Friday, 7 December 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal catch up - interviews, videos and charity dos. And how to audition for Prisoners!

It's Friday! That can mean only one thing - it's time to put your feet up, pour a glass of something red while nibbling chocolate fancies and catching up on another busy week in Jakedom. Jake Gyllenhaal resumes his stage career tomorrow, 8 December, as If There Is.... kicks off again for the last couple of weeks before Christmas. But there has been little time for Jake to put his feet up. Below is a fascinating interview Jake recorded in London at the end of last week.

Before returning to the US from London, Jake did another of his famous Jetlag Interviews - this time with GQ. Apart from talking about End of Watc, Jake took the opportunity to give us some advice: 'In work, never have any regrets and always leave everything on the field. And in life…at times, my grandfather would say to me, "This too shall pass". That's excellent advice.' Very George Harrison, if you don't mind me saying so.

Back in the US, Jake has been getting on using his stardom in a way that is clearly important to him - supporting charity. On Wednesday, Jake took part in ICAP's charity day which this year raised £11 million for those who need it. You can find more details here as well as photos here.

The lineup has just been announced for a Hurricane Sandy charity gala event called 12.12.12 which, coincidentally, will take place on 12.12.12. The concert will be broadcast around the world and so hopefully we will get to see a little of what Jake gets up to - obviously, if it doesn't involve performing with the Rolling Stones I'll be disappointed. Lots of details here. I must say how good it is to see all these events getting done before the end of the world on 21 December.

Talking of charity, photos have come to light of the Arts in the Armed Forces event that Jake took part in last month. Thanks to BBMISwear for the link! BBMISwear may be spottable on one of the photos at the site so take a look!

And finally...

If you've got some time on your hands this Sunday and you happen to live near Conyers in Georgia, then why not pop down to the Rockdale Career Academy to audition for a role in Prisoners? The instructions for those interested in appearing in a film called Prisoners that isn't about Prisons: 'Extras are needed to portray middle class men and women with suburban and rural community looks; police precinct men and women, such as detectives police officers and precinct staff; and hospital and emergency room staff types, such as nurses, doctors, orderlies, etc. Extras are encouraged to come dressed as the type of character they want to portray. They should also bring photos, a photo ID and be legal to work in the U.S. Those with acting resumes should bring them as several featured extras are expected to be used in the film.'

My distance from Georgia rules me out, which is a shame because I'm sure I could brush up my rural community look.

Thanks to IHJ and links for the pics!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! So much to catch up on still. I love these photos and that is a great interview to watch and listen to. Have a lovely Friday :)

mermon said...

Thank you Kate! This interview is lovely and interesting! Jake looks good, I like his body work :)
Too bad Jake was not able to attend any other European EoW movie premieres. I hate such late EoW releases. In Poland so many people watched it on line already. Most of them won't go to the theaters for sure. But the movie is really praised by viewers here.
Despite being shy I'd apply for a role in Prisoners, if I lived in a proper place!
I didn't have a chance before to write, how much I like and appreciate the words Carey Mulligan said about her friend Jake, playing officer Taylor. Such nice read. Well deserved praise!

Bright Moon Crystals said...

Mermon, yes it really annoys me that America and some Americans (Jake not included!)don't consider Europe as a worthy place to show / film / promote movies. Even the UK gets sidelined sometimes. I'm not surprised if people watch illegal copies/online etc if they can't get to see the movie in a cinema - the studios need to address the problem they created in the first place :-)

Incidentally the French film industry was larger than the US film industry when it all started. ;-)

Susan said...

Alas, although my "rural community look" doesn't need brushing up at all, I can't make it to Georgia for auditions. :(

BMC, I think the reason it takes so long for some movies to get to theaters in Europe has more to do with the film distributors in those countries than anything else. I agree, it isn't reasonable to expect people to wait months to see a movie in a theater when it's available online for free. Distributors everywhere need to realize that and find a way to work with filmmakers to get movies into theaters faster all around the world. I also think it has less to do with considering a place worthy than it has to do with the popularity and recognition of the actors in any given movie. As a small, independent film with a tiny budget End of Watch has become a surprise hit. The story it tells was not expected to appeal to a large segment of the movie-viewing European public. Hopefully, though, many people will get to enjoy it.

Silver said...


I said I would post again after the GN Norton show! Flipping heck what an experience to see him in person. The lovely StudioCanal gave us excellent seats 5 rows back, so close I was sure I had several moments of eye contact with Jake ;)

Not many tid-bits apart from off camera Jake was really relaxed and chatty with Joan/Graham. There was quite a bit said that was cut out, but nothing we haven't heard before. There was a funny bit about Paul Newman being Jake's Godfather and GN shouting at the producers for misinformation. The jellyfish story was also brought up which was quite amusing. Clarkson was pretty outrageous in some parts but Jake would make everyone laugh by going "and that's what we call good old fashion racism/homophobia/xenophobia" after every dodgy remark! Shame they cut so much out, they filmed for about two hours. Joan actually fell over on her first entry and everything had to stop!

On the way home I emailed a couple of questions to the msn live interview and managed to get 4 answered! Overall it was a lovely Jakeful couple of days and i've definitely been bitten by the bug again.

Great posts as always!