Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy holidays! A Prisoners update and a WDW Italian Interlude

Now that we've survived the Apocalypse, I feel that I can safely wish you Happy Holidays without fear of spreading some dreaded Mayan pestilence. And so, whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate it, and even if you celebrate nothing at all, have a wonderful few days doing what you like to do the most before having to do a lot more of what you like to do a lot less.

Jake Gyllenhaal is about ready - one hopes - to shave off the shaggy Face Pet once and for all, putting it to one side with the end of the hugely successful If There Is.... run. Who knows, Jake may have shaved it off already. He may even have shaved it off into some elaborate pattern. We must wait and see what the next photos reveal. Maybe it'll be even longer. This might be time to open a betting  book. Of course, he may wait until after Christmas because with the beard he is a ready made Father Christmas for the Gyllenhaal-Sarsgaard Clan. All the beard needs is a bit of flour or icing sugar.

With the play out of the way, and while we wait for the release of An Enemy, it's time to look ahead to the filming of Prisoners. The release date of 20 September has now been confirmed along with more details of the story, also confirming that Jake will play Detective Loki:

'In the rural New England town of Brockton, Massachusetts, neighbors and friends the Dovers and the Birches gather for Thanksgiving dinner, but by the end of the night, their celebration turns to panic when the families' two youngest daughters go missing. As the hours pass and the girls don't turn up, it becomes terrifyingly apparent they've been kidnapped. After the cops fail to find them, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) decides to take the law into his own hands, running up against dedicated Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal). But even as Loki is diligently working against the clock to solve the case, Keller will stop at nothing to get their prime suspect to talk before it's too late.'

Thanks very much to IHJ for the scan from Spires Oxford and to BBMISwear for the scan from Entertainment Weekly's review of the year!

WDW Tuscan Interlude

Last week I got back from a fantastic break in Tuscany, a place that perfectly combines beautiful countryside, ancient towns (often on hills), art and architecture, tasty food and luxuriant wines. Florence and Pisa might be ridiculously off season at this time of year but in December the towns of Tuscany are quiet, Christmassy and spectacularly atmospheric, with the most incredible light. Not being one to spare you an Interlude or two, I thought I'd inflict some photos* on you. (* The photos are best viewed while imbibing a hearty chianti.)





** Have a wonderful time over the holidays - see you on the other side! **


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I hope you're all have a lovely break and sorry to hear you're not if you're still labouring away over a hot desk...

Happy Holidays!

mermon said...

You took great pictures, Kate! It shows how lovely were the places, where you've been!
I'm very looking forward to Jake's new look. Just from curiosity, how he will look like in Prisoners. Beard doesn't bother me at all. Jake made me like it!
Merry Christmas for you, Kate and for all other WDW readers! And for Jake too!

Stef said...

Are they filming prisoners in MA? I live like 30 minutes from Brockton

Laure said...

Thank you for always sharing your holidays with us, Wet Dark and Wild! Wonderful pictures (I may use one for my desktop, if you don't mind).

I'd take that bet, WDW, but I'm afraid Jake would make me lose it. 'Cause, just for his fun and our despair, he might keep the biblical beard for another few weeks, until the shooting for "Prisoners" starts. Lets hope the Golden Globes organizers invite him to present. This way, come January 13th there will be a worldwide sigh of relief.

As the EW article acknowledges, Jake's work on screen and on stage showcased once again his uniqueness: the ability to completely transform for a role, the willingness to go the distance, the generosity and grace towards his fellow actors and, above all, the capacity to stand out & shine without overshadowing his co-stars. Jake has reminded critics and viewers alike what he's made of as a movie actor whilst providing a lovely surprise as a natural stage actor. This year has been profesionally and emotionally rewarding for Jake. As he bids farewell to the stage, and we are spent from all the preparations, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and for Jake and everyone here: Happy Holidays!

Wuppie said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal is about ready - one hopes - to shave off the shaggy Face Pet once and for all, putting it to one side with the end of the hugely successful If There Is.... run. Who knows, Jake may have shaved it off already."

Well, that paragraph made me laugh! Didn't he say (on Graham Norton) that he had a dog on his face?!
Never mind. Love him anyway.

Thanks for all the updates, Kate! Keep it up. Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2013!
And Laure: excellent post!

Love from The Netherlands,

Anonymous said...

Why would he play Father Christmas, or recognize anything about this holiday, seeing as how he's Jewish?

Wet Dark and Wild said...


Happy holidays everyone! Hope you're all having a lovely day!

Except you, snarky 17:25. The first snarky comment on 25 December in 6 years. Congratulations, you must feel so proud, 17:25! Of course, Jake (I give him a name rather than just addressing Jake as him, or myself as anonymous) has said so many times that he celebrates his Christian and Jewish heritage thereby showing that he has far more tolerance and holiday spirit in his heart than you ever will, 17:25.

I'm having such a good day! My stepmum, who is in hospital having had major surgery for her cancer, has just called me to say how good the world is and how she wants to shout out how happy she is to feel so much better. Best Christmas present imaginable.

I hope you've all had a wonderful day! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! We're all very quiet so I'm hoping that means we're fully enjoying the holiday season and not been washed away in these terrible floods. Cheers to you all!

BBMISwear said...

Cheers WDW! Yes, very quiet lately but (in my case) the holiday craziness seemed to simply take over! All was very nice but a bit too busy for my liking. I hope everyone here who celebrates had a good one!

Your Italian Interlude pictures are beautiful! It looks like you covered a lot of wonderful areas of that beautiful country on your trip - it makes me miss it - I haven't been in years and do hope to return one day. Sigh.

I love getting Prisoners news as it's so nice to have a Jake project coming up so close to him ending some others (his busy work life continues) but as I already discussed with you privately the background info in the synopsis made me laugh/roll my eyes. The "town" of Brockton, Mass is more like a "city" and there is nothing "rural" about it! Not only did I roll my eyes when I first heard they were filming in Georgia (which looks and feels nothing like New England) but to call it the name of a town that really exists - that is nothing like what they are describing - is plain ridiculous!! I wonder how the writer of the story feels about it being a Massachusetts native himself. The only thing that makes me smile about all this is the thought of "the big city detective" being (hopefully) from Boston and (hopefully) having a Boston accent - I would love to hear Jake doing that accent! Film making is interesting and strange for sure. Looking forward to hearing more!

Well I've rambled enough - hope all is well with all and here's to more Jake news soon (it kind of feels like a mini-drought with EoW and ITIIHFIY over).


Anonymous said...

Late for Christmas...but not for all the rest!!!
Have nice Holidays and a wonderful New Year!!!
Great, funny post as usual Kate! Hugs to everyone but specially to your stepmum!
I'm so happy that you enjoyed my country!Please, next time you're going to visit Tuscany, tell me...I'm near Florence and I can show you some little, unknown, very fantastic places...for food of course!