Sunday, 23 September 2012

Updated! Jake set for Prisoners? End of Watch ties for top of the US box office and Jake Gyllenhaal on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and much, much more


A new project is on the cards! Variety reports that Jake may soon be appearing as a police office again on the big screens in Prisoners alongside Hugh Jackman and Melissa Leo.

'Discussions are ongoing, and if the deal closes, Gyllenhaal would join Hugh Jackman and Melissa Leo with Denis Villeneuve ("Incendies") helming. Script, penned by Aaron Guzikowski, revolves around a small-town carpenter whose young daughter and best friend are kidnapped. After the cops fail to find them, he takes the law into his own hands, but in the process runs up against the big-city detective assigned to the case.

Alcon toppers Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson are producing, along with 8:38 Productions' Kira Davis and Madhouse Entertainment's Adam Kolbrenner. Ed McDonnell and John Stark exec produce.

Production is scheduled to begin in early 2013. Alcon is targeting a Fall 2013 release through its output deal with Warner Bros. Gyllenhaal caught wind of the project after Villeneuve mentioned it while the two were filming indie thriller "An Enemy." Gyllenhaal had been considering the project for some time but discussions stalled; thesp re-engaged after a recent script polish.'

Thanks very much to good friends at ManMadeMovies for the link!

On with the post!

Congratulations are due to Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena, David Ayer and everyone involved with End of Watch. The film is top of the box office, having tied with Jennifer Lawrence's House at the End of the Street. Perhaps even better than that, End of Watch had the best reviews of the weekend. More details here.

Very fitting, then, for a good news weekend that Jake should appear on the WDW favourite Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. You can watch it below.

The ALMA Awards aired last night having been recorded a few days ago. You can see the relevant bit here.

Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Pena - 2012 Alma Awards by Orlandita02

Jake also appeared on Anderson Live - some videos have been posted from this on the previous post but I love this picture from IHJ. It may have been taken on last week's Talk Like A Pirate Day...

The full show is also now available:

We really do owe Stephanie huge amounts of thanks for all of this hard work.

And finally...

Here is the audio of the Redhands interview, the text of some of which appeared in the last post. Thanks to Susan for the link.

And here is a brief interview with Jake from the LA premiere of the film.

Phew! So much going on but you can bet there will be more...

My review of Dredd is now up at MovieBrit!


tpe said...

Indeed, congrats to Jake on a wonderful addition to his body of work. The weekend performance certainly surprised the nay-sayers...

Susan said...

The buzz for End of Watch continues! Apparently most of the Tweets from people who saw it over the weekend indicate they will be seeing it again soon. Count me in as one of them - planning to see it again today and also later in the week with my daughter. Such a great story so well told!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Tpe :)

That's fab, Susan! I have tickets now to go to a screening at the London Film Festival in 3 weeks so that's made me rather happy.

Hello everyone! I do appear to have bored you all! Too many updates maybe :( No point if I'm just talking mostly to myself...

Anonymous said...

No, no! Definitely not too many updates! I love it all. Haven't had a chance to watch latest clips, but am looking forward to doing so this evening with some wine.

Lucky you getting tickets to see the film early - am very envious.

Its amazing how much new material comes out every day - you do brilliantly keeping us all up to date. Thank you, Kate!

A First Time Poster

BBMISwear said...

Hello - back from another whirlwind NYC trip! Another lovely very FULL post, WDW - thank you! I'm with First Time Poster (how nice, BTW - seeing a first time poster!) that it's just taking a while to catch up on everything! You may find it easier to update posts that are already up instead of creating new ones just so people who didn't get a chance to look at one in full can then see 2 days worth of posts in one post - if that makes any sense?! Then comments will be more concise too - just a thought! Either way it's all such great stuff and thank you so much - just more than I can ever remember seeing at once. All these years being a fan of Jake's I can't remember there being this much stuff all at the same time - I guess a movie and a play opening at the same exact time will do that!! We will remember this when there is next to nothing going on, huh?!

My weekend in NYC was terrific - I saw the play 2 more times and really enjoyed seeing the slight changes from the very first weekend of previews. The changes weren't major - little tweaks in dialogue and some scenes seemed to move faster (all making the final result 10 minutes shorter than it was originally). There were mostly small things for Jake like his red jacket being tied around his waist most of the time instead of on him (which made it easier to see those tattoos and wonderfully toned arms - sorry, how shallow of me - ha ha)! The overall message was the same but in some spots they worded things a little differently or displayed their feelings in a different way (like when Anna shows her affection for Terry at one point).

