Tuesday, 23 October 2012

End of Watch publicity moves on to Australia, interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal and a video catch up

As End of Watch moves on to its next port of call - Australia on 1 November - the publicity machine shifts a continent, leapfrogging one or two on the way.

Jake Gyllenhaal is interviewed in Australia's The West today and in it he chats a little about growing up in Los Angeles, not too far away from those Mean Streets. And getting tasered. Apparently, it's better than having pepper thrown in your face. Not something I'd want to test. "Umm, the absurdity of my life. I love that I'm talking about being in the ganglands of south-east LA and now I'm getting served tea" - quite right too. Hopefully with sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

'"When I was a kid we lived on a street called Westmoreland. My dad had got this run-down house and he's a pretty great carpenter and he fixed out the whole house. Today that area has become more gentrified but when we were there it wasn't... It wasn't until years later when I started 'rolling around' for this film that I realised I had lived within a 20-block radius of what Rampart was," says the actor referring to where the infamous Los Angeles riots took place in 1992, the Rampart name becoming synonymous with crime and violence.'

There is much more here so do to a look.

Jake has also been interviewed for Hispanic Business. There is a little in there about filming the opening scene, which is spoilery so not included here, but there is also this about how Jake's view of urban life changed after making the film: 'It's hard not to, after having shared [the police officers'] world. There's this weird dichotomy of seeing the world with a little more paranoia, the possibility of something around that corner, and at the same time feeling stronger for it and more confident because of it. Feeling like there is a reality that I now know.' 

As I write this Jake and Brian T Byrne from If There Is... are being interviewed on the Leonard Lopate radio show (details here) and hopefully a podcast will be available later. Thanks to BBMISwear for the heads up!

Meanwhile, a crew call for Jake's next (?) project Prisoners has revealed that the film will be shot in Georgia.


Susan said...

My fingers have been crossed for more confirmation that Prisoners will be filmed in Georgia. Yay! It is actually within the realm of possibility that I may somehow get to Georgia while they are filming. Not necessarily the actual filming location, but the actual state containing the location...

BBMISwear said...

So great to see a post (which hopefully means things have calmed down a bit for you after a few crazy days). Hang in there! I have been offline for a few days as well and it's always great to come back and find new/fun stuff. I still have a lot to catch up on and am looking forward to listening to the radio interview podcast (I believe it is up on the website already - I think they put them up very quickly after they air).

So more from me later...just wanted to say hello and thank you for the update!!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! That would be brilliant if it were close to you! Fingers crossed. Just being in the same time zone is a thrill :)

Hi there BBMISwear :-) I've calmed down quite a bit now I'm glad to say. Thanks for all the moral support x

The podcast is now available to listen to at IHJ :)

Have a good evening everyone!

Anonymous said...

I finally saw End Of Watch after what seemed like an eternity of waiting (it was finally released in Dubai last week - which I'm happy to say seems to have been sooner than in Europe or Australia). And boy Jake just doesn't disappoint! Brilliant performance - totally Oscar worthy - he really gets under the skin of an LAPD officer. A true testament to his acting chops - be it a gay cowboy, a frustrated marine, a slick drug rep, a troubled adolescent or a heartbroken drifter on stage. The guy has got some SERIOUS talent. And Michael Pena was fantastic too - very funny, incredibly natural comic timing. I'm so excited to see what Jake has to offer in An Enemy, Prisoners and Mississipi Grind - he is one busy man. But one things for sure Jake just keeps getting better and better. Onwards and upwards...

Susan said...

Hi Anonymous! I totally agree with everything you said about Jake' talent and how good both he and Michael Pena are in End of Watch. I'm looking forward to his upcoming projects as well, but I'm still hoping he'll make a real comedic movie soon. That would be awesome, too.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi 00:22, so glad you saw End of Watch! I think Jake (and Michael) have impressed a lot of people with his performance. He's done us proud :)

That would be good, Susan! I'd appreciate something comedic too - an something a touch historical!

New post!