Monday, 3 December 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal in London, Part 2, and a couple of extraordinary interviews

Jake Gyllenhaal has now left these shores -  leaving behind a country seduced by one of the most impressive beards to appear on the nation's chat shows in recent times. At the moment, one can just speculate whether Jake will be returning to Europe shortly for other End of Watch release dates but even though it was brief, the visit was a great success.

In addition to the Graham Norton Show and the Radio 1 Breakfast Show (see below), Jake also appeared on Channel 4's T4 show on Saturday morning talking to Jameela. Let us hope that video of this appears. An interview with Jake was also broadcast on the XFM Breakfast Show with Danny Wallace. Hopefully, you can listen to that here.

A brief recap of some of the other most significant appearances (ie, the ones we have a record of).

From overseas comes the news that End of Watch will be re-released in the US this month - surely a sign that the Oscar buzz is increasing in volume.

Meanwhile, this week Hitfix has published a wonderful interview with Jake in which he looks back over a career working with some extraordinary directors. This is just the sort of stuff I want to hear and Jake does not disappoint. Do read it, it's full an revealing. I was intrigued to hear Jake say this, for instance, about Sam Mendes 'he was the best acting director and coach that I've ever worked with. The things I learned about acting from him I've taken with me everywhere I've gone.'

There is much more about Ang Lee, David Fincher, David O'Russell, Jim Sheridan and Ed Zwick, as well as David Ayer. I wonder how many other directors Jake will work with during his long career that will also be called David...

In Hitfix's other full interview with Jake, David Ayer also reveals a little about why Jake was so keen to take on the End of Watch role - and that he was actually sick of his life. Clearly, here was another of those roles, as with Jarhead, that he fought for and he needed: 'Gyllenhaal was looking for something new in his life and, according to Ayer, chased the project down. "I think he was just frustrated," Ayer said by telephone. "He wanted to act. He wanted to just sink his teeth into a role and act and not be distracted by the sort of big business side of things. He wanted to lose himself and he wanted to be reinvented…He's just like, 'Look, I'm sick of everything. I'm sick of my life and I want to change it. I want change.' And that's all I heard, is that he's ready to transform. His heart was really open at that time and he was really receptive to doing something totally different and giving me the total commitment that I needed for this movie to work…I told him, 'Look, if this works out, you're going to come out of this a different person.' And I think that happened."'

The photo is from Jake's BAFTA End of Watch Screening on Friday evening (thanks to IHJ).


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good evening, everyone! Good to be back and catching up after a weekend away in a place with no internet *shudders* I hope you've all had a good day.

lemniscate said...

Oh my... Those Hitfix interviews are truely remarkable.
Am keeping my fingers crossed that EOW is re-released in Oz too, cos I missed it while abroad.
I just love how he seems to finally be in a good place, creatively, mentally, emotionally. More balanced and open. At ease, content. Been on a similar journey these past few years... Only more beautiful and better things can come from that state of being. Can't wait for what he'll sink his teeth in next! He never fails to inspire.
One of his quotes has become my mantra: "There is freedom on the other side of discipline." ;-) Thank you Jake Gyllenhaal!
And thank you WDW, for maintaining one of the few sane and balanced places on the web to follow this wonderfull man's career!

sass said...

Enjoyed reading this post!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you Lemniscate! I'm so glad you enjoyed those interviews too - they are wonderful, the most rewarding in quite some time. And thank you for those kind words :)

Hiya Sass!

I hope you all had a good day :) Sounds from Twitter that Jake is back at the soin classes in NYC. Exhausting... ;)

Bright Moon Crystals said...

Looking forward to reading the interviews :-). Have been away for a few days, had to go to a funeral in Dorset, so lots to catch up on.

BBMISwear said...

A quick hello from the local Starbucks as I deal with internet issues - ugh! If the new modem doesn't arrive soon I'm going to throw the old one out the window!

Great stuff WDW - it's been such a joy to be buried in Jake publicity! It's going to be strange when it slows down (but not for long, as we know, with the new project starting soon)!!

Hope everyone is well...I hope to be back on line on a more regular basis soon.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I'm sorry to hear that, BMC. I hope you're enjoying the catch up :)

Hi there BBMISwear :-) Oh no! I do wish the internet would just behave itself. I hope that gets fixed very soon. I've missed you.

More to post so that will come tomorrow. What a week! I hope you all had a good day :)