Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal in conversation about his career - and on his way to the UK!

These are busy days for Jake Gyllenhaal, what with plays, movie promotion, hurricanes, elections, but this week he made time to sit down with The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg for a full forty minutes, to discuss his career and his future choices. After a couple of years in which it appeared as if Jake was uncertain about how to develop his career, the doubt now seems gone and the drive is back. We're lucky to have it all on video. You can watch it at the end of this link or below.

Jake coming to the UK!

There is some good news for Jake's fans on this side of the pond - it looks like the busy play schedule is not going to stop Jake popping over for the Graham Norton Show for the release of End of Watch on 23 November. Hopefully, we'll have more details of that shortly.

Jake and the election

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that there was an election in the United States this week. We all know how important voting (and the Democrat cause) are to Jake. He took time out on Election Day to speak to Stephanie Miller on her radio show about his beliefs:


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! What great news and videos! Had to do an emergency post :) have a good day!

Wuppie said...

Aw! What a great interview! Thanks! Lovely guy. I do wish he'd get a shave, though... ;-)

Susan said...

I like your emergency posts, Kate. It usually means something exciting is happening in the Gyllenverse. This time we get both a 40 minute interview video and the announcement of Jake's visit to the UK to promote EofW. WOW! I'll have to make time to watch the video later - I want to savor it properly. Thanks so much for being on top of all the news.

Bright Moon Crystals said...

oooooh! How exciting Jake in the UK!!!! Just nice to know he's only a few hundred miles away instead of thousands - wish he'd come down to wet dark and windy Cornwall and see me ;-)

Can't wait to watch this interview - woop! - 40 mins - almost a movie!

Watching Proof for the first time this eve, just got the woodburner going and just need some wine now !

Sophia said...

This is the adress for The graham norton show audience application. And the show is recorded on thursday, which means Jake will be in London on thursday the 22rd, and perhaps be back in New York the 23, when his play is continuing.

Wuppie said...

OK, watched the interview again. Forget what I said about his beard earlier - I was just looking at his eyes this time! ;-)
I've often wondered how long it would take for a journalist to compare EoW and the chemistry Jake has with Michael to the chemistry he had with Heath on BBM. Well, here you go!

As a Brokeback fan, I always go back to that movie when I think of Jake. To me, he'll always be Jack Twist and it's wonderful to know the movie is still so special to him.

Really, really liked the interview. He's so humble - that always surprises me. You go, Jake!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you all - and welcome Wuppie! Brokeback is very special to me too.

Thanks for the link, Sophia!

Thanks Susan! An emergency post was called for.

Hi BMC - you do live in a beautiful part of the world :)

Have a good evening everyone!

Sophia said...

Just seen the 40 minute clip....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal

Corta esta barba, faz um regime e faca uma viagem para descontrair.

Vai andar de bicicleta no Kings Kanion. É um lugar super lindo aí no USA!

BBMISwear said...

I am so on the fly for the next couple of days I might not be able to watch The Hollywood Reporter interview until next week but it sounds like a goodie! Looking forward to it!

Great news about Jake doing that UK show (and hopefully more UK stuff)...can't wait to hear more! I like BMC's plan for the night (I have the red wine going but no woodburner or Jake movie on unfortunately). I'll have to make up for it this weekend I guess!

Keep the updates coming WDW!! :-)

Magdalena said...

I love The Graham Norton Show! I often though that Jake would be great in such a setting where you have to interact with other guests. It is a laid back show, I think he's going to be great on it. I just wonder who else will be that day.

Magdalena said...

The Wiki page of GNShow says he's going to be on the 30th of November together with James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Joan Rivers.