Friday, 23 November 2012

End of Watch in the UK cinemas today! Which means lots of Jake Gyllenhaal interviews, covers and videos...

End of Watch  finally reaches the cinemas of Britain today! 23 November has come around and now many more of us will get to see this fine film which is stirring up rave reviews left, right and centre. Talking of reviews, here's mine. Of course, End of Watch came out a couple of months ago in the US and it already has an American DVD/blu ray release date - 22 January. You can see details of the extras here. The missed opportunity, though, is no commentary with Jake and Michael.

As you can imagine on End of Watch release day there is a lot going on and it's only going to get busier as Jake Gyllenhaal himself will be in the UK to promote the film next weekend. And so, ahead of the Part 2 WDW Exclusive with Ted, Lisa and Jake in the next post, here's a look at some highlights from this busy week.

Jake was all over the cover of the London free magazine Shortlist this week in a big piece of advertising for the film. In an interview with the magazine there are some comments in which Jake addresses the constantly recurring rumours that Jake could be picked to play a Rebooted Batman of Spider-Man. I wish I ha a pound for every time we've heard this over the years.

'At a certain point you realise there's always someone more interesting, talented and ready to do a role than you are - and you won't get every role you go for. All I want right now is to hone my skills and become a better actor, not dream about wearing a cape. But you never know.'

The potential for embarrassment does persist, however many hours of screentime an actors has clocked up: 'Do you think there is one person on Earth impervious to embarrassment? And do you think it would be me? That’s a rhetorical question, and I’ll leave you with that.'

Jake is also interviewed in the London paper, Metro, and interestingly Nailed is one of the subjects that pops up: '‘It’s weird that a movie you make doesn’t come out,’ sighs Gyllenhaal. ‘But I’m just an actor. It’s other people’s jobs to put the movie together and sell it. I did my job and maybe one day somebody else will put that movie out. Unlikely, though.’'

There is also a little bit about An Enemy. 'Gyllenhaal is next appearing in An Enemy, an adaptation of a Jos√© Saramago novel, in which he plays dual roles as a man seeking out his doppleganger after spotting him in a film. It will be, he promises, ‘a real head-f***’. It may not have required five months’ of immersion in LA copland but Gyllenhaal insists it fits into his new ethos of immersing himself in reality. ‘What we do in this profession can often be absurd,’ he says. ‘So now I’m much more interested in learning about real people’s stories and trying to portray those.’'

In an interview with the Scotsman, Jake makes it plain that he's not going to waste any more time answering questions about movie adaptations of Fifty Shades, thank heavens, before talking in some detail about the End of Watch shoot.

The riches continue with a video interview with Jake, Michael and David Ayer courtesy of the Guardian.

Digital Spy has been picking Jake's Top 5 Films. Take a look and see if you agree. Female First has also been using the opportunity to reassess Jake's career.

The Sun is more interested in Jake's shaved head.

New Eyes

With its original plans scuppered by Hurricane Sandy, this week New Eyes for the Needy finally managed to honour Jake for his work promoting the charity at its 80th anniversary gala. Jake's co-stars from If There Is... were among the crowd supporting Jake.

Thanks very much to IHJ for the pictures! Including this one below from GQ Korea which has a certain something...

And then there are the videos...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! At last End of Watch is here! I hope plenty of you go out and see it. I've had a relapse and so in bed ill. Typical! Have a good day everyone. Weekend :)

Bright Moon Crystals said...

So much to read, and no time to keep up with it all! Thanks for all this!

mermon said...

Congrats on End of Watch UK release!
So many interviews! Thank you, Kate, for being able to collect them and share with us. Some of them I read already, Now I'll watch the clips! It's unbelievable how many interviews Jake had to do. He made a movie in 22 days and seems he spent more time promoting it :)

Anonymous said...

Very sorry you had a relapse. Take good care and feel better soon.

Wuppie said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks for your efforts on this page. I don't post very often, but I always check it for news... and there's been so much news, lately! :)

I've had a look at Jake's Top 5 movies, according to Digital Spy.
'Zodiac'! That's interesting! And I'm surprised LAOD is no. 4. I do like it, but overall I don't think it's one of his best.
I'm glad 'Source Code' is also in their Top 5. I watched it again yesterday, and that movie's growing on me. I'm not very much into science fiction, but Jake's really superb as Colter.