I can fill some readers in on things that have come up about the play as I was paying closer attention - first, Jake's time off stage for the scenes that his character "travels away" is a total of 20 minutes (yes, we miss him when he's gone - ha ha)! And as for the different accents for the brothers he does mention something about it as I thought but this time I listened more carefully for it - in the very beginning when he sees his niece for the first time in a while he asks her if he remembers him because it's been so long and adds that people are often surprised he and her father are brothers "they say BROTHERS?!?!" (as he makes a very animated confused expression) because he (Terry) has moved around quite a bit. So I guess that is the explanation for that - being the drifter that Terry is the accent will change depending on where he has settled down the most.

Lots more to share about both inside and outside the theater but this is getting long and I'm running out the door. I'll be back with more tidbits if anyone is interested in hearing them!

Oh...but before I forget...I'm so happy you are going to be able to see End of Watch at the London Film Festival, Kate, and don't have to wait for the official UK release! I was hoping that would happen - Yay!!

Talk later... :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to post, First Time Poster! Always good to see new faces. I love the idea of you watching the clips with some wine - eminently sensible. Do come back :)

Hey BBMISwear :-) Sounds fantastic! And being able to compare the previews with the 'official' shows - really interesting to hear. I think any change that exposes Jake's arms more has to be good :) I am so pleased about LIFF, I can't tell you :)

mermon said...

How wonderful Kate that you will be able to see EoW much sooner! I may imagine your excitement.
@BBMISwear - of course we want to hear anything you could say about your new experience outside and inside of the theatre!
Here is a great interview with Annie Funke about playing next to Jake Gyllenhaal - Embracing Jake’s stage girl
Too bad none of the interviewers ask Jake about his tattoos. He could have show them to us!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My review of Dredd is now on MovieBrit

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Updated the post with exciting news!

BBMISwear said...

I just read the article about Jake's possible new project on and came directly hear to see if you were talking about it - exciting stuff (but way too early to get too excited as we know)! I really like the sound of Jake playing a detective but am a bit weary not knowing if he is going to be a help to the poor father in this story or a problem for him (and if he's a problem for him then he won't be well liked as obviously everyone is going to be hoping the father finds his daughter)! I'm thinking/hoping that the father is disappointed in the "local cops" on the case and once he starts working on it himself he meets the "big city detective" and they start to work together. I guess I just don't want Jake to play a bad guy - ha ha! I hope we learn more soon.

Hi Mermon - I'm back home from running around and thought I'd add a few more tidbits from NYC. Saturday's matinee was the first scheduled Q&A with the cast and it's never a guarantee if they all will attend (I found myself thinking Jake may not). He did 'attend' but only for a few minutes to tell us he couldn't stay. After a quick intro from the moderator the four cast members came out to a nice round of applause but Jake grabbed the microphone right away and apologized for not being able to stay. He said that he was heading out to see his own family and that this is the time that he has time to do that (he was in between the 2:00 show and the 7:30 show) and that he was sorry he couldn't stay. He said "...but these three people" acknowledging his fellow cast members "are very smart and I'm sure they can answer all your questions" which produced some laughter from the audience. He apologized again (he really did sound sincere) and then made a reference to "the mess" this family situation is (talking about the play) and that his family isn't quite that much of a mess but...(and again there was laughter). I laughed thinking about what his family thinks about these references - ha ha! After Jake left the cast was interesting to listen to as they answered questions about their characters and some of the unique things about the story. There were no direct references to Jake but there was a lot of conversation about all that water!

Back to Friday night - a bonus to the night was sipping a glass of wine while watching Jake smoke a cigarette and talk on his cellphone about 20 feet away from me! He's been known to have his cigarette break out front but this was the first I saw it - he was talking away with one hand waving in the air (always so animated this guy)! He had on a dark t-shirt and was lookin' good. He glanced over to where we were sitting a couple of times - at a table at the restaurant next to the theater - and I'm sure he saw the 4 of us staring straight at him all full of smiles! It didn't seem to bother him - he just carried on with his conversation. No one went up and bothered him and there was the regular door/security person there who wouldn't have let anyone do so anyway. But people seem generally good now with him hanging out there taking his break and are respecting his privacy. I personally couldn't peel my eyes away - that was indeed a very nice glass of wine I was having!

I actually have more to say but feel like I've been rambling so will stop here and maybe come back! So much going on these days!


mermon said...

