Monday, 27 August 2012

Update! Jake on Late Night with Letterman! WDW special report on If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet - Part 2 (with pics!)

For all US readers, Jake Gyllenhaal is scheduled to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight. Here's hoping a) we get to see something of it over here and b) Letterman asks better questions and c) he doesn't mention the Jellyfish Incident or d) anything to do with growing up in the Palisades.

Very few of us are able to go to NYC to see Jake Gyllenhaal in person as Terry in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, thank heavens then that at WW we have our very own Special Agent on the ground doing all the hard work - BBMISwear! Admittedly, there are some perks to the job, not least saying hello to Jake outside the Roundabout Theatre. And grabbing a picture or two. We are all grateful to you, Lisa!

Lisa has also given us some more information about the play, which I'm mixing it with her wonderful, none earthquakey photos of Jake and of the theatre. Lisa was back to the theatre on Saturday and saw some changes from Friday.

Lisa spoke to Annie Funke (who plays the teen) and told her 'how fabulous she was and she seemed genuinely appreciative of many of us telling her this! My friend spoke with Brian O'Byrne and he said we should expect a lot of changes during the course of the previews. I'm so glad I saw it now and can compare! There were a few slight differences on Saturday from Friday.'

'We saw Jake again when he exited the theater - I got a nice "Oh Hi!" from him which made the guy next to me say "he obviously recognizes you now" which made me laugh! I had told the guy a few of my Jake stories earlier! :-) Jake said no photos [with him] and we had to respect that. We saw him again when he returned which was a fluke as we were planning to head right to Brooklyn from there but my friend saw someone she new outside the theater and we stayed a bit to talk and back Jake came - he walked in quickly almost with blinders on which got us talking to the security guy out front. He told us Jake has been a really nice guy (I agreed and shared how he has been the other times I've met him). He said it looked like he has been trying to stay focused and that is probably why he is not wanting to stop and talk to people while going in and out (I agreed with this also and told him I understood and made sure I said it loudly as some people around me did not feel that way).'

'I forgot to mention from Friday that Jake's character has tattoos - one big one going up the right side of his neck that you can see coming out above the collar of his tee, one large one on the inside of his right forearm and one small one on the front of his left hand. I thought after seeing him outside that I can't recall if they were still there or not - some of us were discussing if they would be removed or stay on between the afternoon and evening shows. I guess when seeing him one locks on to his face and things like fake tattoos go unnoticed - ha ha! I will say when he walked away we very much enjoyed the real Jake Look of tight dark blue jeans and well fitted white tee vs. the Terry Look of very loose faded jeans and loose tee. Jake is looking real good right now!!'

Thank you Lisa! 

The photos are all by Lisa. If reused please acknowledge and link to WDW. Thank you.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hope you all had a good day! Back to work tomorrow :( Thank you Lisa!

BBMISwear said...

You sure are fast woman!! You are very welcome...I enjoy sharing!!

Looking so forward to David Letterman tonight - you made me laugh so hard at your "hoping list" re: the show - so true!! No know shows like this are always up on line very, very quickly so you'll all get to see it tomorrow I'm sure. It's going to be odd for me to see him on my TV so quickly after seeing him right in front of me. He's really Lookin' Good these days (beard and all). And the hair...ooh the hair...nice and long and thick and sexy. More tomorrows I'm sure!!


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the Letterman interview, yet. I taped it last night. But someone mentioned that Jake has a tattoo on his neck. Did you see it Lisa? I know he had a tattoo for Brothers (and then that steelers tattoo on his back as a gag when he interviewed LAOD)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Speedy! Hello there BBMISwear :-) and thanks so muchh for all of this!

Hi Sweetpea! I hope we get to see it over here. Lisa actually mentioned the tattoo! It's in the post.

Hope you're all having a good day and fingers crossed the interview gets on line...

Di said...

Lisa, thanks so much for the fantastic updates! You always do a fantastic job! So miss being able to be there with you!! Oh-and yeah...that long hair...LOVE!!!

Leslie said...

Jake looks fantastic with the longer hair and beard. One of his best looks by far!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

The video is up! Wanted to keep this post going because of the play chatter going on :)

Hi Leslie!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Blimey, Letterman is IRRITATING!!

Stefanie said...

Your awesome! I am counting down the day till Sunday when I go see Jake at Roundabout. I will send you my thoughts on the play :)

I am so excited!!! :)

mermon said...

I like Jake's look on TLS, beard is nice, hair is longer, he was in good mood, charming, funny, very manly. Great to see, at last what other talk about since hours! And we finally had a chance to hear Jake talking about his Bear Grylls' adventure, after such a long time. Good to hear him talking about the play as well. Funny "coughing lady" story! Jake was not interviewed for such a long time, that he could have been there for an hour. So many things happened to him last year. Shame on Shows Hosts for not inviting him earlier! You still have Berlinale and Time To Dance to discuss and changing agency/life changing maybe.

