Friday, 14 September 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal and End of Watch - MEGA CATCH UP!

I hope you're all sitting down comfortably.... then I will begin. You spend a couple of days mostly away from that little flashing box of broadband and what happens? A Gyllenflood of Biblical Proportions. And so, before we all get swept away by the wave, here's a post to hang on to, full of handy floatation devices in the shape of videos, photos, trailers and, most of all, Jake Gyllenhaal being a BUSY BEE!! To start off, Jake was on the Today Show this morning. It's great to see Jake's If There Is Face Pet getting so much airing on TV.

 End of Watch now has a website and doesn't it look lovely? In this image from it, Jake is shown auditioning for the Shades of Grey movie adaptation.

While End of Watch opens in the US on 21 September, we have considerably longer to wait in the UK - 23 November. We came one step closer this week with a UK trailer.


The goodies just keep coming from that dispenser of goodies, TIFF. There are Vanity Fair interviews with the cast of End of Watch, including this non-embeddable one with Jake.

There is another video interview here with GeekNation.


And then there's The Play...

The Roundabout Theatre has released a video about the play which, towards the end, includes an interview with Jake.


There's an audio interview with Jake here too. This video gives us a great look at the scene outside the theatre and it's so good to see Jake spending time with the crowd and posing for photos.


NCLR ALMA Awards Jake and Michael Pena are also among the presenters for the NCLR ALMA Awards which airs nextweekend at 8pm (EST) on NBC. Whether this is a prerecored section or life will be revealed! It sounds like the event will be online afterwards. This on set photo is thanks to Digital Spy.

There is also a fabulous new French poster from Facebook and via IHJ with big thanks for all the hard work in getting everything up for us!

Thanks also to everyone for all the emails and tweets - hugely appreciated! Special thanks to Sheba, BBMISwear and Mermon.

Good luck to any readers seeing the play this weekend!

By the way, Jake has been so busy I haven't been able yet to post the planned Interludes but they are coming in the next day or two so you might want to take cover.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Phew! I hope you're all having a good Friday! And good luck to Susan in NYC!

Susan said...

Thanks, Kate. Less than 24 hours now. It still doesn't feel quite real yet. I'm sure that will change as soon as I hit the road tomorrow for NYC. DAMN, I'm excited!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Goo luck, Susan! I'll be thinking of you. Have a great trip up and say hello to Jake for me :D

BBMISwear said...

Wow!! Mega Catch up is right!! There is so much going on right now my head is spinning (but in a good way of course)! Thanks for the big update...I haven't been able to look at much closely over the past couple of days but plan to do the real "sit down with feet up and a glass of wine" catch up this weekend - ha ha! In the meantime I've been sending myself emails of all these articles and videos so my inbox is now full with emails from myself with links galore. Good stuff to enjoy after those fall weekend chores!!

Although I can't comment specifically about a lot that was included in this post (until tomorrow) I did want to mention a few things (of course). First, thank you for the huge update - and you made me laugh out loud with some of your comments ("If There Is Face Pet", "auditioning for Shades of Grey", etc. - too funny)!! It was good to see that Roundabout Video finally - remember I told you about that as it runs continuously in the lobby at the theater (facing the sidewalk) but with no sound and was no where to be found on line until now? It took them long enough! Oh, and the NCLR ALMA Awards are next Friday night 9/21 (I think I said "Friday night" to you which was misleading - it is in fact next Friday night). This award show is new to me - should be interesting. And to Susan - have fun - can't wait to hear all about it!!

Oh..and I guess I should mention (although I already did to Kate directly) that I happily saw End of Watch on Tuesday night at an early screening and oh boy - seat belts fastened everyone! This movie was unlike anything I've ever seen. It is an amazing film and everyone involved should be very proud especially for the way they were able to balance such intense (sometimes down right unwatchable) scenes with some incredibly moving and emotional scenes along with some laugh out loud funny scenes! What a ride - so well done. Jake is a joy to watch and Jake and Michael are wonderful together. Jake and Anna too - in fact the whole cast is great and it made me wish the movie was longer so we could see more of them. No complaints that the movie is 80% Jake and Michael (ha ha!) but because of that we don't get to dig deeper into the other characters. Hard to watch at times...but so worth it. I will be back on opening day!! Did I mention some scenes are literally impossible to watch? You'll see what I mean soon enough...and I can't wait to hear everyone's input!

Well I guess I said a lot for someone that wasn't going to say too much. Sorry! More tomorrow I think! Happy weekend! :-)

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH tomorrow I will stand in that row of people. AHHHHHHHHH

mermon said...