Great news, Kate! Looks like Mississippi Grind flew away. Jake and Hugh in one movie, that will be something worth to watch.
@BBMISwear, seems to me that Jake will play that big-city detective assigned to the case and Hugh probably - a carpenter -father of kidnapped girl - judging by the actors' age. But who knows. Hugh may be an old detective and Jake a sexy carpenter, chasing kidnappers.
Exciting thing that he will work with handsome David Villneuve again and that movie suppose to be revealed next fall!
We won't have a rest!
@BBMISwear - thx for your story. I have to admit, that if I bought a ticket for a play with Q&A, having a strong hope to see&hear Jake in it, I would be very disappointed if he would leave to meet with his family, which he may meet any time, living in the same city.
I bet that wine tasted delicious, drunk while seeing Jake.

paulh said...

I just got back from seeing "End of Watch." Great acting and storyline. If you removed the F-words and S-words, you'd lose half the dialogue.;-) I wonder how they're going to tone the language down for television? Oh, well, that's not my problem. :-)

Also, a very high body count, not not as extreme as "Source Code."

I'dlike to see "End of Eatch" score some Oscar nominations.

Sasha said...

Thanks for these exciting news, Kate. It's really hard to keep up with Jake these days.

I like the sound of this movie. I'm a huge fan of Hugh and I can see him in that carpenter trying to defend his daughter situation.
And Jake as the big city detective does make sense after all the trouble he went through to "become" a cop. And since the "Dance" video we know he'll make one heck of a bad guy.
Actually that movie starts itself in front of my eyes already.

I still have high hopes for Mississippi Grind. There was never any mention as to when that would shoot and it's clear it could have never been done before December anyway, with Jake being tied up with the play.

In any case it sounds like busy times up ahead.

@BBM Thanks for your story. I am with Mermon on being disappointed if he only had that little time. But I know you've seen him several times before, maybe that's why you didn't take it the hard way.

Although I do understand that Jake would like to be with his family. Yes, they do live in the same city, but Jake has been extremly busy these past weeks. Hoping between New York, Toronto and L.A. and doing 8 shows a week.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Good to see you all!

And great to hear more from Lisa about the play! Gotta say, if I'd flown all the way to the US to see the play with the Q&A I'd have been MIFFED to not have Jake there just because he wanted to see his family who he sees all the time....

I love the idea of drinking wine while Jake Watching - so civilised!!

the Prisoners role does sound like Jake would be supporting Hugh Jackman, which would be a pity, but hopefully it's an interesting character. I do wonder how and if Mis. Grind will fit in to everything. So much going on and clearly Jake is in a working mood! Long may it last!

Hi Mermon!

Great to see you, Paul! I am a little nervous about all the swearing and blood in End of Watch but I'm getting more excited by it now seeing all the great reviews. I'm seeing it with good friends so I can hide behind them at the scary bits!

Hi Sasha! Busy times indeed - no let up at all for Jake. Good days :)

Have a good day everyone!

Anonymous said...

So I go off to Egypt for a couple of weeks and when I come back there is all sorts of goodies here :)God I want to watch that play! Looking forward to the movie but the play has me itching for it! As always Kate you are amazing in keeping up with the news!
Hugs from Belgrade!

mermon said...

From that article we find out that carpenter is Hugh Jackman and Jake is in negotiation for a detective part! I hope he won't spoil the image of a good cop, he made in EOW.:)On IMDb it says that Christian Bale was attached to that movie initially.
Jake Gyllenhaal joining Hugh Jackman in revenge flick Prisoners

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Maja - Egypt sounds good! Thanks very much :)

Hi Mermon! That's why I say in the post that Jake would be playing another policeman ;) That's interesting about Christian Bale. I wonder if they have to rewrite the character a little. Thanks for the link!

Susan said...

Prisoners sounds very interesting. I just hope Hugh Jackman isn't too frustrated with being overshadowed by Jake Gyllenhaal. ;)

Leslie said...

End of Watch ended up at Number 1, YAY!

mermon said...

End of Watch received an A- CinemaScore, the best of any new film. Also, Hispanic moviegoers turned out in force for End of Watch, making up 32% of the audience.
"We always knew we were going to outperform expectations, and I believe the film will have long legs," said Open Road's Tom Ortenberg.'

End of Watch is doing great - No1 weekend's opening. Sept.24 earned $14,421,104, which is double of its Production Budget: $7 million. That movie have specific, complex audience - Jake's fans + guys, liking action movies + audience liking David Ayers movies + Anna Kendrick's fans, following her since Twilight series + many Hispanic moviegoers + America Ferrera's fans(Ugly Betty). All that gives a chance for big Box Office success.
@Susan - I think, for us, Jake would overshadow all the actors, maybe not Colin Farrell in Kate's eyes;). But Hugh Jackman has his fans and that's fantastic. Another chance for grand success. Since they suppose to be the opponents, that will be fantastic duo to watch. I just hope that Jake's character won't be any jerk, fighting with father in pain. Hopefully, he will be likeable.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! New post :)