Tuesday, 15 January 2013

**Updated** Catching up with Jake - at play and at work. News on Prisoners, Grind and Face Pet

As the well-known expression goes, the proof is in the pudding and without doubt the latest pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal are a big, fat, luxurious blancmange of a pudding, proving beyond all reasonable doubt that the beard really has gone. It was not just wishful thinking brought on by a blurry photo, a magnifying glass and a Jake Gyllenhaal Identification Kit.

Last Sunday (13 January), Jake was courtside to watch (spoiler) the Brooklyn Nets beat the Indiana Pacers in Brooklyn, NYC. There is a brief video here of highlights so get that Jake Spotting Kit out again. Thanks to IHJ for the lovely photo of a very Renditiony like Jake.

There is another video, though, and so with thanks to Laure for the link...

And here's a photo from it. There are no words to describe Peter's beard. Suddenly the Face Pet seems like such an innocent creature.


Filming is due to start on Prisoners tomorrow (16 January) with no doubt a very happy and tuneful Hugh Jackman. More clues about the filming have emerged, such as reports of false snow (if they were filming in the UK they'd not have to worry about any such false snow nonsense - I believe that Oxford would make a fine movie city double). There has also been an additional casting of a Dark Knight villain David Dastmalchian.

The filmmakers are also extremely set in their ways about what sort of cars they want in Prisoners as can be seen in this bit of casting information:

'The first casting call I’ve seen for this one seeks men and women ages 18 to 55 with cars of various colors, but not red, white, really bright or with custom paint jobs.'

Why not red? Why not white or bright? My car is blue, if only I weren't so far away...

There is more information about the filming location here.

One thing is for sure, the attachment of  Hugh Jackman to Prisoners in this great year for Hugh can bring nothing but good to this exciting project.

Talking of Hugh Jackman, here is a shamefully blatant link to my review of Les Miserables (This link should now work!)


There is also more news about the project after Prisoners (probably), Mississippi Grind. Not only is Jake set to be one of the two male leads in this film but he he is also producing, doubling the potential significance of this film.

Variety reports that Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingom) is in talks to play the older of the two men - the 'a gambler in debt who sets off on a road trip through the Southern U.S. with a young gambling addict in an attempt to change his luck'.

'Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will write and direct the pic. Besides Gyllenhaal, Lynette Howell, John Lesher and Jamie Patricof will also be producing through Electric City Entertainment.'

Further background information comes from Cinemablend.

All in all, exciting times! With no Face Pet!

Thanks again to IHJ for the beautiful old new photos from the Love and Other Drugs days of 2011.


BBMISwear said...

It's great to see a new post on WDW and super great that the beard is GONE! Finally! Jake is Lookin' Good and this is by far my favorite look (long hair and stubble - perfect).

I've been laughing at all the bits about Prisoners (fake snow, quirky guidelines for cars, etc.). Whatever the case I just hope those people in Georgia start snapping (and posting) pictures. I'm always impatient when it comes to this stuff. I just like to see things as they happen!!

You had me laughing regarding the tools needed for determining if the face pet was gone or not - there were some questionable hours there it seems - ha ha! Our patience paid off though.

I love hearing about the next film project while one is currently underway and 2 are on the docket for release - wow - 2013 will be just like 2012 it sounds. No complaints here!

Thanks for the update!! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey BBMISwear :-) So good to see you! Oh I had such a laugh at the cars. What weird restrictions. I love bits and pieces like that. Yep, we need pics. Lots of them. And lots of suggestions for good restaurants in Georgia - I always love learning about a new part of the world by following a filming. Good times! No complaints from me either :)

mermon said...

Oh, boy! Kate! You made me watch that basketball game vid 3 times! I scanned the crowd to see Jake in a cap and I don't think I saw him! LOL I give up :)
I also laughed at those cars' requirement. So you would have a chance with your blue one.
Jake's look is my favorite, just like BBMISwear said - long hair, light stubble plus wide shoulders - very masculine look.
Exciting year ahead of us. Thx goodness the world still turns!

Anonymous said...

As much as I loved the beard especially since I got to see it up close and personal at the stage door at If There Is, I have to say it was beginning to take on a life of it's own in the last few weeks! So GOOD to see Jakes beautiful face again and it's literally taken 10 years off! Can't wait to see the Prisoners pics. Personally I'm rooting for short hair, I loved the look he had while promoting LAOD - short hair and semi beard :)

Laure said...

Great summary of Jake's current and not-so-distant future projects.
Prefaced by, what else, The Face. Its status is a constant concern amongst Jake's fans: is it prisoner of the Shaggy Pet, or is it free, basking in its own beauty?
Luckily, the latter applies nowadays: The Face is free, and so is The Smile. As the 1 second cameo in the video posted by Kate proves it. I "detect" Jake (and Peter, and Ramona presumably) at the 0:... mark. May we reveal it, Kate, or should we continue the detective game?
[Peter looks like he got there straight from that new Woody Allen film. :) He has that neurotic intellectual, angsty writer look. Except for the flower-power shirt.]

Thank you, Kate, for giving a name to the unusual skill acquired through many years of observing Jake's pics. With his endless changes in looks, his propensity for growing facial hair and hiding under all sorts of caps, knitted hats and hoods, Jake Gyllenhaal Identification Kit is a required tool. :D

I loved his looks during LAOD promotion (that followed another Beard Time), but I think detective Loki will have Jake's current "Renditiony" appearance (as Kate called it): clean shaven/shadow and longer hair, probably slicked back. At least to begin with. Later on, as things will get darker, Loki's hair could get more ruffled and he could, maybe, grow a stubble. You know, to emphasize his distress... If only he'd follow our suggestions. ;)

On Golden Globes night, the minute I saw Hugh's beard, I was 200% sure Jake no longer has one. No shadow of a doubt.

