Friday, 2 November 2012

Prisoners gets a poster and an If There Is update, including a letter from Jake Gyllenhaal

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week. This is because I am still ill in bed with a very nasty and stubborn bout of the flu. As a result, I do recommend you don't get too close to the blog this evening for this brief update.

It's been quite a week of the NE United States, including New York City. You won't be surprised to learn that the New Eyes for the Needy event to honour Jake Gyllenhaal was postponed from Monday evening. Devastating hurricanes will do that. If There Is... was also cancelled briefly but resumed a couple of days later. Talking of If There Is, big thanks to BBMISwear for sending me scans of these two pieces of Roundabout Theatre post she received, including a letter from Jake. That's what I call post...

Jake's forthcoming movie Prisoners might not be made yet - not even a little bit - but it already has a poster to go with its release date of 20 September 2013. Source. Thanks to Mermon for the link.

Special good wishes to all those of you who were caught up in the horrendous storm on Monday night.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Still very sick :( I hope you're all doing well and those of you caught up in the hurricane are all ok. Have a good weekend!

Tina said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're still down with that flu, WDW. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Tina :) Me too. Today I haven't been able to get out of bed. But it's been 7 days now so I must be getting better soon!

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

I hope they come out with a series of posters with one showing Jake's character...

mermon said...

Get better Kate!It takes too long!
I like that poster, it's murk/dark, creating a special vibe, Hugh Jackman is hard to recognize, if it's him at all. I hope too, that will be the one with Jake as well.
So, @BBMISwear, you receive, kind of personal letter from Jake, nice! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're still sick, Kate. I hope you get better soon.
Have a quiet, hopefully good weekend.

BBMISwear said...

I was so happy to see this post on WDW! Not only because I missed your posts but I figured it meant you are feeling at least a little bit better. got it bad...I hope you continue to feel better!

The coverage of what's been going on in NYC and NJ has been on all the major networks 24/7 for days - it's so hard to watch. There are a lot of relief funds, though, so at least we in parts that didn't get hit so hard can help. Very scary. While people find ways to get from one place to another in the city there has been a lot of bike riding and I've seen mention of Jake doing exactly this (not a big surprise)!

Yes getting that letter in the mail was such a nice surprise - a letter from Jake to the theater subscribers! A form letter but very nice all the same!

Things have been rather quiet in Jake news (which has been good for my continued EoW catch up - yes, I am still reading articles and interviews from September - yikes)! Not complaining - ha ha!

Happy weekend! And goodbye and good riddance to Hurricane Sandy.


Bright Moon Crystals said...

Get well soon Kate, too early in the season to come down with the dreaded flu! At least you'll probably be immune for the Christmas period, I usually come down with it in January :-(

Going to see Skyfall on Tuesday - hoping there will be trailer for EoW! ;-)

Hope the news coming otherwise we'll get bored with no Jakey updates..

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thank you for all the get well messages - still ill but hoping that two days of rest will knock it on the head :)

I hope we get a Jake poster too - the trend seems to be character posters so I'd have thought it's likely.

Have a good Saturday :)