Friday, 7 September 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal on Extra and more images and videos - End of Watch, If There Is and more

Tomorrow End of Watch premieres officially at TIFF - a big day - and so, with our best wishes to everyone involved with the film, here's a catch up of some of today's new Jake news. There is a lot going on each day now with so many projects on the boil! Firstly, Collider has revealed a new photo of Jake Gyllenhaal from End of Watch, possibly the most dramatic picture we've had so far. Click and it shall be embiggened.

There is also a brand new TV spot. If the link below doesn't work then you can also see the video here.

End of Watch - 'Truth' Exclusive TV Spot

TrailerParkToo | Myspace Video

More photos have also been released from If There Is... (here via and with thanks to IHJ)

Jake has also put in an appearance on Extra with Ben Lyons:

With thanks to BBMISwear for the heads up, it looks as if Jake will be appearing on Kelly and Michael (Regis and Kelly that was) on the morning of 20 September - and possibly on the Today Show on 14 September. I'm also grateful to BBMISwear for the link to this old video of Jake from during the days of another play, This Is Our Youth. In it Jake is awarding an award with Anna Paquin at the Evening Standard Film Awards in London - over ten years ago, in March 2010.


mermon said...

Oh, boy! everyday something new! And tomorrow again! I count on good comments from Toronto Festival on End of Watch and maybe Jake on a carpet, plus some interview.
Video with young Jake and Anna is very cute. Cool to see sir Ben looking at future Dastan!
Thank you Kate for managing to follow Jake in that busy time!

Stefanie said...

According to the schedule at Roundabout threes a performance tomorrow so I don't think we will get picks of him from Toronto. I hope I am wrong.

ANTJE said...

Thanks for uploading the March 2001 video. Jake (having just turned 20 at that time) still with a teenage boy voice!

BBMISwear said...

Great stuff!! And, yes, much more to come - whoowhee!!

The play has only a matinee showing today - there is no Saturday night performance as usual so that is good news for us hoping to see photos of Jake in Toronto. No way of knowing if there will be a red carpet with the film's special screening vs. gala status but we can hope! A very late showing for EoW in Toronto tonight and an afternoon showing tomorrow so maybe something from one or the other. I hope there are some press opps too - love those video interviews during press junkets - and hopefully with Michael and/or Anna. Good stuff!!

Have a good weekend all...keep the updates coming WDW!! Good work!! :-)

Anonymous said...

So cute to see Sir Ben Kingsley watching Jake & Anna presenting. Jake looks so very young in that video! Even younger than 20. He certainly has grown up nicely.

Jake will definitely be in Toronto for his Special Presentation tonight.

mermon said...

I didn't sleep, peeking on tweeter for TIFF news. People tweeted a lot. All tweets praised the movie. Jake is there with other actors and David Ayer. They went on stage, got standing ovation after the screening. Did a Q&A.
Interviewing Jake
EoW actors& Directors on a stage
On Sunday - at least two interviews with Jake&Anna. With Jacob Soboroff and Josh Horowitz.

mermon said...

One more cute picture from a stage
Anna Kendrick & Jake Gyllenhaal

mermon said...

Hahahaha! I tweeted that photo with Anna and Jake. And guess what! Anna Kendrick tweeted me saying: mermon7 Ha! This photo....... is interesting Isn't that funny and fantastic?

Anonymous said...

So much going on... exciting. I am trying to catch up all pics / posts / interviews. I like the comments about If there is. Wish I could go to NY. Thanks for all of you who keep us updated with everything, especially Kate.
Thanks a lot.
Have a nice Sunday everyone.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for the comments. Sorry I wasn't about. There's a big cultural festival in Oxford this weekend and I'm trying to do all of it - I may never be able to move again.

Thanks for the pics, Mermon!

New TIFF post is up!