Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed for Prisoners and a video catchup

I hope you've all had time to have a good GyllenCatchUp! Just as well because it looks as if more is on the way. It's been confirmed this week, thanks to Deadline, that Jake Gyllenhaal Is indeed set to star alongside Hugh Jackman in Prisoners. Due to start filming in early 2013 with a release later the same year, Prisoners will feature another police performance by Jake. This time, Jake will play Detective Loki, which reminds me of Thor's brother for some reason. The character is described as a 'hot shot detective', which leaves me none the wiser.

Thanks to IHJ for the behind the scenes photo from If There Is...

At the weekend, Jake was one of 60,000 people (although one of the hairiest) attending the Global  Citizens Festival in Central Park, a huge charity event fighting poverty, which included bands such as the Foo Fighters. American news reader Katie Couric posted a photo of herself with a very buttoned up Jake at the Festival on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Jake and Maggie's dad Stephen has been discussing with Crave Online his own project Grassroots as well as reflecting on his pride in his childrens' work.

'I brought them to all the sets. They came to every set all the time. I didn’t let them see a lot of the movies. In fact, I don’t think they’ve seen all the movies from when they were little. Maybe more recently, because they were grown up movies, but any sets, they came to all the sets, they grew up on sets.'

Was there any doubt they would go into the business? 'Oh, I never thought for a second they would. It was never anything I thought of. We just didn’t think about that. They were kids. They were doing whatever they were doing. I didn’t understand that they were absorbing everything that was going on and it’s amazing to see how much they took in, but there was never any idea that they should do anything but what they wanted to do. Never for a moment. There wasn’t really even time to consider, “Well, are you going to become a doctor?” because they were so young when they started acting and then it just took off.'

Have you seen End of Watch yet? 'Oh yeah, I saw it. I’m actually in New York right now. I just saw Jake’s play as well. Yeah, I sawEnd of Watch. It’s terrific and he’s great in this play. I don't know how it happened but my kids are very talented.'

I'm delighted to include here another video from the Roundabout Theatre with the cast of If There Is, including Jake. Thanks to BBMISwear for the headsup!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you've had a good day!

BBMISwear said...

The GyllenCatchUp continues!! Lots of great stuff here - I'm slowly getting through it all. For those of us who have followed Jake's career for a long time I have to ask if there has ever been a time with THIS much publicity? Yes there have been certain films that gave us A LOT of publicity items to enjoy (i.e. PoP and LAoD especially) but with this combination of wrapping a film, promoting a film and performing in a play - and about to add another film project on top of all this - I don't think there has ever been this much all at once! It's wonderful - "an embarrassment of riches" as Jake would say! Of course back with some of his real popular films like BBM, Jarhead, etc. there weren't half of the video interview opportunities or on line outlets that there are today. It's all great stuff and got me thinking about how much stuff we've had to enjoy for the past couple of months! So here's to more catching up and thanks WDW for posting so much of it for us!

Almost the weekend...cheers!


Susan said...

Wonderful news about Prisoners with Hugh Jackman! says "A Boston man kidnaps the person he suspects is behind the disappearance of his young daughter and her best friend." The Boston man is Jackman and the hot shot detective is Jake, which makes me wonder how their Boston accents will sound. Or even if the movie will still be set in Boston by the time it starts filming. Can't wait to find out.

You are so right, BBMISwear, about the explosion of publicity opportunities available for fans these days. Back when I first took notice of young Mr. Gyllenhaal he was starring in a quiet little movie called October Sky. At that time where I come from Homer Hickam, the writer of the original book Rocket Boys, was a much bigger celebrity. ;-) And it wasn't nearly so time consuming to follow an actor's career then - all of the videos, photos, appearances, etc. captured and shared online these days really is a wonderful embarrassment of riches for fans.

Thanks, Kate, for keeping me richly embarrassed!

BBMISwear said...

You make me laugh Susan - so true, so true!

I think there have been a lot of changes to the Prisoners screenplay since it first surfaced and it won't be filming in Boston. I've heard the east coast still but probably not Boston. It's disappointing because I would love to hear Jake talk in a Boston accent!! I'm very excited about this role for him but it's still unclear if the detective that he'll play is a good guy or not. I'm hoping he is good (and might even save the day) after an initial period of time that he and the kidnapped girl's father butt heads. Can't wait to hear more! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, BBMISwear:-) There was so much around PoP and during Cannes for Zodiac but all these projects at once - huge amount. I get the feeling that Jake is in his stride now and enjoying his work - there's going to be lots, lots more.

That's good to know about, Susan! Love the Boston link. Love that city, would be so good to have Jake filming there. It's a pleasure!

I hope we find out more about the character, Lisa, I do wonder about it. But no Boston would be a shame :( I'd love to hear Jake talk with the accent too...

I hope you're all having a good evening! Thanks to Ruby for her lovely company :)

mermon said...

I have no idea how Boston accent sounds. On IMDb it says that
Filming Locations is Derby, Connecticut, USA. Is it similar to Boston? :)
I read that H.Jackman character will kidnap and torture a person, he suspects of kidnapping his daughter. It means he will become a criminal himself. If Jake won't be too friendly with him, it may mean he, as a cop, must chase him, but maybe eventually he'll help him to find a daughter. But that's too much guessing:)It's exciting to have new project in sight, having 2 finished films to watch!
Every post is so rich in things now. So far I manage to be up-to-date.
I like what Stephen Gyllenhaal said about his talented kids. He's obviously proud of them! Must be a joy to watch their career!

Susan said...

So, what kind of character might the hot-shot Det. Loki be in the movie Prisoners? I'm not necessarily rooting for him to be a "good" guy; I'm rooting for it to be a terrific movie. And recalling how excellently creepy Jake was as a serial killer in the video for Time to Dance, I think he could play a cold-blooded psycho killer very well. It's a type of role that I'm anxious to see him play.

Leslie said...

I think his change of management companies has a lot to do with his saturation of the market. I hope it continues.

BBMISwear said...

I love all the Prisoners talk already! It's fun trying to figure out what type of character Jake will play. I think it's a combination of what everyone is guessing based on what we've read. It seems the father has good intentions but doesn't carry them out too well so may not be likable at times and then the detective steps in who may be a bit "in your face" so not so likable at first but ends up being just what is needed to get the dad on the right track and solve the case. I hope this is what it is because I'm a wimp at having to see Jake not be a good guy - ha ha! I agree, Susan, that he would be able to play a real, real, real bad guy very well (i.e. psychotic serial killer like in the music vid) but I just don't want to watch him like that for 2 hours. See, I'm a wimp as I said - LOL!!

Hi Mermon - both Connecticut and Philadelphia have been reported for this story. The Connecticut location goes back a few years from when the movie was first announced - hard to tell with recent script changes if that will remain the location. If it does take place there then, yes, the accents will be similar to Boston as there is definitely a distinct "New England" accent (and CT and Mass are both New England) but Boston is New England plus a little more of it's own accent too if that makes any sense?! If Jake's role is the "big city detective" as stated and Philadelphia is being use then that's a different city and accent all together so who knows! I guess we'll find out more when the production part of things gets officially rolling.

Sorry for the long talk on accents but I've always found it interesting! And I know you love the New England/Boston area, Kate, (please come back!!) so you can probably hear the Boston accent in your head as we discuss this but I found this video on youtube with someone discussing the Boston accent and she is dead on - the letter "R" is simply not needed if you're from Boston - ha ha!

Fun stuff! Happy Friday! :-)

Anonymous said...

If you want to hear the Boston accent you can always watch "Good Will Hunting" or "The Departed" or "The Town."