Friday, 30 November 2012

UPDATE - The GN SHow! Jake Gyllenhaal in London, Part 1!

UPDATE! Jake Gyllenhaal on The Graham Norton Show:

Thanks to Mermon for finding the link!

On with the post...

Jake Gyllenhaal is in London, not only that he has brought the sunshine with him. All fears that Jake would have to don waders or snorkel to his media appointments have been put to rest. Today has been a busy day and it is not yet done. With the Graham Norton Show still to come (10.30pm tonight on BBC 1 - 8 December on BBC America), today began bright an early with an appearance on Radio 1's Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.

The Radio

You can listen to the show here and here for the next 7 days (I suspect only in the UK unfortunately).

The show tweeted: 'We've all fallen a little bit in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. Even the guys on the team. What a guy :D' I think we know why.

Jake was happy to be photographed outside the studio - maybe the extra hair and beard means that Jake doesn't have to wear a coat in today's subzero temperatures.

The webchat

Next, at 10am, was the MSN webchat - you can read all of that (backwards) here, including insight into Jake's opinions on ribena, teacakes, books, movies, flowers and a whole lot more, including his belief that Michael Pena deserves an Oscar for his role in End of Watch. Also, when asked why he's not on Twitter, Jake replies that he's a 'Luddite'. My favourite moments:

'I just want to take this last moment to say thank you all for joining us, I can't see any of you but I really appreciate you taking your time out of the day to ask me these questions. I hope that you all keep giving me the opportunity to do what I love and hope you have a wonderful afternoon. Stay warm if it's cold where you are.'

'I would love to work with Jean Jacques Audiard or Paul Thomas Anderson, and there are some, I would love one day maybe to play Jo Namath, famous football star, but to me a movie is all about relationships and the reality of those relationships and how honest they are. So very rarely is it about a character or a person, it's more about the heart of the script and the heart of the director telling that story.'

On forgetting his lines: 'Yes, but I've recovered pretty quickly. It happens not that often but when it does happen that's what makes you a professional actor is your recovery.'

'I've never really found anythng a fan said to me strange. People definitely have a lot to say and there are many different opinons and they express them to me. What I think is wonderful about being public with your career, is that people are allowed to express themselves. Nothing strange though, I've been doing it long enough not to find anybody strange, everybody is unique.'

'My fave thing about travelling is how each culture expresses themselves stylistically and culinarily, i love food, so it's wonderful to explore that side of any culture. Some of my closest friends live in and around London and that's what i love the most about London. A handful of my closest friends are British.'

On being an early bird or a night owl: 'Personally i like being up during the day, but it depends on what i'm working on too. At this point doing a show in NY, i tend to be up very late bec we finish the show and you have to come down from the show. But normally i like to be up during the day so i guess you could say i'm an early bird. I'm more of a bird than an early bird.'

'I believe deeply in everyone knowing where their food comes from, I grew up around farmers and with my family growing some of their own food in a veg garden. But gardening is a broad term, I love flowers but i'm not growing any!'

On The Shave: 'After the run of my play, which ends Dec 23rd, I start shooting another movie a few weeks later, so depending on the external trappings that character will have, this beard is for the play i'm doing now.'

'The last movie that I shot which was yet to come out called An Enemy where I play a history professor and an actor, technically playing two different roles and also acting with myself. Also the weirdness of the world it's the strangest movie I've made so far in my career. It was a real journey making it, it was an experience even in the process of making it.'

The podcast

Next up was the Empire podcast with Chris Hewitt (of who, I am a big fan) and Stephen Woolley. The podcast is embedded below but you can also download and listen to it hereChris: 'He was immensely dreamy, with a lovely beard.'


Jake will be on the Graham Norton Show tonight with most of Top Gear and Joan Rivers. How this will pan out we have yet to see but the GN Show tweeted earlier: 'Great show record with Jake Gyllenhaal, @Joan_Rivers,@jcrclarksonesq, @mrjamesmay. See the broadcastable bits tonight BBC1 10:35 #thegnshow'

I also hope we'll get to hear something about the BAFTA Q and A today.

