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Update! Jake on Conan. Jake Gyllenhaal talks about the role that has changed his life and much, much more!

** Updated! Jake on Conan **

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Hot on the heels of the announcement that Jake Gyllenhaal may turn next to Prisoners with Hugh Jackman (see previous post), and the news that End of Watch did win the top prize at the weekend US box office, is a fantastic new interview in USA today. It's one of those classic interviews that comes along, once or twice a movie. And as with each film, Jake likes to tell us why he chose the role of Officer Taylor in End of Watch, a role that he says he fought for.

'" I woke up and I said, 'I've had the privilege of being able to do this for 15 years.' I got so far away from the idea of acting as a real craft to master. I didn't want to skirt the surface in it. I wanted to learn about myself," says Gyllenhaal, who earned a supporting-actor Oscar nomination for 2005's Brokeback Mountain. "I wanted to interact with people doing real stuff and have it enrich my life. I wanted to have my work enrich my life and have a life that I was proud of. Not to say I wasn't proud of it before. There were a lot of things. Many things dominoed into that moment."'

His End of Watch co-star Michael Pena has some wonderful things to say about Jake and about working with him: '"He's a complicated dude, to be honest. He's really, really smart. He can be goofy at times, but his mind is always going, going, going," says Pena. "He goes on these epic jogs. He called me up and said, 'Let's go for a run.' And there's paparazzi shots of us. He's running all stealth and all you see is me dying. Meanwhile, Jake is like, 'Whatever.' "... During the Watch shoot, Pena recalls how Gyllenhaal would step in and help him navigate difficult scenes. "Good things happen to those who are in movies with Jake. He's proud of that fact. He's pretty selfless in that regard, and he wants you to kill it," says Pena. "There were a couple of times I wasn't doing very well, he'd pull me aside and tell me, 'Dude, do you remember that thing you did in rehearsal? Do that.' His motivation comes from a good place."'

The play: '"Honestly, I love waking up in the morning knowing that I'll be on stage and feel like you're part of this history of storytelling. I walk home every night," he says with a smile.'

Clearly, there is nothing more important in Jake's life than his family: '"We have a new generation. My sister and I aren't the youngest ones anymore. All those things came together in my life," Gyllenhaal says. "It's really cool to see my niece now because she really helps out. There's this video that Peter sent me the other day. My older niece was playing with my younger niece. She would turn around and surprise her, and my younger niece was so in love with her. It gave me a perspective on how much I probably felt the same way about my sister, and I do still. That stuff never goes away."''

'Gyllenhaal babysits, but not as much as he probably should. " I was in L.A. for the premiere, and they were all together here last night. My niece is a little sick right now because she just started school again. I felt really torn -- maybe I'm a bit of a mess, but there's this family in this movie that I didn't want to leave and I was talking to my family on the phone and thinking how much I missed them and loved them and wanted to be with them. I watched Brave on the plane on my way to Los Angeles, and all I could think about was my niece because that's her favorite movie," he says.'

"I did this movie October Sky with Chris Cooper. When I asked him for his actorly advice, he said, 'Just don't have any regrets.' I don't think I had any understanding of what that meant until very recently.This is one of the very first movies where I can say that I have very little regret. I've combed every corner. And that was for me," he says.'

There is much more so do take a look.

The lovely Anna Kendrick has also been speaking to IGN about acting with Jake and the 'day in the life' aspect of the filming: 'It certainly created one of the most interesting atmospheres on set that I’ve ever experienced. One in which you were never really sure if you were being filmed or not, so it was weirdly liberating and challenging at the same time, in this wonderful way where you were in character for 12 hours a day. The only time we weren’t holding hands, snuggling or whatever the scene called for was at lunch. If there was ever a point that we realized that every other camera was re-loading then Jake or Michael would grab the handheld and we would just film something. Jake would pull me aside and he would grab the handheld camera and start doing something, and then David would notice that we were in the corner and come over and start filming, and we wouldn’t have noticed for a solid 5 minutes that they’d been filming us, until Dave yells out ‘kiss her!’'

'It was interesting for me because it was one of those weird life imitating art situations where all of my rehearsals were with just Jake. So I’ve met Mike (Peña) and I’ve met Natalie (Martinez), but I didn’t know them well at all, so when I came to set it really felt like my new boyfriend introducing me to his good friends. And the three of them were already really close so I really had that feeling of wanting to prove that I was strong enough to be a part of this family, but then also being overwhelmed by the bond that they had. In a healthy way, I was a little envious of the relationship Jake had with Mike, and the relationship that he has with everybody on the police force. Realizing again and again, and again through every scene just what it means to be a police officer, what it means to be a police officers wife.'

