Wednesday, 5 September 2012

End of Watch to screen at the London International Film Festival and on stage with Jake Gyllenhaal in If There Is...

Busy days! So without any further ado or beating around the bush, sit down, put your feet up and let's get on with it.

First off, End of Watch will get its European premiere in London at the BFI's London International Film Festival in October. Not only that, it will be in competition so I hope it's revising as we speak. It's unlikely that Jake Gyllenhaal will be there due to the fact that he might be preoccupied on a NYC stage but this is great news for End of Watch, falling as it does on the heels of its appearance at Toronto this month. It's wonderful to see a film of Jake's doing the film festival circuit again - but what a shame that it's happening when he's too busy to shine on all those red carpets.

I'm delighted to see that the film's Dating clip is now available for all of us to see, whatever side of the pond we're on, so here it is.

If There Is...

I'm so pleased that we now have official photos from the If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet production in NYC! It's good to get an idea of the set and also get a proper look at Jake as Terry.

To go with the photos, the NY Daily News has an interview with the cast, in which Jake talks about what drew him to the play: 'I read it a few years ago and fell in love with Nick’s dialogue. I think any story about a family is fascinating, too, because it’s filled with complications both universal and specific. There’s never-ending inspiration in that. If you’re going to do a show eight times a week, you need to have stuff to draw on every night.'

Jake is also asked about whether real life has influenced his interpretation and performance: 'Of course. I think real life is bound to affect any sort of artistic process. I have two beautiful nieces and they’re both an inspiration to me. One of the things that I love about this play is that it’s about a relationship that I understand... I don’t have a similar experience to the one that we have in this play, but being an uncle is something I draw up on every day and night. The family is a microcosm for political themes that are involved in this play — the environment and the issues going on of how we treat the world.'

And we hear more about the Famous Water Scene: 'When Michael pitched to us what he was going to do with water in this show, Br ian’s face changed — his eyes got wider than I’d ever seen before. He may have wanted to walk out at that moment. [O’Byrne nods, and laughs.] The water is a beautiful metaphor. I really think that Nick and Mike are a new wave of British talent and this production a perfect example of how to work together. This production is very different from the one in London a couple years ago.' Do read the full interview here.

Some famous people have also been taking a peek at the play.

Many thanks to BBMISwear for the hugely appreciated help with links!

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Wet Dark and Wild said...

Have a good evening everyone! So much going on! Great news about LFF :)

BBMISwear said...

So much going on is true WDW! Great update here! It's good to hear some "across the pond" news for EoW but I agree that it's unfortunate that there will be a lot of red carpets and press opportunities (on both sides of the pond) missed because of Jake's busy schedule at the moment. :-(

I love the on stage photos from the play and I hope they help clarify some things for those who have asked questions (if the pictures cause for any additional questions feel free to ask me). I think "Terry" looks great on stage (I love his style - even being quite baggy - ha ha)!

I'm a bit behind in reading/commenting but did want to thank Stefanie for sharing her story about her experience at the play a few posts back. I know exactly the scene she is speaking of when she had to leave (I'm sorry to hear it effected you so strongly, Stefanie). That is the scene that I have mentioned as one that made me (and others in the audience) cry. And to further express the impact...both my friend and I cried the next day when we saw it again even after knowing exactly what was coming. It didn't matter that it wasn't new to us - it still effected us like that. I'm glad after having to leave the theater Stefanie got to at least say Hi to Jake one on one - I enjoyed that myself on the first night and the more I am seeing the swarming of him at the stage door the less I am liking that vibe. He seems to be more comfortable with it than he was the first few days but he just looks so robotic - like it is completely out of obligation and not something he really wants to do. Greeting fans at a movie premiere or award show is one thing but 8 times per week for 13 weeks is a lot to ask of someone in my opinion.

Well here's to all the good things to come...keep those updates coming WDW!! :-)

Stefanie said...

Hi BBMISwear: I did read your post about the show and I didn't realize that the scene would hit me like that. There were other people around me with hands over their eyes and just a shocked looked. I didn't see how that scene played out becaause I left. I knew where the scene was going when a certain item was placed on the bathtub. I came back whenthe mother and father were speaking to eachother.
I guess I am a pretty sensitive person.:) But I am glad I got to see Jake without swarming fans around he was very nice and I was surprised how normal he looked.
My friend wanted me to stay and get his autograph but I told no he treated me like a person so I was going to do the same.

Leslie said...

I think what people often forget is that Jake Gyllenhaal is . . just a guy. I read that account the other day of the girl who met him and he was asking her and her group of friends what they were doing in NYC on a Wednesday night, what classes they were taking, etc. and I found myself getting sad. Sure, he tried to go to college and ultimately decided to pursue other things . . but he's still a regular 31 (almost 32!) year old guy. I'm sure it's extremely difficult for him to not only have "normal" time but to make just regular friends -- ones who like him for just being a person, and not for who he is. I think people get blinded by him being a "star" and forget that he's really no better or different than the rest of us. I'm sure he's a very lonely guy at times (considering everything I've just stated) and often wishes he could just be a nobody and walk the streets like the rest of us. It must be really unsettling to have to always see a reaction from people looking back at you. Poor guy . . I hope he takes a long vacation out in the middle of nowhere sometime soon.