All of which means, there will be more, so stay tuned!

Joan Rivers stealing Jake's Goodie Bag from the Graham Norton Show


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I do hope you enjoy the post - what a wonderful exciting day! Great to have Jake over here.

Have a good Friday everyone and let's hope there'll be more video etc to come.

Wuppie said...

Thanks for the update, Kate.
Things look great for Jake!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sonja!

Just added a couple more bits and pieces :)

Leslie said...

Well, we finally know who the girl is . . Mahsa Jafarian.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks for the link, Leslie

Not long now to the Graham Norton Show - picked as one of today's favourite shows in the Radio Times - although it does mention how terrified Maggie looked when she was on the show a couple of years ago :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

well, Jake did very well on the GN Show - only looked a little shocked once. That beard and hair are most luxurious!

mermon said...

What an intense day in Jake's and his fans' life this Friday! So many good things. I enjoyed them all! I couldn't be at live chat with Jake because of work of course. I liked the Q&A. Some very interesting. Radio interview was good as well. Jake's voice on air...
I saw some clips from Graham Norton Show - I found them funny. No wonder Jake was shocked. Joan Rivers may cause it easily!

mermon said...

I watched full episode and liked it very much!

Graham Norton Show full episode

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much Mermon! I'm away this weekend but have found some internet for a few minutes so added the video :)

I hope you're all having a good weekend :)

BBMISwear said...

Great Post - so many wonderful things out of the UK!! Lots of video and audio to enjoy tomorrow when I finally have some down time to do so.

Hope you're having a good weekend away, Kate, and thanks for continuing the updates!


Bright Moon Crystals said...

Just wanted to say how embarrassed I was for Jake on the Nobby Norton Show. He was so out of place. Shame there wasn't a more intelligent programme he could've been on. It was amusing seeing the surprise on Jake's face when he heard how long Top Gear had been going on TV. I think we are all surprised! Talking of retirement, I'm all for elderly women keeping their careers going as long as possible, but really, Joan Rivers looked like a Barbie doll left next to hot fire for too long. Her mind is dirtier than my dustbin! Jake was just too nice for those dinosaurs :-) But he showed good grace and put up with it. He had more fun on the Radio One show - he seemed to have a laugh. Amanda.

mermon said...

Hm, I actually enjoyed GNS. It was a mix of different people and it went funny IMO. Never heard of Top Gear guys before. Joan hilarious and lewd next to well behaving and balanced Jake were interesting match. He was embarrassed at times, but seems to have a good time too.

Bright Moon Crystals said...

Hi Mermon, hope you are having a good sunday :-) I agree, I found it funny at the start, I was laughing , even at the just typical Brokeback Mountain 'jokes' they just had to do, so predictable. ;-) I shall always, like Jake, think of Joan's arse with its 5 o'clock shaddow! LOL!

PS If my spelling is rubbish it's cos I've got the darned contact lenses in and I can't see anything much out of them, wish Jake could give me some advise and hold my hand :-) and i can't read the robot letters below...

mermon said...
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mermon said...

Bright Moon Crystals, thank you. My Sunday was OK. I hope I will avoid 5 o'clock shaddow when that time will come. LOL
So many tweets liking Jake very much in that show. I hope he feels great in Europe. I really wonder, how long he'll stay here.

BBMISwear said...

Hi again...just jumping in as a contact lens wearer and want to offer BMC advice if interested! I wonder if you are seeing things far away okay but not up close? If so then you may need reading glasses for when you wear the contacts (usually inexpensive over the counter ones work fine for this). I'm guessing this only because I've learned that one can see fine with their glasses on for distance and close up but at a certain point (and age!) one can still see fine wearing them for distance but no longer close up (i.e. like typing on your computer as you mentioned). When this happened to me I started using reading glasses only if I have my contact lenses in and needed to do some close up computer work, etc. Just an idea! Of course if it's a problem with both distance and close up then you'll have to find out from your eye doctor what went wrong. (Sorry WDW for using your website for medical advice but I couldn't resist - ha ha)!