It's really a mega catch up!
I enjoy all interviews. VF too, despite Krista Smith, in very short time she has with each actor, talks trough half of an interview herself.
Last night was very funny show with Michael&Jake - BET's 106 & Park! I love this movie's promotion time!
Jake is so funny, at ease and in good mood, it's like he takes energy from working. A pleasure to watch him! And he looks now great too!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Lovely day here so been out at Cotswold Wildlife Park, enjoying the animals and putting my fingers in my ears due to the noisy human children.

Thanks for the correction, BBMISwear:-) I got the date so wrong! And that's great that the play video now has some sound. So good to hear the report from the film! Makes me even keen er to see it. Sigh - such a long wait...

Enjoy 21:41!Tell us about it!

Hi there Mermon :)

Have a good day everyone!

BBMISwear said...

Lots of new TV appearance news for Jake and other people we may be interested in:

Jake on the CBS Morning Show on Monday 9/17 (the picture of him taping there this week surfaced so we knew it was coming).

Anna on Conan Wednesday 9/19 and then America on Kelly & Michael Friday 9/21 (it will be great to hear more EoW stuff).

Maggie on Kelly & Michael 9/24 (those back to back opening weekends for Jake and cool)!

Jake on Conan Wednesday 9/27 (he will probably tape this on Monday while in L.A. - love him with Conan)!

That's all I've seen so far...just wanted to share!

Enjoy nature WDW! :-)

BBMISwear said...

Ooops...forgot a TV appearance on my list above! Jake on Jimmy Fallon on Friday 9/21 - love him with Jimmy too!!

Magdalena said...

I found a new short interview with Jake. Unfortunately its not separate from the whole long clip, but it starts at around 20:00. Enjoy.

Susan said...

Had a marvelous time in NYC yesterday - saw the play and Jake was magnificent as Uncle Terry. Afterwards, being polite and waiting my turn was apparently not the correct thing to do if I wanted an autograph. Too many pushy people in NYC! But I saw him up close and got some photos of him signing for OTHER people. Ah well, such is life - and my typical luck.

Susan said...

Hi Kate! I've had time to reflect on my experience, so here's a slightly more lengthy comment. ;-)

I saw the play Saturday, of course just to witness Jake performing in person. The play itself was okay, interesting, surprisingly funny in the beginning, surprisingly intense and emotional as it progressed. Jake as Uncle Terry was certainly the highlight, even for a non-Gyllenhaalic. (I brought two of them with me, so this is not merely conjecture.) The character of Uncle Terry was different from any of Jake's movie characters, one of the things I like most about Jake's projects. I never even thought of Tommy Cahill, his character from Brothers, that is the most similar to Uncle Terry. His British accent was entirely convincing and also consistent throughout the play, to my ear.

Uncle Terry is a real mess when he shows up unexpectedly at his brother's home. He's nervous and fidgety, giving every indication by his mannerisms and body language that he is suffering from cocaine withdrawal. Somewhere, way down deep inside, he has a good heart and really cares about people, but he's constantly drunk, fighting, making poor decisions, and inadvertently making situations worse. It's like the harder he tries, the worse things get. But it is Uncle Terry who can see the problem between teenage Anna and her parents. He desperately wants to make them see it as well, but they are too wrapped up in their own individual problems to see how badly their family has fractured.

For those who are curious about Jake's "look" - even though the hair is long and the beard is thick and full, he looks very polished when he's on the talk shows compared to when he's on stage in character. The hair is a mess, he constantly runs his hands through it in frustration, the beard looks shaggier/scragglier, and Uncle Terry is generally a lot more rough and unkempt. Actually, he looks like a near-homeless druggie, bewildered, down on his luck, drifting through life. I was briefly reminded of young Pilot Kelson from the first part of Highway. I couldn't tell what the tattoos were, but they were quite noticeable and fit the character.

After the play I waited around outside the theater for a chance at an autograph. I came away with photos of Jake signing for OTHER people, but not me. Ironically, he asked to borrow my pen to sign for another fan and then thanked me when he returned it, but I wasn't rude and pushy enough, or maybe tall enough, to get his autograph myself. Even though it was a small crowd, he didn't have a lot of time to hang around. I wish I could go see it again and try once more for a photo and autograph!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for the TV round of BBMISwear! :-)

Susan, thank you for telling us all about it. It's brilliant that you got to see it and see Jake. It sounds like you did so well. It's not easy getting everything you want from an encounter with Jake - there is a lot of competition! - but you have achieved so much and a lot more than many :) He said something to you! That's amazing!

Thanks for all the comments - been very offline for a day or two but back with a new post.