Nev said...

Thank you for the video(s) :D

Great interview. Great scene from EoW, especially funny since having coffee is all Jake seems to be doing lately ;) (His reaction to that joke seems to be Jake's rather than 'Officer Taylor'.

It's fresco tiiiime

God I adore him!


mermon said...

Can you explain me that fresco thing? Didn't get it.
Coming back to the play - here is one nice review, straight from the author, Nick May, who was kind to share!

Here is also discussion about the play from different previews. But to read, needs to dig a bit :) Mostly positive!

BBMISwear said...

Hi again...I agree, WDW, that D.L. can be irritating but I think Jake kept it fun! I loved his comment about wanting to give the woman a cup of water from the water that gathers at the front of the stage during the play. It truly is a very, very unique stage set!

Yes, Sweetpea, I did notice that at least one of the tattoos that Jake has for the play was still on him at Letterman as it shows coming up his neck. I'm guessing the other large one on his forearm is there too - the small one on his hand was not there (probably because that one is easier to put back on). Makes me wonder how long he has to sit to get those done!

Hey Di! I too wish you could make it to NYC...there's still time...hee hee!

Well I guess this is the start to more and more Jake interviews...bring it on!!


Stefanie said...

Hey I have a question to anyone who has gone to the play already. How is the theater is it a small theater? I am sitting in the Mezzine section. I am just curious if I will be really far way. When I go pick up my tickets I am going to see if they have closer seats.

Sonia said...

Thank you SO much for the vids, oh bless him <3 he looks good, I'm not a big fan of that beard and hair, but oh that smile, I've missed it so much :)
Even though End of Watch isn't my fav type of movie, I'm growing more and more curious about it and then again seeing Jake in new roles is always interesting. In Italy it should be released in October so, long wait :(
Oh how I wish I could see him on stage *le sigh*

Sasha said...

Thanks for the update. I love these times, so fun of energy and news and pictures. #sigh

Another question for the ones who've been lucky enought to see Jake on stage yet: some say, he leaves 2/3 into the play, only to come back for the finale.
Others say nobody ever leaves stage, only tretracts to the back.
Which is true for Jake?

As for the tatoo: seems to be sort of a semi-permanent thing, we could see some of it on his neck on Letterman.
Which was funny and entertaining as always. I love the way Jake responds to David by closing his eyes, throwing his head back and then this amazing smile of his.
For that alone David can be as irritating as he wants to.

I know "Adele", who reported about meeting Jake at La Colomb a couple of times, has seen ITI yesterday. When I hear from her, I will share as well.

BBMISwear said...

Hi again! Just checking in and see a few more play questions so thought I'd weigh in in case people didn't get answers yet.

Stefanie - the theater is very, very small - honestly, every seat is a good one! The mezzanine hangs over the last few rows of the orchestra and gives a wonderful view it seems (and since the whole place is so small even if in the back of the orchestra or mezzanine one doesn't feel far away from the stage, I don't think). I know the theater will not exchange tickets (my friend already asked the other night) but since there will probably be closer seats available each day of the show you could buy additional/closer tickets possibly. Have fun!

Sasha - Yes, Jake is gone for a bit of the play. I wouldn't say it is a full third of it but there is a part of it that his character leaves town so he leaves the stage completely for a while. And, yes, comes back for a terrific scene at the end! The play is done in such a unique and interesting way - there are only 4 characters and no real set changes so all the props are on the stage from beginning to end and get moved around by the actors themselves. And when an actor is not in a scene he/she is either off to the side or in the back kept out of the way by the props or a darkly lit section of the stage. It's fun as a Jake fan as you can still see him even though it is dark - they adjust props and clothing during some of these occasions or sometimes just sit very still as if out of the scene although they can be seen still. It's hard to explain but for those going soon you'll see what I mean!

Mermon - I'm guessing you found out the info about the "Fresco" joke from Letterman by now. It was so funny the way they did that and Jake kept it going! I'm guessing you already saw and heard more but if not post again and I'll explain. The side by side pictures of the painting and Jake had me laughing very, very hard at my TV screen!!

The buzz on line continues for times!!


mermon said...

Hey, Lisa! :)Yes, I found out about Fresco already. It's famous in Poland too (funny story btw)and I remember that picture shown on a show. I might see it again today.
One more question to you. I read in some comment complains about not perfect sound, impaired by some side glass or plastic kind of wall. Is it true that it was difficult to understand text very well? At least some of it?

Leslie said...

I'm really intrigued by this "water trough" Jake says is on stage and that they throw things in it. I can't imagine how this is part of the play. BBMISwear, if you could explain this one part without giving too much away, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

BBMISwear said...

Hi Ladies! I'm so glad I keep checking back as the play talk continues!