Would have liked 'Brothers' in there as well. Really like him in that.

I would've put BBM at no. 1, though. My all time favourite Jake!

Take care and love from The Netherlands!


Wuppie said...

Just read the interview.

On 'End of Watch': (quote)
"...But while there are plenty of nerve-jangling police procedural moments, it is the bromantic buddy relationship at its core that makes End Of Watch hum.

And you can’t help but feel the women are mainly there to ward off any suggestion that the boys in blue might take the next turn to Brokeback Mountain: their squabbly banter in the patrol car is the heart of the film...".

That made me smile!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks BMC!

My pleasure, Mermon :)

Thank you 12:12 :)

Thanks Sonja! I'm glad to see you're reading :) You know me, I love Zodiac so that makes me very happy. I'd agree about LAOD, although I do like it. Jake's making much many more movies now so it's getting harder to pick!

I hope you're all have a good Saturday! Rain, floods, gales here - how lovely... I have no voice at all but that's not necessarily a bad thing!

Carol said...

Saw End of Watch yesterday and really enjoyed it.

The chemistry between Jake and Michael worked really well. Have to try and find more time to go see it again during the week.

Sorry to hear you had a relapse Kate. Take it easy and feel better soon.


mermon said...

I enjoyed so much these vids' interviews. So many interesting things Jake said. And he seems to enjoy talking with the interviewer and not being totally healthy, judging by his voice and nose rubbing. :)Lucky guy, having a chance to chat with Jake for 36 minutes!
I found Michael very interesting and enjoyable in his interviews. No doubts they became friends.
From tweets - looks like UK audience likes End of Watch very much!

BBMISwear said...

SO.MUCH.STUFF. I love it - but am frustrated at not having enough down time to enjoy it all! I'll keep plugging along though (and maybe "if" things slow down at Christmas time I'll finally get to at all)?! No complaints and lots of thanks to WDW for all the lovely updates!!

I'm sorry to hear about more illness, Kate, and now with floods to boot - yikes. Get better soon and I hope the rains have stopped.

Looking forward to more from Jake from the UK. The guy has to be exhausted at this point - I'm glad he's officially started his break from the play but it's a working break.

Happy post-Thanksgiving Monday for those who indulged!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

So good to see you, carol! I hope you're well? I'm really pleased you enjoyed End of Watch. Good to see friends seeing it at last.

That does sound good, Mermon! Jake sounds very relaxed in these interviews.

Hi there BBMISwear :-) It's a busy break indeed for Jake! I just hope it stops raining in the UK for him. It always seems to rain a lot when he's here... Can't wait to see and hear what he gets up to. These are busy days - I hope you - and me! - get the chance to catch up a bit.

I hope you all had a good Monday! I'm feeling a bit better and back at work, now all I need is for the sun to come out and the place to stop flooding. Is it too much to ask???

Great to hear friends on and off the net enjoying End of Watch. It's getting some great reactions.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're feeling a little bit better, Kate. Thanks for all those updates. I need to catch up - hopefully - next weekend.
I'm going to spend the next few days in London. Maybe I will be able to see "End of Watch" there (at least I hope so).
Have a nice evening everyone.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Christina! You shouldn't have any trouble seeing End of Watch in London - I hope you enjoy it :)

Thordottir said...

Hi Kate, long sorry to hear you've been ill, I hope you are doing better? Just checking in to say that I saw End of Watch last night and it was excellent. Jake is a lovely guy and all the better for a bit of a break away. Following him all the time must require so much dedication, but is so appreciated! You probably know I've been lurking on and off so not lost touch completely. Will continue to check in when I can. All the best to all gyllenholics.

Anonymous said...

Will Jake soon be here?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks very much Thordottir! Feeling much better now.

Hi 15:19 - Jake's on Radio 1 on Friday morning so it's quite possible that he's flying across tonight :) Luckily. it's stopped raining!

Feeling almost human again now so a post will go up tonight :)