It's been great to hear all the good comments about Jake during his time in the UK - I saw at least one mention of him at Heathrow but haven't been back to twitter today to see if there were more. If it was an accurate sighting then it was a pretty quick UK visit.

More for me to read, listen and complaints! Hope everyone had a great weekend! :-)

Laure said...

Thank you for the kind welcoming, Wet Dark and Wild and BBMISwear.

Holy moly, it was a lot to listen to!
It took me a few days to read, watch and listen to all the print, radio and tv interviews. How does Jake do it? The man must have endless amounts of energy. Flying from NY to London, recording the Graham Norton "wacko" Show, waking up next morning at 5:30 AM, on the air at 8 AM for the radio show, web chat at 10 AM, rushing to Empire for another chat, heading off to GQ headquarters for an interview, topping off the day with a BAFTA screening + Q&A. Next morning, another interview on Channel 4 (btw: any link to it?), then... back to US? I got tired just by recapping!

You gotta love the irony: he spent only 22 days shooting "End of Watch" and 3 months (and counting) promoting it. While performing in a play 8 times per week!

The Graham Norton Show was predictably not serious and crazy. I do believe Jake had fun though. Given the context and the guests, he was embarassed, perplexed and amused all at once. He seemed like the only sane and classy person in the room. Jake gets the british humor but the host didn't let him finish his retorts ("Essentially, I have a dog on my face" was a good one).
Joan Rivers is outrageous (I guess you can get away with a lot when you're 80), and Jake's reactions to her bluntness & lack of tact were priceless; he was in stitches. (Because of Joan Rivers, from now on Jake might be terrified/appalled by the idea of a "5 o'clock shadow" LOL)
Unfortunately, the EoW promotional segment seemed out of place and dry in the context. As promotion for the movie, it didn't achieve much; as promotion for Jake, it was sort of wacky fun.

The radio show was better and Jake was on a roll.
The MSN web chat was a bit more insightful. Jake was clever and humble. He named specific directors (Audiard, PT Anderson), roles (Joe Namath), books (East of Eden)... Only one inconsiderate question made me cringe but Jake handled it brilliantly.
I liked the Empire podcast and I'm more and more intrigued about "An Enemy", "Prisoners" and Jake's collaboration with Dennis Villeneuve.

Re: BAFTA - the Q&As I have listened to were part of "A Life in Pictures" segment. Was it the case with Jake's Q&A? If not, will we be able to see at least parts of it? 'Cause I think it was the most in-depth talk Jake had this time in London.

BBMISwear: How I wish Jake would participate again in the Golden Globes festivities as a nominee! Given the distinction GG Awards make between dramas and comedies/musicals, his category should be less crowded than, say, for the Oscars. Meaning more chances, right?
Worst case scenario, he could be invited to present - same as with "My Week with Marilyn", Jake would be the perfect presenter for "Les Miserables"; he has artistic connections to both Anne H. and Hugh J., as former/future co-stars, plus he loves musicals.

P.S.: Sorry for the long post.

Bright Moon Crystals said...

Hi BBMISwear!

Thanks for the contact lens advice. You are quite right, I find it more comfortable seeing things further away - the computer and reading is the hardest. They are supposed to be varifocals! The optometrist is supposed to calling me back with advice. The other problem is getting the left lens out - it seems to stick to my eye :-( I end up with really sore eyes by the end of the day.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Laure, thank you so much for such a lovely long comment! I do hope we canfind out something about the BAFTA Q&A. I think it would have been fascinating.

Sorry I wasn't around to join in the chat with you, BBMISwear, Mermon and BMC - been away for the weekend.

New post!