Monday, 6 August 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena's chemistry in End of Watch didn't come naturally, and Won't Back Down screens in NYC

It has been one of those weeks - extremely slow on the Jake Gyllenhaal News Front but as speedy as you like in the World of Sport. Fortunately, while Jake is busy learning his lines for If There Is (not one of his favourite activities judging from reports during his stage appearance in London - his father was so worried about Jake forgetting his lines he wrote a poem about it), we have that little sporting event the Olympics to enjoy. I'm now an expert on sports I didn't know existed a fortnight ago.

End of Watch draws ever nearer - and even more so too with the suggestion that its release may be moving forwards in countries other than the US. It has a page in Total Film's September Buzz section, which you can see here. There is a fascinating segment in it about how Jake and Michael Pena had to work at that essential chemistry. 

Michael: 'There was not much we had in common... Jake grew up in Hollywood, his mum's a screenwriter, his dad's a director. My parents were farmers. I'm sure he worked really hard too, but I had to work hard just to get enough money to go to Hollywood.' In the end, though, chemistry and mutual respect won out, perhaps even more so because each of them had to work on it. Thanks to IHJ for  the picture.

Won't Back Down

Meanwhile, Maggie has a whole line of movies in the offing. The latest is Won't Back Down and last Friday there was a premiere screening in NYC. There are lots of pictures here - the one below features Maggie with co-stars Viola Davies and Rosie Perez.

Now where was I? Oh yes..... GOLD!!!!!!!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a good week - off to watch the Triathlon tomorrow so very exciting :D

Leslie said...

Any news if Jake attended Natalie Portman's wedding?

Anonymous said...

No, he was in NY seeing the play Uncle Vanya according to tweets. He was also placed in NY over the weekend so no he diodn't attend her wedding