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UPDATE! WDW Exclusive Part 2! Carey Mulligan speaks about Jake Gyllenhaal and the UK prepares...

UPDATE! Tomorrow morning at 10am Brit Time, Jake will be answering fans' questions on MSN. So, in the meantime tweet your questions to @msnents using #msnjake or follow this link to the webpage where you can also leave a question.

Jake appears on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show tomorrow and on th Graham Norton Show on the BBC at 10.30pm. Thanks to Gyllencrazy for the info that this will be broadcast on BBC America on 8 December.

So, if you're in London as of now, keep your eyes open!

On with the post!

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to share a fabulous report by Lisa and Ted from their NYC trip to see Jake Gyllenhaal at the Armed Forces event. If you see Jake at one event in a weekend then you can consider yourself truly fortunate, but two?! Earlier the same day - 11 November - Lisa and Ted attended a performance of If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet which was followed by a Q and A in which the full cast, including Jake, participated. Lisa even asked the first question. So, with no further ado, here is Lisa's full and brilliant report:

'On Sunday, November 11th I attended If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet for the sixth time and enjoyed it just as much as I did all the other times!  The performances are tighter than ever and Enid Graham is a great addition to the cast playing Anna’s mother, Fiona.  This performance was extra special because Ted, who has been on a couple of other adventures with me :-), was able to join me in the states and we had tickets in the orchestra front row center.  It was amazing to be sitting that close and looking straight on like that and, yes, we did get splashed a few times!!

This performance included a Q&A and this time the full cast participated. Jake looked great in the mustard colored pants he had on in the recent ‘walking about NYC pictures’ with a brown button down shirt and no hat (boy, that head of hair is getting full – lookin’ good)!

When the cast first got seated Jake looked around the audience a lot - he seemed to scan each and every person.  He looked quite relaxed throughout, slumped down a bit with legs stretched out in front of him when other cast members spoke, sometimes with a distant look as if really concentrating on what they were saying.  He would nod in agreement from time to time as they spoke and would sit right up when he was asked a question as he readied to answer.

I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to ask the first question which I directed to Jake (of course)!  I noted that he played a lot of different characters over his career and that Terry is quite a unique one and I asked if he could tell us what he liked and disliked about playing this character.  He said that he first wanted to say that it was the writing that attracted him to the play and he went on to say similar things that we’ve heard him say before about the story (i.e. the messy family situation, etc.) but I’ll be honest that when he was answering this question he was looking directly at me (he was doing that a lot – looking at the person who asked the question while giving his answer instead of looking at the audience as a whole) so there are definitely bits that went in one ear and out the other! 

He said that when he read the script that parts were written like poetry and he liked that Terry’s sentences were often unfinished and he had to finish them himself mentally.  He said it was funny how when you looked at the lines all of Terry’s were just on the left hand side of the page because they just stopped (he chuckled as he explained that). 

He continued that he felt Terry is just trying to be understood and has such a hard time expressing himself but he is dedicated to the truth of it.  He thinks that that’s where a lot of Terry’s anger comes from – not being able to verbalize it and that’s what he loved about it. He added that if you’re going to do something eight times a week you want it be something you really want to be a part of and he felt that this was an opportunity he might not get to play again. 

Needless to say I just nodded and smiled throughout his answer because, wow, it’s really hard to concentrate when those eyes are looking straight at you!  So hard, in fact, that I didn’t notice until much later that he didn’t mention what he disliked about playing the character of Terry – maybe there isn’t anything he dislikes about it?  

Jake seemed happy to answer any questions that came his way as well as jump in and add to some of the things being asked of the other cast members.  When Annie was asked about the relationship between Anna and Terry and if she even realized it was leaning toward a sexual nature she said that she and Jake talked a lot about that and both felt that this girl needed some type of positive attention – any type of attention – as she was so overlooked and being a 15 year old girl it’s not a surprise that she confused her feelings at times.  Jake took the microphone from her when she was done and wanted to add that it seems that people often confuse intimacy and sexuality and that you can have one without the other and that the way Anna and Terry are toward each other is just how these two people express themselves.

There was a question that’s been brought up before regarding this play about the two brothers speaking so differently and Jake grabbed the microphone right away and laughed as he said “well George is A LOT older” which got a laugh out of everyone (especially Brian who plays George)!  He went on to say that George had a lot of schooling, did a lot of studying and seemed to identify with that while Terry was closer to home and stayed closer to his mom.  He said he also thought that Terry wants to hold on to somewhat of a street-smart kid attitude so kind of talks in a certain way to portray that.

Link for the above video interview

There was a question for Annie and Enid about the mother and daughter relationship which they both spoke a little about and then a couple of comments that made people shake their heads a bit (but that always seems to happen at a Q&A)!  One was from an older woman who wanted to tell anyone who would listen that the British accents didn’t sound right and caused her to not understand one thing that was said and she thought someone should make note of that – this caused a combination of discomfort and a few chuckles from the audience and cast members alike!  Another older woman mentioned a photo of Jake that she saw in the NY Times as part of a review and that he had a red beard and she wondered what happened to it which caused Jake to grab the microphone and say “I think you got a bad copy of the NY times” which got quite a roar of laughter from everyone! 

