Saturday, 17 November 2012

Big catch up! Jake Gyllenhaal on being alive when he's 60, new interviews and a fun clip from End of Watch

The second part of the WDW Exclusive with Ted and Lisa will follow shortly but in the meantime, a speedy catch up is necessary, not least for me who is being tortured by having to work evenings and weekends at the moment, as well as during the day. So while I grab my violin, let's take a look at what's been going on over the last few days.

Jake Gyllenhaal is enjoying the limelight in the UK papers but he's still popping up in the US sheets, and the fact that the dreaded O word is looming may have a little to do with it. Yes, I mean the Oscars, but if you won't mention it, I won't either (spits, throws salt over shoulder and avoids walking under black cats). This week Jake appeared in the LA Times where, when he was asked what he wanted to be when he was 60, said alive. I can empathise with that. Good to hear Jake speaking about Heath, too.

'At 30, there were a number of moments in my life that culminated or began — like my family being born in a new way, with two nieces that are now in my life. My parents got divorced right around that time. When you're in your 20s there's a certain sense of wanting to take responsibility for the way you behave, the way you look at the world and how you interact. I've always felt that way in the movies I pick, or the things I care about, because I was brought up by people with good values. But, yeah, there was a real biological turning point at that time.'

'You're putting your heart into this creative process and it means so much in the moment you're doing it — yet at the same time having the ability to be objective and say you're just making a movie, it's kind of absurd — that was definitely what they always instilled. It's not until recently where I've been able to see that. I get to make movies, and I'm so blessed, but most of the time I go, "This is absurd, this is way too much money and way too many egos and way too many people thinking they're the most important thing in the world." This is fun. We should all be having a great time.'

'I work with actors, and I've made a conscious effort to work with people who are more talented than me, because I think they bring out your best work. Heath was always full of massive charisma and great skill, and he really took his time to listen to himself and find that. And I have great admiration for that.'

There is a lot more that Jake has to say over at the LA Times.

The interview above is from the Canary Wharf magazine. Thanks to IHJ for the scans!

There is an interview with End of Watch director David Ayer in the UK Huff post. Here are a couple of extracts:

We rehearsed for five months before the shoot. They're both incredibly gifted professional actors and they initially started tackling the problem as professional actors. I was like, "Guys, this isn't something you're going to create with technique - it's got to be real. You've got to have that familiarity." And somewhere during this journey, somewhere during the ride-alongs and being with the real cops at 3am and running into gang members and dealing with the aftermath of shootings and firing live ammunition past each other's heads and tactical exercises and real training with the LAPD, somewhere in all of that this spark of friendship burst into flame. They're still friends to this day. When that happened, they wouldn't shut up and they drove me crazy [laughs] but it was ultimately good for the movie.

Jake 'shot a lot of the movie. It's insane. And it's interesting because I would tell him, "You've got this camera in your hands - it's not Jake Gyllenhaal operating the camera, it's your character operating the camera so you have to see the world through that character's eyes and figure out what about that is going to capture your attention so that you're going to want to record that on video." It added this amazing layer where not only was he my actor but he became a visual collaborator.'

End of Watch finally opens at the end of next week. To celebrate the occasion, here is a new released clip - and it is a goodie:

And finally...

A few more details on the filming of Prisoners which is set to kick off in January in Atlanta, before moving on to Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Thanks to IHJ for the pics!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a good weekend. If you're in France, I do believe you may be at the pictures seeing End of Watch as I speak....

Susan said...

Love that clip! "Who left their shaving cream on the table?" Hilarious!

Just returned from seeing Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. I confess - it was a fun movie. This time the crowd in the theater didn't seem to take it all so seriously. Finally, can the world move on to the next overrated, poorly written, campy, ridiculously popular, unintentionally funny phenomenon? I suppose it must be worth it if it gets the tweens to actually read a book...

mermon said...

If Jake plans to be professionally active at least till his 60's, so we have quite many years to enjoy with him and in our good company. It's seems very pleasant, isn't it? I wish him to have his own family by that time.
In Canary Wharf Magazine (UK)article there are some mistakes, naming An Enemy as a political thriller made in France, which is not true. And placing Prisoners set in Vancouver, which is not true either.
I saw Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 as well. I enjoyed it. That's the end of the series and some era in my life.

mermon said...

I've enjoyed very much David Ayer's interview. He said many interesting things about our great guys - Jake&Michael. I feel how much he appreciates them. "They were joyous to work with. I really miss them." Nice, isn't it?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I love that clip too, Susan! It made everyone laugh in the cinema when I saw it.

My opinion of the diabolical Twilight saga is well known but the sooner it's eradicated from the planet the better. I can't find any excuse for it - although Breaking Wind is a very appropriate title for the last blast of this outrage against movies and books.

I don't like it - can you tell? ;)

Hi Mermon! Very lazy 'journalism'. Sounds like they're totally muddled! I like that line too :)

I hope everyone's having/had a good weekend!

Carol said...

Just want to stop by and say hi to all. A lot of crazy stuff going on with me at the moment so not as much time as I'd like to visit and comment.

Looking forward to seeing End of Watch this weekend and all the interviews at the moment are great.

I have to confess I have a soft spot for the Twilight movies but am waiting until the hype dies down to go see the last one.

BBMISwear said...

Thanks for the update - although I am saving all the print interviews to read later in the week when I finally will have some down time after a few weeks of being crazy busy. I don't want to rush through any of it - it all sounds wonderful! I don't think I am as busy as you, Kate - sounds like work has been very demanding for you - good luck with it and even more thanks to you now than ever for taking the time to do new posts for us even when you're working long hours at your 'real job'!!

Have a good week all! :-)