On achieving the believable intimacy with Jake: 'I really followed his lead on that. I’m really glad that he was so open and giving on that end, just like somebody who wants to reach inside you and rip you open in this really incredible way. He was so deep in the shit by the time that I got there that he was completely mentally there all day every day. So when I showed up and he was holding my hand the entire time I was like ‘this is weird right?’; but I think that’s exactly why that relationship is believable in such a short amount of screen time.' Much more here.

Thanks so much to BBMISwear for the scans and to IHJ for the End of Watch pics.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Have a good evening everyone! The foodies keep on coming :) Thanks for the scans, Lisa!

mermon said...

Thank you Kate for that so interesting post! New pictures are very fine! What the great interviews!With Anna Kendrick, Jake himself and Michael Pena!One could think, that's all was said already. But no, it's something good, deep, slightly new to enjoy! Michael's mentioning first jogging with Jake in front of paparazzi camera made me laugh. We know those pics and truly Mike looked exhausted on them. I like our guys calling each other dudes!
Jake seems so perfect in USA Today's article, almost unreal.
I like the idea of Anna and Jake constantly holding hands and cuddling on a set. She said so many interesting things about Jake. Looks like she opened up about Jake much more lately than in all previous interviews! I found a fragment of one more with Mario Lopez on Extra, when she says that Jake is a great kisser! I'm looking forward to read that one too.
Anna Kendrick on Jake Gyllenhaal: ‘I Like a Little Scruff’

Anonymous said...

Por que Jake Gyllenhaal decidiu ficar "barbudo"?

Susan said...

Thanks for another great post, Kate. It always brightens my day to find new and wonderful "Jake stuff" here.

BBMISwear said...

I can't comment too much on these articles yet as just today I started printing many of the big articles that I've been flagging over the past couple of weeks. I plan to take them to bed with me and enjoy some bed time reading - ha ha! From the little I glanced at the USA Today article I think I am going to enjoy it. Thank you for keeping up with it all WDW!!

I was reading comments in the last post and noticed that many felt they would have been upset or angry if they made a trip to see Jake and he didn't stay for the Q&A. I guess I can understand that (especially from those who traveled far). I'm fortunate to be very close to NYC so these are not big trips for me plus as we know these types of things are not a sure thing (just like they are not at film screenings). As you pointed out, Sasha, I've seen Jake many different times now in all sorts of settings so I guess I can go with the flow a bit more with things like this. I did wonder, though, if the excuse to see family was 100% accurate - maybe he just wanted a break (he's the only one in the cast that spends time with fans 8 times per week so must really value his time away from the theater). The other thing that crossed my mind is if he thought about (and let's face it - it would be the case) that almost all the questions would be for him leaving the rest of the cast just sitting at the Q&A listening. Well we'll find out soon enough if he attends the other Q&A's and how those go!

I did have a few other things to mention about NYC for anyone interested...On Friday night, after the play, it was the usual scene at the stage door. I watched from a distance - the crowd was swarming as usual (and quite full with young 20-something girls in short skirts I noticed - ha ha)! It was fun to watch him interact - he definitely is much more relaxed greeting everyone but still a weird vibe to me. One thing that wasn't typical was a big group of girls - college aged I think - that were suddenly all around him - he literally looked swallowed up by this group but he was laughing and smiling and the group was hooting and smiling and Jake's assistant was taking their picture. Come to find out it was a swim team that was visiting NYC and wanted a group picture with him. It was so fun to watch and Jake seemed to really enjoy it - I haven't seen a photo of it on line yet - there must be one out there somewhere!!

Also, I saw End of Watch again on Friday afternoon before the play and my friend made a discovery that I did not notice at all the first time (and usually anything involving Brokeback I notice - I wonder if anyone else did). One of the cops in the movie is played by David Harbour who also plays Randall Malone in BBM! Wow...I didn't even recognize him! And there is something Jake's character says to David's character that, thinking back to Jake's character and David's character in BBM, made me laugh after learning this. A silly little thing!

And last but certainly not least I had the pleasure of meeting some people that I've known only by name as they are "friends of friends" and as a group we all attended the play on Saturday followed by cocktails at a local bar and then dinner at a mutual friends apartment. These women were here all the way from Sweden! But the best part...they are visitors right here at Wet Dark and Wild! We've all read each others posts but I had no idea until Saturday - how fun to meet people that love reading about Jake here as much as I do! So hello to Sophia and Monika - it was so great to meet the people behind the names!