All and all it was a very interesting and entertaining Q&A and it was wonderful to hear Jake talk about this project which is obviously very dear to him. 

I do have to thank a group of friends who joined Ted and I after the play and helped me write a thorough recap of the Q&A as it was a lot to remember but we wanted to get it all written down so we could share!'

Thank you, Lisa!

Carey Mulligan on Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch

This - a presentation for SAG - is very special. Carey's words on the performance of her friend Jake in End of Watch:

'I remember so vividly Jake's demeanor when he was preparing for "End of Watch." I have known him and regarded him as a dear friend for several years, and during that time I was very struck by some fundamental change in him. He was energized, he was completely present and he told me with such excitement about the work that he was doing to get ready for his next movie. A large part of the work involved was observing protocol on the midnight shift with the LAPD. Both he and Michael Pena witnessed pretty tragic, unpleasant scenes that affected them both. His descriptions of the ride-alongs were charged not with voyeurism but with a profound respect for the policemen and women whom they were observing. His reinvigorated sense of perspective and humility was palpable. I sensed just how deep he had already gone, and that the experience was filling him in some new way. Not that Jake had ever taken work lightly ­­-- quite the opposite -- but what was so distinct on this occasion was that this work was releasing him. He seemed more free, more alive and more comfortable in his skin than I had ever known him.'

'Watching Jake in "End of Watch," I saw all of that joyous freedom on the screen. His complete ease in scenes with the brilliant Michael Pena makes those moments wrap around you in all their infectious warmth, and pulls you into the car with them. Their comraderie is the most beautiful portrayal of friendship in the truest sense: absolute trust, love and unflinching loyalty. It is a love story that broke my heart and Jake's work is fearless. He is not daunted by the intimacy of their relationship, the lightening fast emotional changes, the dichotomy of bravado and honesty or even a meticulously choreographed first dance at his wedding. When he stood to speak at the closing of the movie, with such quiet grace, I realized I hadn't thought once of the Jake I know as my friend but only as the character he embodies in this wonderfully special movie.'

Speaking of awards, Michael Pena has been nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Spirit Award although Jake and David Ayer were not nominated - mixed news there.

End of Watch and the UK

Jake is set to arrive in the UK imminently for his flying promotional trip. Tomorrow night Jake's appearance on the Graham Norton Show is recorded (before airing late on Friday night), during which he will be surrounded by Jeremy Clarkson and James May of Top Gear as well as Joan Rivers. Getting a word in will prove quite a feat but I'm sure Jake will manage it. Also, unlike other chat shows, if Jake is first on the show he'll be there on the sofa throughout. If he's last on, he'll be fighting for airtime with Clarkson - could be interesting. Could be controversial. Could be petrolheady. Not having Top Gear's Richard The Hamster Hammond and Jake on the show is a missed opportunity that Norton may rue til the end of his days - or at least til the end of the series.

Also on Friday, Jake is taking part in a BAFTA screening and Q and A in London.

On Friday morning, Jake is due to appear on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show - not something I'd wish on many people but hopefully it will go well and Jake won't be overshadowed by the announcement of flood warnings.

No doubt, there will be more! Especially as End of Watch has been causing such a great buzz over the UK since its release last Friday.

Thanks to IHJ for the lovely new pictures!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Lisa!

I hope you're all having a good day - and that Jake has a good flight over :)

Sophia Johansson said...

Are you heading down there, to London and the screening?

Eureka said...

Great post, great encounter. Thanks for sharing it with us Lisa.
Jake in our continent? Great! Loking forward to watch End of Watch next week. And great Michael has been nominated. More buzz for the movie.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sophia - Unfortunately, no tickets or invitations, so no.

Thanks Eureka. Some exciting days ahead :)

Susan said...

Tons of thanks, Lisa! Reading your field reports is always a treat. Wow, seeing the play six times is awesome - bet you can almost quote the dialogue now.
Thanks, Kate, for this brilliant post. I hope Jake's appearances in the UK get to YouTube quickly so I can enjoy them as well.

Sasha Hoyt said...

Thanks for this post, Kate and Lisa. I have been looking forward to it for a long time now.

I wish I had had a chance to see the play, still hoping on a DVD.

That beard comment is too good.

Too bad you won't get to see Jake, Kate, but same with me. I tried to get tickets to the Berlin screening, but no luck either.
At least we'll have all the reports about it.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan - I love these reports too. Makes up a bit for not being able to experience these things myself.

Pleasure, Sasha! Sorry you couldn't get tickets for Berlin. There's nothing public here because End of Watch premiered at the Film Festival which Jake couldn't make. Oh well - will have to wait for the next one!

Have a good day everyone. Lovely to see some sunshine ehre today :)

BBMISwear said...

What a FULL post you have here WDW! So much going on for Jake right now and you managed to cover all of it (and have room for the If There Is Q&A report too)! You're very welcome regarding the report - I love sharing this type of stuff with people that feel about Jake the same as I do. I have to say I got a kick out of my group of friends sitting down with me at a bar right after the event to help document all the questions and all the answers so we would have an accurate recap! How I wish they allowed recording devices in there - I saw some people approached and asked to stop and erase what they got - I'm glad I knew not to attempt it.

