Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal nominated for a Critics' Choice Movie Award

Jake Gyllenhaal is back in NYC, hard at work on If There Is.... to earn enough to buy all his fans a big pressie for Christmas, and so this is perfect timing to bid adieu for the week. I'm off to Italy - Tuscany, to be more specific - tomorrow and will return in a few days, hopefully to find Jake nominated for countless numbers of shiny gongs. It's begun with the Critics' Choice Movie Awards, for which Jake is nominated for Actor in an Action Movie award.

Thanks to IHJ for the lovely pic of Jake taking a walk in NYC on 7 December. See you in a few days!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I'll be using any wifi I come across but just in case I don't manage to find any, have a good few days and I'll see you soon. Keep an eye on Jake for me :)

Susan said...

Have a great trip, Kate!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Susan!

lemniscate said...

Oh... Tuscany at this time of year. The light is so delicate and the air nice and crisp. Have a wonderful trip Kate! ;-)

Always love seeing Jake involved in charity work. Sure hope his other work (on and off screen) will receive much recognition this season.

And... YAY!!! Govinda's is still screening "End of Watch" this week. Check it out: http://www.govindas.com.au/
It's a bit of a Sydney institution, and a bit "out there", if you know what I mean. ;-) Looking forward to a "spiritual experience, watching EOW in a relaxed, reclined pose after having enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal. ;-) Aaah...

lemniscate said...

Oh dear...
During one of my "former life impulsive silly girl" moments, I submitted the term "face pet" to urbandictionary.com
Eh... it's official!

Here's the listing:

1.face pet

Generally - the natural occurrence of facial hair, also known as a beard, which tends to grow on a man's face, if he chooses not to shave for an extended period of time.
Specifically - Jake Gyllenhaal's beard.


The term face pet was first coined by "lemniscate", on September 29th 2010, when posting on the popular Jake Gyllenhaal fan blog called Wet Dark And Wild.

The word combination face pet was engendered in reference to:
1) the tendency men have to subconsciously stroke and touch their face and/or facial hair; often a form of auto-erotic touching when flirting to indicate they're interested
2) the health benefits discovered by researchers at the University of Warwick with regards to stroking or playing with one's pet

Jake gently strokes his face pet whilst staring into the distance, lost in a wistful gaze.


Ehm, I'm sorry Jake...
I'm embarrassed now. Silly nonsense.

Sasha Hoyt said...

Have a good trip, Kate. After this horrible year you deserve it to end well.

@Lemniscate That is hilarious. I hope you don't mind if I share this. And it will go to top spot on my "What to ask Jake if I ever meet him." list.
Imagine that situation:

"So Jake, did you know that your beard and the way you touch it, has an entry in the Urban Dictionary?"

Maybe I should save it for last, cause I might not get to ask another question after that.

BBMISwear said...

It's so great that "Jake in the News" is continuing on and on and on (and I love the Critic's Choice Nom news)! And also great news that you are off to Italy Kate - Yay!! You so deserve this down time - enjoy!! You are heading into little to no internet and I just got back from little to no internet and boy was it frustrating (but yours is for a good reason - mine was because of cable provider issues - grrrrr). I now have lots to catch up on and will be doing so this weekend (still would rather be in Italy though)!

Love your Urban Dictionary entry Lemniscate - so funny (and true)!!

Hope everyone is doing well...I feel like I've been a bit out of touch. For those in the states be sure to watch the 12/12/12 concert tonight with Jake making an appearance (I'm sure it will be on cable either live or shortly after for the world to see). Busy guy - but fun stuff!

Until next time...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

hello everyone! I have enough hotel WiFi to say hello to you all. hello from beautiful sunny Pisa - on to Siena tomorrow. eaten far too much... sorry I can't reply to comments individually but I've read and appreciated them all. thank you!

looks like no SAGS - but may be wrong as only got a glimpse.

have a good evening!

lemniscate said...

Hi All,

Hope you're all well and not suffering from "interrete defectus" or other frustrating ailments.

@Sasha Hoyt: I'd forgotten all about it... But watching Jake on the Graham Norton Show (GNS) the other day reminded me, and I thought: "Sh..! Wonder if it made it in?"
Yeah, hilarious... and yet I have mixed feelings about it now. But hey, feel free to share and thumbs up the entry!
He'll probably never utter the words "face pet", but he sure got darn close on GNS when he said: "So think about it this way, I essentially have a dog on my face." I can tell ya, that statement put a huge grin on my face. ;-) Yep, still pro-beard. But I'm sure it will have to make way for the detective role he's accepted in Prisoners (grooming standards for those working in law enforcement can be quite strict hey...).
Love your JGN blog btw!

And last but not least, "End of Watch" blew my mind!!! Wow!!! Good thing I was lying down... Incredible performances from everyone. Thank you David Ayer! So proud of Jake.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jake xxxx

Hope you can avoid the paparazzi and screaming fans and have a nice day with family and real friends.