some air. I started to feel better and to my surprise, got a little encounter w Jake.The usher escorted me back inside when the scene changed. I thanked him for being so nice and he said well I couldn't let the pretty girl pass out on me that would have not been good.
I watched the rest of the play and when we walked out side, people were already at the barriers like frenzy fans, these people didnt even go see the play. My friend that I was with told me I should try to get a pic but I told her about what happened when I left during the play and that was good enough for me. :) the play was great and I had a great time even got a smile,a nod and a look of consern from Jake Gyllenhaal who was inches away from me. :)

Anonymous said...

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