Phew...sorry...I’ve had a lot of long comments lately! Keep those thoughts about End of Watch's so good to hear how much everyone is enjoying it (and seeing it more than once)! It will especially be great to hear your comments after you see it next month Kate!


Susan said...

OMG! So that's David Harbour who played Randall Malone in BBM. I didn't recognize him either time I've seen End of Watch. Officer Taylor's response to something Officer Van Hauser says MUST be a deliberate tongue-in-cheek reference to BBM - it certainly made me think of Jack Twist. How funny!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

A pleasure, Susan! Thank you for commenting!

Wow, BBMISwear ;-) That is all amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to post everything so clearly. It's incredible. You're having an amazing Jake Season!

You'll love the USA Today article, definitely.

I love that about the swimming team - sounds like Jake enjoyed himself! Must be fun to be the centre of that kind of attention.

Thanks for the heads up about Randall! I'll look out for him when I see it next weekend. I'm terrible at recognising faces... I need all the help I can get!

And how absolutely fantastic is that! That you came across other readers of WDW! That makes me feel so proud and I'm so glad you told me. If you're reading Sophia and Monika, HELLO!

Thanks so much, Lisa, I loved that comment - thank you :-)

ooh, I am intrigued, Susan! I'm lucky I only have a week and a bit now.

What a busy day. It's a relief to get home from work and catch up with you all. A very lazy weekend coming up during which I'm hoping to catch up with some of the videos. And Conan of course, I hope! Have a good evening everyone :)

Susan said...

Jake was great on Conan last night. Since Fallon had paid so much attention to the beard, Conan decided to revisit the pronunciation of the name. As Jake explained, the Swedish pronunciation is correct in only two places: Sweden and Ikea. :-) It got a big laugh.

BBMISwear said...

Happy Friday! I like providing details from Jake events as I know I personally like hearing every little detail so assume other Jake fans are the same way! I really do wish the picture of Jake and the girls swim team would pop up on the internet - it is a fun photo (yes, Jake loves that attention at times - ha ha)!

Isn't it surprising, Susan, that that is the same actor who plays Randall? A very different look - would never have noticed myself. The comment Jake (Officer Taylor) makes made me chuckle and think of BBM the first time I saw it but then after realizing who the other actor is it made me really laugh! I'm glad you can look for him in advance now Kate!

Have a good weekend all...a rainy one here (which is perfect for catching up on all those videos, photos and articles - finally)!!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Waves at BBMISwear and Susan!

Updated the post with Jake on Conan! Happy Friday everyone :)

mermon said...

Picture of little Jake next to a kid from Jerry Maguire is so funny. They look alike!
Connan show was fine, I like Jake and him together.
I remember, that long time ago, when End of Watch was in making it was some discussion about discovering David Harbour as Randall Malone from BBM. Maybe on forum. But I completely forgot about it. So watching the movie in November I will pay attention to him.
@Lisa, I saw some clip, when Jake's blond curly hair assistant was taking a photo of Jake and some people, not visible in a frame, so maybe that was that swim team. It was during an interview.
Jake talks about EoW

BBMISwear said...

Hi again - great Conan interview (always lots of fun when Jake is on with Conan)!

Hi Mermon - the woman in that video is one of the public relations people that has worked with Jake for years and often attends movie premieres and other red carpet events with him. The swim team photo was outside the theater after the play in NYC and they were all gathered around Jake with Jake in the middle! He has a male assistant who has been working with him for a short time and has been pretty much by his side at all times during his work on the play - he's the one that took the picture I referred to. I would think the swim team would have had fun posting that picture on line but I guess they didn't tag it with Jake's name because no one seems to have come across it yet!

The part in the video when Jake refers to all the cameras pointed at him and she takes pictures of the cameras filming and photographing Jake made me laugh as I saw firsthand what it is like to be on the other side of that rope on a red carpet (one of the biggest ones there is - The Golden Globes) and it is downright intimidating! I saw the looks in the actors’ eyes as they went from section to section on the carpet with the cameras and bright lights in their eyes and the shouting of their names – they all seemed a bit stunned at first (even though most have done it many times before). I think they just throw themselves into it and do whatever it takes to get it done. It’s really crazy – someone should put a camera on their chest and film the red carpet of one of the award shows from beginning to end and show only what the actors are seeing – what a trip!

Happy weekend all - I bet people are using some free time to catch up on all that great stuff we've been getting over the past couple of weeks. Thanks for all the updates WDW!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend.

Hi Mermon!

Thanks BBMISwear :-) for all that fab info!

Will be back shortly - I've been having to take a rest after some tumultuous work changes and all the stress that involves. Climbing out on the other side now... :)