Thursday, 23 August 2012

With a day to go til his NYC stage debut, Jake Gyllenhaal talks about acting, directing and surprising his fans

I am delighted to say that I am back! No longer are the walls around me canvas; the little flickering candles and lanterns are now bona fide lights, and instead of moths and mosquitoes I have a fridge full of beer (admittedly it has no food in it) for company. I also have a lot of catching up to do. I thought I'd get things started with the most obvious bits and pieces from the last few days, with thanks to everyone for the emails and tweets - especially BBMISwear, Susan and Mermon.

With If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet kicking off this Friday, it's not surprising that it's attracting attention. There is 'A conversation' with Jake in BroadwayWorld. I was interested to see that Jake mentions again the influence of Danny Kaye on his acting ambitions. Jake also talks about his character Terry: 'I love the way he talks, how he moves through the world. He is desperate to pull the truth out of everyone around him, but he is unable to face his own. He is a constant contradiction and like this broken, beating heart with legs.'

Especially intriguing are Jake's comments about his relationships with directors: 'If I have an idea, I will always share it – I’m not shy. I don’t believe in a dictatorship, but in the end it’s the director’s decision as to what will be suitable to their production. I like a director who has a clear and simple sense of what they want to say.' And, then, how about this? 'Variation keeps me inspired. I always like finding roles that are different from the one I played before. And I love playing intentions in scenes differently every night on stage and in every take on a movie. I always try and challenge myself and surprise my fans. It makes it fun for everyone.' It really does.

Do read the rest here.

Jake is also featured large in today's New York Times, which also includes a photo of Jake in rehearsal for the play. The interview shows how Jake has been reflecting on his career's direction, something so many of us do around these key birthdays: '“Around the time I hit 30, I asked myself if I was respecting acting as a craft,” he continued, frequently brushing his fingers through his thick hair, free of its black-on-black Yankees cap, “and if I was doing the right projects that deserved my attention and where I’m learning in a way that you might not feel at 15. So now it’s like I look at acting more as building little delicate cricket cages, with care and more thought.”'

Jake's young co-star in the play, Annie Funke, also talks a little about what it was like to work with Jake: '"I just reached a breaking point because I hadn’t quite realized before, until Jake was poking me, what it felt like to be picked on and bullied and how all of that must make Anna feel,” Ms. Funke said. “I was just completely overwhelmed. And Jake grabbed me and hugged me, and we finished the scene. He has looked out for me completely.”'

This post includes two video features on Jake from the Hollywood Reporter. If you're unable to see the videos, try here and here. There are also photos from the screening of End of Watch in the Hamptons last Sunday with Gwyneth Paltrow and the Seinfelds (with thanks to IHJ).


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I'm back! A whole week being cut off - I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing to be so removed from everything but it certainly was a bad week to miss Jake! Although I suppose next week would've been worse.

Thanks so much for all the emails. This is a catch up of all the major bits and pieces before a leisurely look through everything tomorrow.

Have a good evening everyone!

Susan said...

Great to have you back, dear! I wonder if the cows in the field might be relieved as well that you are back in civilization?

These are really exciting days to be Jake's fan. So much is going on and we have so many interviews and new photos. Can't wait to read what the audience think of him as Uncle Terry.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Susan! I'm really glad too - I can leave the cows, and birds and bugs in peace and actually get a night's sleep! Very exciting days - good to come back to. I'm looking forward to the first reviews (as I'm sure is Jake!)

mermon said...

Thank you Kate for your post. I think you're right, next week may be even more full of Jake. Can you imagine all those people's impressions from a play? I just can't wait. And certainly, they won't be asked to keep their opinions in secret like in End of Watch case. Wonder, how Jake coped with learning text in his so busy time and how American audience will take his British accent.
I love to read and listen all Jake's late interviews on his play and EoW. Seems that EoW got very big attention and good appraisement.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Mermon! Roll on the reports :) I'm interested in how the accent sounds too...

Stefanie said...

Thanks for the new post. I will be seeing the play on September 2. I will give you guys a review when I get back.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

That's brilliant, thanks Stefanie! If you send it to I can fit it in a post - so exciting! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

So much going on for Jake, I'm so happy for him, he surely will do great as always. I wish I could see him on stage SO badly. I was in NY till yesterday, can't still believe I've missed the chance to see him live for just 2 days. So I've tried to see if I could at least see him head to rehearsal and spent a couple of hours in front of the theatre (with friends taking turns to keep me company, bless them) but nothing. The guards there told me he'd arrive early (which to them means around 10.30 :D) but at noon still no show and I had to give up since I had to catch my flight back to Italy. He probably arrived like.. 3 minutes after I left, but oh well, I had to give it a try :p
Pics of the theatre and his name on a board in the hall is all I got :)
Can't wait to hear reviews. But I'm sure he'll do great bc that's what Jake is


PS: I feel bad for being jealous of the young girl for having been hugged by Jake ........

BBMISwear said...

Welcome Back!! Great catch up and plenty more for you over the next few days I'm sure!! What an exciting time for Jake and his fans...such a long wait and now everything at once it seems. No complaints here!!!!

Oh, and two bits:

The NY Times was a bit confusing the way they did the post today - it says "published on 8/23" at the top and "appeared in print on 8/26" at the bottom. No luck with the actual paper today but I guess that's because it will be in Sunday's paper! (I like that better, actually).

And, originally Jake was noted to be appearing on David Letterman on Tuesday but now it is listed as Monday. I still think the timing of this is a bit strange. Set those recorders!!

Well I just had to stop by to welcome you back...I'll be checking in with you again soon!


Carol said...

Welcome back Kate:)

Thanks Kate and Lisa for sharing the report from NYC.

Looking forward to hearing more from all those lucky enough to be able go see Jake's stage appearance.

These are exciting times for all us Jake fans.