BBMISwear said...

Hi again! I think it's totally understandable, Stefanie, to have an intense reaction and it's going to effect people differently depending on how they relate to the scene from past experiences. I know what you mean about the people hounding for autographs - I've seen him do it as I stood off to the side a bit (and again in photos/videos) and he's nice enough but not real enthusiastic - it really does feel (for some of us, I guess) that you are intruding on personal space and time. I don't like that feeling!

Hi Leslie - I know what you are saying and as so many of us have talked about in the past there is such a fine line between "I'm just a person and need my space" and "I'm a popular actor and this is part of the job"! I don't know how people in the public eye juggle it all the time. That's why I think I got that feeling as I describe above - not wanting to be swarming him. I'm sure some nights are different than others if it's a slower night/smaller crowd, for example, but in some cases people are shoving Playbills, photos and cameras at him - that must get aggravating after a while! As I've mentioned before, the theater junkies expect it 8 times per week and literally get angry if the actor doesn't oblige. Who are they to demand something like this of another human being?! Strange.

Sorry for going on and on...I'm glad others are talking about it though! Have a good day!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good evening everyone! It is so good to listen in on your conversation BBMISwear and Stefanie! It helps that we have pictures now and it does make things a little harder to stand for those of us not able to see the play. So keep going!! Details, details, details!

I hope Jake has a long holiday too, Leslie, this must be absolutely draining - never away from the stares. I imagine Jake having a more 'normal' life than many film stars - he's that kind of guy - but this will be intense. Hopefully, a rewarding experience, though.

Friday tomorrow!

mermon said...

Great stage pictures! We may imagine now better, how it looks like.
@Stefanie thank you for your report from a play. I'm sorry you felt that touched by a scene, but it led you to personal meeting with Jake. It was a reward!
I think I figured out that bath tub scene from your and @BBMISwear' discussion. :) It must be played very well, if it moves so many people.
About Jake's swarming - Many people come to get autograph and take pictures without bothering to see the play or maybe it's too expensive for them. It makes crowd much bigger. In a way I find it not fair, cause maybe some fans from the audience loose their chance to be close to Jake because of extra crowd. But in other way I understand these people too. If I lived there, I'm really not sure how I would behave. I guess, I would go there often to see Jake, at least from the distance.
I think Jake is happy doing the play and getting nice comments and being praised for his acting. He experiences something new in his career. At a time of the first play, he was very young, I guess it was not so many people waiting at the stage door then. With the movies is completely different story. And now he's accessible to audience 7 days a week, getting their interest and love. It probably pleases him in many ways, though I bet it's tiring. I wonder if after that play he will be able to make another one, regarding huge, constant interest in him. Still 2 months to go!

Sasha said...

With all that's going on around Jake I didn't catch all the comments.

Thank you for your report Stephanie, I'm sorry that you had to leave, but since Jake was not in the scene anyway, you didn't "miss" anything, but gained by meeting Jake.

These are such exciting times and I know I will treasure all of this some times next year when news are getting slow again, reading every bit over, because now it's almost too much to enjoy every bit.
If we feel like that as fans only, I cannot imagine how Jake must feel. I hope he gets all the reward out of this he was looking for.

mermon said...

I could sign under everything you said @Sasha! I have exactly the same thoughts!
I've just come back from work, from watching Proof with my older patients. They liked it! Which made me happy:)When Claire, Catherine's sister talks about smell of a coffee in New York, how it reaches her apartment, with such a love to her city, first time, even not liking her, I understood her. Now when Jake lives there, play is on there - NYC became a magical, most desirable place to me.
I was in Paris, now it's time for New York! :)

Leslie said...

I just want to clarify - my comment was not in response to anyone in particular or a reaction to any other comment. I paraphrased another blog just because it got me thinking. I was just stating my thoughts, in general . . . and they're not just applicable to now when Jake exits the theater. I was speaking overall, throughout his life and career. Sorry if it came across differently.

BBMISwear said...

Hi Leslie - I wanted to comment on your second comment as I'm thinking you may be referring to my comment to you (so confusing...all these comments to comments...ha ha)! I think I understood that you were speaking overall with Jake and not just while he has been at the theater. I guess the same way you got thinking about it after reading things on blogs I got to thinking about the theater more specifically after reading your comment (and not just yours - but lots of comments all over the internet the past couple of weeks). I was focusing on his demeanor at the theater specifically because I've noticed such a contrast there compared to when I have seen/met him at film related events. That's why I brought up what he is usually like at a movie premiere or award show when he is there supporting one of his films - on the sidewalk outside the theater it seems like a completely different thing to me and he seems different while doing it. Just my observations from what I've seen! Whatever the case, and no matter how each person feels, I just hope Jake is feeling good about it all and is getting enough down time as I can imagine the guy is exhausted right about now and has A LOT more coming up in the next couple of weeks!!

kabloom said...

So looking forward to seeing End of Watch, although in Australia we have to wait till November. Thanks for all the photos and descriptions of the play.