Sunday, 9 September 2012

End of Watch premieres at TIFF to a standing ovation! And Jake Gyllenhaal did make it back to Toronto after all

It gets better and better. End of Watch received a standing ovation last night as it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Well-received by critics and film-goers alike, the film is collecting some excellent reviews and the buzz builds... Jake Gyllenhaal was also there in the flesh. A rush break from If There Is... to attend the pre-show party with the rest of the End of Watch cast before the screening itself. Jake signed autographs and created some memories and then joined in with the others for a 30-minute Q&A on stage. Much tweeting ensued, many photos were taken. A great evening and what a success for the film!

Many thanks to IHJ for these wonderful images! The photo above was taken at the Grey Goose Vodka Party - to attend a Vodka Party would be a wondrous thing in itself, but a Vodka Party with Jake?

Anna Kendrick tweeted from TIFF last night: 'End of Watch screening was breathtaking; audience response was INTENSE. Congrats to Jake, Michael, David Ayer. I'm proud to be part of it.'

This post will no doubt be added to later today as more images emerge but this is a bit of a recap - an emergency filler. Journalists were tweeting that today they'll be interviewing Jake so it looks as if they'll be more of those interviews we love to watch.

Picture sources: JJ, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter.


As with all reviews, please be aware of spoilers! VarietyHollywood Reporter, Roger EbertVery Aware.

Women on Watch

There is a new featurette for End of End of watch, this time with a different perspective.

I particularly loved this screencap, thanks to IHJ.

If There Is...

Jake's appearance on Kelly and Michael (20 September) has been re-recorded, as we can see.

Right! That's it for the moment but one thing is guaranteed, there will be more! Congratulations to Jake, Michael, David and Anna for last night's brilliant success and let's see what today brings.

Thanks to Mermon for her superhuman twitter spotting!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

So chuffed to wake up to all of this excitement! Just wish I could have been there. Brought back so many happy memories from my long weekend in Toronto for Rendition :)

Have a great Sunday everyone. A lovely hot day here.

mermon said...

What a night! I was awake because of my sickness and Twitter went crazy with End of Watch on Toronto Festival.
I also wish I could have been there Kate, it seems to be exciting place last night. I would love to hear Q&A. I really hope, it's taped.
Great pictures. I don't know how Jake does it, but he seems so relaxed and enjoying everything, even meeting fans, despite his constant work. I wonder if he'll go back to NY for a play, regarding today's interviews.
On that short clip you posted Kate with Jake in a white T-shirt, his forearm tattoo is visible, but not clear enough to say what is it. A whale?

Anonymous said...

This is so great and exciting! Kate is there any other link for the women end of watch clip I can't see it?



Carol said...

This is great. I'm so pleased the movie is getting such a good reception .

BBMISwear said...

Great update WDW - so much stuff!! Last night I was seeing tweets/sightings and a few pictures but how nice to wake up today to A LOT of pictures on IHJ (as expected...thank you IHJ)! Oh, yes, hopefully lots of those interviews we love will surface today since many said they are interviewing the cast today.

I saw your comment about Anna tweeting you back Mermon...that is great!! The play is off until Tuesday night - they eliminated 2 shows (obviously for Jake to be at TIFF). A similar schedule for him next weekend (good news...that means off to the L.A. Premiere)! Busy and exciting times...loving it all.

Keep up the great work WDW - you're juggling a lot right now - whew!

Happy Sunday all. :-)

mermon said...

Thank you Lisa for explaining a play schedule! I was wondering about it. Are you sure, that a similar break is next week, not in 2 weeks? Premiere is 21of September.
More journalists announcing their interviews with the End of Watch actors - means - a kind of interviews' session. Probably many short interviews with the same questions :) But I don't complain. Hopefully, we will see all of them!
Anna Kendrick surprised me, Pleasant feeling! Totally unexpected.

Tina said...

I love the different feel for the movie that the 'Women on Watch' featurette gives! This movie seems to encompass so many different themes. I cannot wait for it to premiere.

BBMISwear said...

Hi again Mermon - yes, the play is off part of next weekend as they always do a movie premiere before the public opening on Friday. They tend to try for Tuesday-Thursday before the big day but Jake cannot be at a movie premiere then with the play officially opening when it does. I'm pretty sure they will have to do it early in the week while Jake is available (i.e. Sunday or Monday night). He'll surely be tired with play, travel east coast to west coast, movie premiere, travel west coast to east coast, play and then opening night of the play - wow! Get some sleep while you can Jake!! Good times for Jake AND his fans!! :-)

Di said...
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Di said...

This is all SO exciting and fun! Thanks so much WDW and everyone who contributes to our obsession! OH! I mean our indulgence!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all the comments. Offline at the moment but just wanted to say that the LA premiere is 17 September so a week tomorrow.

Carol said...

Back to say how wow is Anna Kendrick's dress at TIFF:)

Leslie said...

I found this great review of EOW here that has a few different perspectives/clues that I haven't heard in an article yet. Such as, I had no idea that part OF the movie is Jake's character filming and recording everything . . I thought that all of the ad lib stuff was done just for the movie's filming, not part of the premise. I haven't read or heard a single bad review yet. I have friends in Toronto who are going to see EOW so I'll get their take on it too.

On a different note, I am getting so sick and tired of all the coverage a certain "singer" is getting for her supposed song about Jake. Doesn't anyone recall they went out on a couple of dates and he ended it with her being "devastated"? It's unbelievable how the masses can be so easily fooled by this immature girl.

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Can't wait! Starting to see TV ads now!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

New post! So much going on so apologies for bitty posting as I try and keep up a bit.

I'm sorry you can't see the video, Ciara. I'll look for a new version.

I love Anna's dress, Carol!

Good to see you all :)