Wednesday, 19 September 2012

UPDATE: Clip from the Play! End of Watch premieres in LA and that means many a heap more video interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal


I am thrilled to add this update! A gloriously long clip of If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. At last not only can we see Jake but now we can hear That Accent!

On with the post...

On Monday, the LA premiere of End of Watch took place and Jake Gyllenhaal and the rest of the cast walked the red carpet, contributing to the mounting buzz for the film. Arnie Schwarzenegger was also there to give it the Governator stamp.

The premiere serves as a welcome distraction from the shocking news that Jake admitted to Ryan Seacrest -  he wouldn't say no to the Shades of Grey role should he be offered it. There's a bit more about that in this video:

I'm surprised that the internet hasn't exploded the amount of videos that there are out there featuring Jake discussing End of Watch and/or If There Is... I don't want WDW to explode and so I'll just post a few more.

Thanks to IHJ for the pics! There are many more there.


Susan said...

Oh no, please don't let WDW explode - we need it! Gotta get my regular "fix" of delicious Jakiness, don't I?

Two more days to End of Watch! Then I suppose it won't be long until the deluge of videos, photos, interviews, and sound bites will slow down a bit. Even so, I hope we'll get to see more behind-the-scenes action in even more videos after it hits theaters.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello Susan! I hope it will be all right! There's so so much! It might not slow down too much as it spreads around the world and Europe :D

Susan said...

Woo-hoo! Sasha found this video of snippets from If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. The snippets are all out of sequence and I found it easier to hear and understand the actors in the theater, but this is FANTASTIC!

How is Jake's accent? Authentic sounding? I found myself wondering how two brothers could have such vastly different accents - unless they weren't raised in the same place?

Sasha said...

I'm wondering the same thing as Susan. How do you like his accent, WDW?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning! Great to wake up to this clip - I've just updated the post with it.

The play looks a lot chirpier than I was expecting.

And so the accent! I am a stickler and so I'm probably more critical than most. Also, I've only seen a couple of minutes of it as I'm at work. My initial impression is that it's not too bad but they've gone for the stereotypical 'easier' London accent and it does slip into Oz a little bit. But not too bad! I agree that the accent is very different from the brother's, which does seem a bit odd. But I'll listen through it later and give a proper verdict. Jake looks great in it!

ANTJE said...

Maybe Jake was just tongue-in-cheek about being interested in a role in SHADES OF GREY.

PS: The "British" accent is quite cute, is it not??? ;-)

BBMISwear said...

Another great update WDW!! I wish I could say I've watched all the videos from the past 2 weeks and can now leave a well informed comment but I am watching very, very slowly so don't have all that much to say (yet)! One thing about viewing everything like this instead of all at once is it will make the excitement last a lot longer (and give me something to enjoy when things slow down soon)!

But the play clip...Wow! I couldn't miss that one though! I am so happy they released this clip as I think it will help so many of you that have asked questions and only had input from those of us who have seen it (i.e. the look, the mannerisms, the crazy swearing)! And, yes, that accent - I have been dying for Kate to hear it! I know there are questions about the two brothers' different accents and I plan to listen more closely the next time I see the play as I think I remember Terry referring to something at one point but can't remember now exactly what it was - something he said to his niece about he and her dad living in separate places, I think. I'll listen for that next time and report back! Of course the play has been cut since the first 2 times I saw it so this dialogue may not exist anymore (I see you didn't notice it, Susan) - if it isn't still there that would not be good as it will leave people wondering about this. Hmmmm. Well more on that soon!

The videos, articles, coverage on television shows, etc. has been amazing!! Did anyone see Anna on Conan yet? OMG she was so funny talking about Jake and David being "so bad ass" and then getting all wrapped up in their horoscopes!! She was like what is with these guys?! Very cute...I'm sure it's on line somewhere or will be soon...very much worth the watch.

Thanks again WDW (and Stephanie at IHJ of course) for all the hard work that goes into bringing us fans all this great, great, stuff. Back to my slow video watching between (ahem) more important things of course!


Susan said...

Kate, about the "chirpiness" of the play - yes, it feels like a quirky comedy in the beginning, but there is a sharp turn into a very dark place and the mood is quite somber by the end. A "roller coaster ride of emotion" may be a cliche, but it really does apply to this play. The humor relieves some of the intensity and, for me, made it easier to sit through some of the tougher scenes.

Lisa, I was sure that some of the questions I had about things like the accents were explained in dialogue before they shortened the play. I had the impression that most of what had been trimmed related to backstory and wasn't critical to the story unfolding on stage. I'm as anxious as anyone for Roundabout to make it available on DVD - then I could rewind and rewatch to my heart's content!

ANTJE said...

Hi Susan!
A DVD release would be marvellous - especially for us European Gyllenhaal-afficionados who are unable to go to New York City. Maybe Roundabout harbours such ideas and then does not forget to issue a DVD "Region 2" as well.