LOL about quoting the dialogue to the play, Susan - I actually can in some parts - I find myself saying things Terry would say sometimes and laugh at myself!

I love what Carey said about Jake's performance in EoW. I am very disappointed in him being overlooked for a SAG nom (and the movie itself) it makes NO SENSE at all to me and I've read things on line showing many people feel the same way. But I try to remind myself that many things about the award season makes no sense. Sigh.

Thanks again for all this great stuff WDW - I'm still weeding through it all and enjoying every minute of it. Cheers to Jake in the UK - I'm looking forward to the bits we will get from him being there!


Susan said...

Three-year old grandson (who dressed in a Prince of Persia costume for Halloween) has requested that Santa bring him some Dastan action figures. Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi -- ebay and Amazon are my only hope! There is no explaining to him that those toys are no longer available in stores, because of course, Santa's elves can make ANYTHING. What a lovely Christmas dilemma to have...

Nev said...

I cannot WAIT for the Graham Norton show. I'm cringing already ;p Poor Jake haha..

Thanks for the report too. Very cool. :)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) Thanks so much for sharing all this for us and for all of you doing such a good job! I totally agree about SAG - a shame but what we've come to expect from awards ceremonies...

Good luck with the hunt, Susan! What excellent taste he has :)

Hi Nev! I couldn't agree more! It will be quite a show. I can't stand to watch it normally. Could be very embarrassing!

Have a good evening everyone! Updated the post a little.

Bright Moon Crystals said...

OMG it's all too exciting1

Bright Moon Crystals said...

have posted my question on the MSM live chat - oooh, It's all too much for a middle aged woman like me ;-)

Laure said...

Sorry to butt in (longtime lurker, first time poster). Wet Dark and Wild & BBMISwear, allow me to make a correction:

Jake was unfairly overlooked by the Independent Spirit Awards, not SAG Awards.
I try to convince myself that ISA are not that important, and Jake already has 1 of these noms, although it's still shocking: nominating only Michael while completely ignoring Jake, once the "it" indie actor?… The point is, if you watch EoW, it's impossible to separate Jake and Michael's performances. They were both terrific. In a different way, but equally good. I think the ones stating that Michael was better than Jake have not actually seen the movie. They just repeat some inaccurate word of mouth. Could it also be the case with ISA voters? I wonder…

SAG nominations will be announced on December 12 (followed by GG nominations next day). The same thing might happen with SAG/GG, but I try to keep a glimmer of hope and faith (call me naive).

Thanks for making this blog more than just the "go to" place for Jake's news; it's a real joy to read WWD's posts and BBMISwear's reports.
Looking forward to the clips from Graham Norton Show and especially the BAFTA Q&A. I listened some time ago to the full BAFTA Q&A with Vincent Cassel: delightful! Hoping for the same from Jake.

mermon said...

Thank you for a fantastic post Kate and Lisa for your report!
Lisa - you are so lucky with Jake's close encounters. You definitely know how to create your destiny!
So we have Jake in Europe, London. Good to have him so near! I can't wait for tomorrow. Too bad you Kate and Sasha won't be able to meet him.
Good luck Susan with looking for Dastan action figures. Maybe you should ask Santa for help! ;)

mermon said...

I was also surprised by Jake being overlooked in Spirit Awards. Surely Micheal and him, both deserved that. But I'm happy for Mike of course. Let's hope for other nominations for Jake and movie itself.

BBMISwear said...

Great to see a longtime lurker comment! Thank you for the correction Laure...I definitely meant Independent Spirit Award nomination but obviously had SAG on the brain and that's what I typed by mistake! As you said, SAGs and GGs are right around the corner and I've been thinking about those and so hope things don't go the way of the ISAs. The GGs seem like a no-brainer (and what a treat it was having Jake there 2 years ago with his LAOD nom) but we could be surprised (and not in a good way). Good point about how connected Jake's and Michael's performances are - it's all quite baffling these nominations.

LOL re: making my own destiny Mermon - I like that!!


Anonymous said...

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) nominations will be announced on December 12th, and the Golden Globe nominations will be announced December 13th.

I loved it how when he was asked about all the talk of Michael Pena maybe getting the Oscar nomination, Jake said he was one of the people talking about it.

Jake is very generous and supports the other actors. I hope there are just as generous to him.

Wuppie said...

How exiting this all is! Enjoyed the report, Lisa! You lucky girl! ;)


Bright Moon Crystals said...

Jake just SO deserves an Oscar for once x

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good luck BMC!

Thanks so much for delurking and posting, Laure! It's very good to see you. Thanks for sorting out the confusion - I meant the Spirits but it just came out SAG - so thanks for spotting that! I agree about the word of mouth - convention appears to be saying that this is Michael's time but I hope that means that Jake isn't being overlooked. I do hope we get to hear something from the Q&A.

Hi Mermon!

Hey there BBMISwear :-) I have little hope for awards ceremonies of any shape and size although one never knows...

I hope so too, 12:58 :)

Goo to see you Sonja!

New post - so much going on!