Friday, 12 October 2012

If There Is gets an extension and Prisoners gets a date - 20 September 2013!

Busy days ahead for Jake Gyllenhaal! It appears that the play If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet has been so successful, with so many people clamouring for tickets, that its run has been extended by two weeks. It will have a well-deserved rest from 25 November and then resume on 8 December and carry on until 23 December. It sounds as if Jake wanted to earn some extra Christmas money now that he has another niece to buy for. Full details at Playbill.

The  other big piece of news is that Prisoners has a release date before it's even begun. Deadline has announced that the film will  be released on 20 September 2013. Less than a year away, this puts its release firmly in festival season. It is quite possible that next year we will see the release of both Prisoners and An Enemy - surely a film made for TIFF thanks to its Toronto background - within days of one another.

The non-news is that End of Watch premiered in the UK yesterday at the London Film Festival and there's not a jot of publicity for it. One can only hope that its PR team realise that a film does not cease to exist once it leaves US shores, especially if it wants bums on seats.

I'm seeing End of Watch at LFF tomorrow and so a review will follow this weekend.

Harris Savides, the great cinematographer who worked on Zodiac with David Fincher, died this week. A great loss. Take a trip back to April 2007 with this post on Harris, Jake and David.

Thanks very much to IHJ for the new photos of Jake at the TIFF press conference.


Anonymous said...

Hmm not a lot of PR, well that's sad. Your fellow critics for the most part seem to like the film alot.

Anonymous said...

But then again it does not open until November. As for the festival I think press would be crawling if Jake were there.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi 2014 and 20:15 (same person?) - a lot of the critics do like it, which is good. But yes,, while Jake's presence would have built a buzz, I would still have hoped that its presence in competition in London would have prompted some push from its makers. Let's hope for something in November.

mermon said...

Kate, have a good time tomorrow! At last you'll see it!
Next year will be exciting again for Jake's fans. Two movies in make, two movies to be watched. Great!
Congrats for Jake on the play's extension. I guess he's very happy about it. Means, his American stage debut is very successful!

BBMISwear said...

I am so surprised about the extension of the play as I would think Jake would want/need more time for pre-filming prep and REST!!! This guy is the Energizer Bunny these days!! (I just realized that the Energizer Bunny comment may not be understood by those outside the states)?! It's also quite interesting that the actress playing Fiona is being replaced...I haven't read anything stating the reason why...hmmm.

What a wonderful walk down memory lane with the old bits about Harris Savides - thank you so much for that WDW! I remember fondly all the Zodiac press back when it was released...can't believe how time has gone by.

I'm very excited to hear more from you after the EoW screening...hurry back!!


mermon said...

@BBMISwear I may only guess that Jake has time of his life with the stage,live acting, love from his fans he may take and feel everyday. It's something different than making a movie and waiting many months for result/audience reaction/BoxOffice. Maybe it energizes him. Now with 2 movies to be make next year, next stage performance has to wait. I believe his appetite for it increased a lot.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear! :-) I know the Energiser bunny and definitely that is Jake right now. A great verdict on the play as well as showing how much Jake is in to it. Good news all round really, and for those people who'll be able to see it. Maybe the Fiona actress was already booked up for something else. The whole extension (rest and further two weeks) would be about a month.

Hi mermon! I think he is energised right now :)

Well, I saw End of Watch today! My review is now up at MovieBrit

BBMISwear said...

I love your review of EoW, Kate, and left you a comment there!! :-)

I agree that Jake continuing the play is because of his love of it but I do wonder how he can fit everything into such a tight schedule (and I keep thinking he is going to end up exhausted). Maybe his part of filming in Prisoners (as a character that comes into the story after a lot seems to already happen) will allow for him to not have to report to set as early as others and he will get more downtime than it sounds like at the moment!

The original run of the play was through November 25th and it was never mentioned that Michelle Gomez wouldn't be a part of the whole schedule so with the new actress starting on October 23rd it made me think it wasn't planned. Although it's hard to say...maybe this was the plan all along and they didn't want to mess up P.R. but mentioning it too early.

Looking forward to more movie news as it comes to us!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Kate, but most of all...what a review!!!
Now it's official..I can't wait!!!
Thank you very much, I read again and again your review until November!!!

Susan said...

Hi Kate! I just read your review of EoW on MovieBrit and I agree with almost everything you said - except that I'm not English. :-) Before I saw EoW I was afraid that I wouldn't like it one bit as I'm not a fan of gritty cop dramas at all. I was only seeing this one because of Jake. I should really know better by now - if Jake is involved in the project, it stands to reason that it won't be a typical example of its "genre" and it will be more than just exciting, interesting or fun. This is a great movie on many levels and I'm rooting for it to achieve lots of award nominations. I'm also planning to see for the 4th time later this week. :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks BBMISwear :-) Jake is going to be extremely busy - as are we I think keeping up with all this!

I'm so glad you like it! Thanks so much, Carlotta :)

Hi Susan :) You're right, it wasn't typical at all. Enjoy the fourth viewing!

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