Mermon - I've seen a lot of the "trouble hearing" comments too and I was with 2 friends that said it as well on the first night. For some reason I had no problem at all. I don't know if it depends on where one sits or maybe it's the British accents of everyone in the play or maybe a little of both. I was in the first row for both shows, a little to the side, and it was fine to my ears. I did see a report of someone talking about the wall that jets out a bit on each side but myself being someone that was sitting on the side it didn't bother me. But I was only 3 seats in from the center - maybe those who mentioned this as a problem were further back and way to the side - I'm not sure. Once in a while if a character was turned away from the audience a bit I would have to strain a bit to hear but no different from any time one sees a live performance and the characters turn away from time to time. Maybe it's something they will work on and it will improve (I guess that's what the previews are all about)!

Hi Leslie - the water trough is probably the most unique thing about the play - I don't mind discussing it but it's a little hard to do without giving too much away! I can say that it is in the front of the stage and "rain" water flows into it for a while before the play officially starts. When the rain stops the water sits and, yes, props from the play (pieces of furniture, soda cans, beer bottles, dish towels - you name it) are tossed into the trough throughout the play. As I've mentioned before the 4 actors are on stage almost all the time - working with props from the side or back when not front and center - and part of working with the props is tossing them into the trough when they are not needed for any more scenes. People have had a few different opinions on exactly why - one thing that entered my mind is anger. I'm sure everyone has read about the dysfunctional family dynamic here - these people are very angry people at times and the props being thrown into the trough are usually done with anger (except after one very happy and fun scene with Jake and Annie and they are actually happily throwing the furniture). Sounds intriguing doesn't it?! A very, very interesting play indeed! I loved it!

Hope this helps! :-)

mermon said...
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mermon said...

Thank you @Lisa! Since you admit you were sitting in a first row, my two questions? 1.Did you get wet? :)2.Did you have a chance to catch Jake's gaze/look? I know from my theatre's experience that actors having speech, dialogue often chooses a person in a public, staring/talking directly to her/him. Seeing of course through that person. Have you notice something like that?

Sasha said...

Thank you so much Lisa, for answering my question.

After the first few comments on the play, I convinced myself that I was okay with not being able to see it. But now, as I read more and more detailed accounts of people who've seen it, and more so, are Gyllenhaalics, I get the impression, that I am really missing out on something.

But thank you still for sharing every bit of it with us.

Adele said...

Hey guys!

I saw ITI last night, and to answer some of your questions....

Firstly I've put a super long review (don't fall asleep!) here:
I included my take on the water too...

For Sasha, hello! Yes Jake does leave the stage for a bit but by that point the focus of the story has shifted slightly and it makes sense that his absence is felt, because the other characters feel that too.

For Steffanie - it's a fairly small theatre but I was in the very back row (like as far back on the mezzanine as you can get) and I could see fine. In fact apparently that's a good spot to be compared to some of the orchestra seats which are further back than Row L, according to the ticket office.

Other questions, shoot.


Leslie said...

Thanks for the explanation about the trough! That definitely helps . . it almost makes it another "actor" in the play, no? Hmmm, a lot of discourse to be had on that . . ;)

stefanie said...

Thanks Adele I am sitting exactly where you were very last row

Adele said...

@Stefanie it was fine. Although the dude in front of me blocked by view a bit but I could lean around him :)

Leslie said...

Great article in Backstage magazine!

Sasha said...

I love all this buzz about the play, oh how long it has been, since Jake gave us this much to talk about WORK!

Thanks for your review, Adele. Very interesting read!

Bright Moon Crystals said...

I would be great if this show came over to the UK with Jake still in it :-). I'm glad I've found this blog spot! Thanks you!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for all the great comments and links! So much going on - and thanks for all the answers about the play to our many questions, BBMISwear and Adele.

Thanks for your account, Adele! And I hope you enjoyed yourself Stefanie! I'm looking forward to reading your report.

The Backstage article is brilliant!

So a lot to post and will do that later. Do keep the play talk going, I'm loving it. It's been such a while!

Totally agree Bright Moon Crystals :)

Have a good day everyone!

Stefanie said...

Oh don't worry I will send full report :)
I am pretty excited! !!

mermon said...

Thank you @Adele for your review! Excellent! I had a feeling that British may appreciate/like it more in details. Thanks for all little quotes you included in it. Reading your review I had a feeling that those complaining viewers didn't get the sense of it. All this looks like a fine play to me.
@Lisa, @Adele - thank you girls so much for giving us a chance to experience Jake's play as much as possible.
In the meantime, in that Jake's busy time, Michael Peña promotes End of Watch very successfully. There are still some previews, people prize the movie a lot.

Bright Moon Crystals said...

Just found this on you tube - hilarious - love to have a tennis match with Jakey :-)