Friday, 21 September 2012

Take a bow! If There Is... officially opens as End of Watch is released in the US

Today is the day that End of Watch opens in the US but not happy with that, Jake Gyllenhaal's play If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet officially opened in NYC after a month of previews. To add to the excitement, Jake's End of Watch co-star Michael Pena was there to cheer Jake along.

Luckily the cameras were there too...


There is lots more to catch up on with the release of End of Watch, especially Jake's appearance on Kelly and Michael...

 ... and on Anderson Live


There is an interview here worth taking a look at too. There is more to come on what is one of the busiest weeks of Jake's career. So don't stray far off! Many thanks to IHJ for being so on top of everything.


Susan said...

Hi Kate! Exciting times to be Jake's fan, isn't it?

There is an audio version of the interview that you provided a link for here:

It includes a few things that didn't make it into the text transcript on the website, including Jake's response to a question about Heath Ledger. There's just too much out there lately for anyone to keep up with.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! Ooh thanks for the link - there is just so much, it's impossible to keep track. When the quiet times come it'll be good to go back through it all!

So jealous of everyone seeing End of Watch right now at this very minute! *must be patient*

Have a good evening everyone!

mermon said...

Times are overexciting and time consuming. Thank you Kate for being able to keep a track of all of it.
Everything is interesting, but from that post, I like the most Q&A: Jake Gyllenhaal's interview by phone. He revealed some new stuff.
I have an impression he opens up much more in air/phone interviews. Thanks Susan for the link to audio version.

ANTJE said...

Hi Kate!
I'm jealous, too. ;-)))
And if I had enough money I would go to New York at once.
Oh, by the way, thank you so much for your daily work, collecting all the WORLDWIDE stuff about Jake Gyllenhaal. You seem to be as busy as him (this week flying from coast to coast and back within hours), never taking a breath but keeping us all as happy as can be. Tremendous job, really.

Susan said...

Just got home from seeing End of Watch. Incredible! Seriously, Jake is the most talented actor of his generation. Michael Pena ain't too bad neither - together they were mesmerizing on screen, utterly believable as police officers and brothers in arms. The movie is full of unexpected humor and lots of surprisingly emotional moments. Definitely glad I had some tissues on hand. Thinking about when I can go see it again.

ANTJE said...

Oooh Susan, you're whetting my appetite!!
Shame that over here in Germany we have to wait until late December/early January before the movie is in our theaters, too. We usually have to wait until the dubbing is finished before we can watch movies from abroad. And dubbing takes AGES!!!!!

Tina said...

I would just like to take a moment and echo what Susan said about End of Watch--it is amazing. I'm one who normally likes cop movies, so I figured I'd get to go in and enjoy my normal cop flick. Nope. This movie takes the cop genre to an entirely new level, in my opinion. I laughed and cried my way through it the first time, and then I had to buy another ticket so I could laugh and cry my way through it all over again. The second viewing was even better than the first.

And again, thank you so much, Kate, for putting everything together in one place so consistently for us fans to come and enjoy! And thanks so much to the people who help with links and stuff, too! WDW always makes my mornings! (And my evenings, and my afternoons...)

Eureka said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for all the updates! It's a load of them to compesate for the lack of news in the past.
Susan, so you loved it? So good to hear it.
Looking forward to watch a new movie, still no dates for Spain I believe.

mermon said...

I found the clip of Anna Kendrick with Connan O'Brien. Very funny interview. Part2, to be find there too - on new Anna's film Pitch Perfect
Anna Kendrick: Jake Gyllenhaal Got Tazed For Research - CONAN on TBS
Coming back to the differences between brothers' British accent on a play. I am no expert in this matter, but can it be, that George as an educated guy transformed his accent into more elegant one. In my country we have many accents - regional, rural, highlander etc. But when people move to big city to study, they learn to speak differently,in more educated way, in urban accent. They probably come back to their accent, visiting family. Terry/Jake - as opposite, could adapt some accent from environment, society he was living with. Two accents - to show how two different persons they became, leading completely different lives?

Susan said...

Hi Mermon, yes that is a logical explanation for the brothers' different accents. I like logical explanations for slightly distracting questions because I want to focus on the story being told and don't want to be distracted.

Also, the way Uncle Terry speaks has everything to do with illustrating how difficult it is for him to communicate. Lack of communication is one of the big themes in the play. Terry is also dealing with being rejected and has anger management issues that manifest as aggressive, destructive behaviors. His fear and anger are projected outward, while Anna's downward emotional spiral is more internal but also results in destructive actions.

George frequently stammers through his lines and seems capable of communicating about just one topic, apparently oblivious to his loved ones' pain and suffering. He is trying to communicate a crucial idea to the entire world about the survival of all mankind, yet he cannot see the slow but steady disintegration of his own family. His accent may sound more scholarly but he is just as inept at communicating as Terry.

The microcosm of this dysfunctional family represents a vast range of emotional responses to intense stress. It is no coincidence that George and Terry, though they are brothers, are polar opposites. Their clothing, their mannerisms, their attitudes, even their speech patterns, are as different as they can be. As George points out, when the Earth is subjected to extreme stresses, the ice caps start melting. George and Terry are the metaphorical North and South poles.

I wish I could see the play again!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for the comments everyone! Been offline all weekend celebrating my dad's 70th birthday. Brilliant time.

More to catch up on so another post coming. Thanks to you all for the encouragement!