Speaking of the Globes, they had it all: the good, the bad and the ugly. Dignified speeches (Daniel Day-Lewis), really funny and smart hosts (Tina & Amy for Oscars 2014!), laugh-out-loud moments, technical glitches, cringy moments, awkward pairings, WTF faces (Swift losing to Adele - yay!; Bradley Cooper losing to Jackman - well deserved, I believe). With lots of booze. Quite the party.
One amendment though: as C. Bale was chosen to present David O. Russell's movie, J. Renner - Kathryn Bigelow's movie, Jamie Foxx - Tarantino's movie, not to sound like a broken record, but Jake should have been the presenter of Ang Lee's movie.
Off my soapbox now... to Kate's review for "Les Miserables" (when I come home from work).

ANTJE said...

Yeaaaah, the old face pet - envied by all - is gone. But a new one is already on its way when I do have a closer look at the latest pic. And Jake did not rush to L.A. to attend the GOLDEN GLOBES awards last weekend.

BBMISwear said...

Laure, I think you're thinking of the video that is on youtube with different scenes of entertainers and audience members at the Nets game and that's where Jake, Peter and Ramona appear (I didn't see it in the Nets link posted here but maybe I missed it)?! So cute of Jake taking a picture of Ramona with his phone! I'm so glad Jake is NOT sporting Peter's latest style - ha ha!


Sonja said...

Love the post, Kate! Thanks!

Here's to a great year for Jake! Reading all this, things are looking good for him (and us, now his beard is gone).

Laure said...

I stand corrected. Thank you for clearing things out, BBMISwear. Here's the link to the video I was talking about - Jake's sweet family time:


An Evening of Russian Culture @barclayscenter w/special appearance by Irina Pavlova & a cameo by Jake Gyllenhaal

(It's quite possible that Jake's love of facial hair was influenced over the years by Peter. Thank God that Jake didn't emulate Peter's current look though!)

The video posted by Kate is a puzzle. I tried to catch sight of Jake, and failed. It's a good thing I'm not a detective.
We know he wore a black cap, black T-shirt over a long-sleeved one, and his usual taupe/mustard pants. I "detect" nothing of the sort... much less a bearded Peter sporting a flowery shirt.
Here's a pic taken by a fan: http://instagr.am/p/Ucbx7-LT0Y/

On that note, I confess I don't remember either David Dastmalchian (the newest addition to "Prisoners") or Ben Mendelsohn (potentially Jake's co-star in "Mississippi Grind"). Although I've seen Nolan's Batman trilogy, I don't specifically remember these two actors. Which means, somewhere down the road, I'll have to rewatch at least "The Dark Knight Rises", to acquaint myself with B. Mendelsohn.

"Grind", as an indie, could rely promotion-wise exclusively on Jake's name. Acting-wise, if Jake and Ben will play off each other well whilst giving soulful, nuanced performances supported by a layered script, under an insightful direction, we'll have a winner. At least in terms of quality. Well marketed, it could also become a surprise hit like EoW.

P.S. Kate, the link to your review for "Les Miserables" doesn't work as intended: it traces back to...Wet Dark and Wild.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Big snow coming - brrrr...

Hi Mermon! Love the idea of you watching the vid so many times!

Hi there 22:35 :)

Hi Laure and BBMISwear! I didn't realise there was another video - I'll have to add that. Thanks so much for the link It sounds lovely! Thanks for clearing that up.

That's an interesting point about Hugh, Laure, and makes total sense. I like how rowdy the Globes gets. I recorded it on 5USA here so will try and watch it over the weekend. So far I've just seen Adele's fab speech :D

Hi Antje and Sonja!

Thanks for those links, Laure. An evening of Russian Culture sounds fun. Oops with the Les Mis link!

Here's a link to the Les Mis review which might work this time...

Just added the link to the other vid and a picture from it :)

Have a good day!

BBMISwear said...

Yes...that is the video I saw...love it!!

I wondered at first if we would see Jake in the "highlight" video of the game as well but saw early on that we would not because of where he was sitting. Sports games are filmed mainly from one side or the other (with cameras placed around for other angles but the main cameras are in one place). Jake was sitting to the left of the main cameras so what we see in that video is what Jake would be looking at directly across from him and Peter (i.e. the players sitting on the sidelines). Sorry to get technical...too bad he wasn't sitting on the other side. I remember when he was in Boston at a Celtics game (promoting PoP no less!) and he was sitting right next to the players and with those main cameras facing him he could be seen basically the whole game - fun to watch - poor guy doesn't get an ounce of privacy, huh?! That's when the whole Celtics vs. Lakers thing started and interviewers kept asking him about it. I proudly shouted to him during a television taping in Toronto "Celtics" and he acknowledged that I was from Boston - right in the middle of his interview - and it aired! Good memories!!

Okay...now I'm rambling so I'll be off. Thanks for the update WDW!!


Susan said...

Hi Kate! Have you seen this blog post mentioning Jake? http://deadspin.com/5974820/nba-shit-list-andray-blatche-who-has-no-idea

It is absolutely hilarious and perfectly captures captures most husband’s feelings about being married to a Gyllenhaalic.

mermon said...

Thx Kate for adding that video. I feel relieved that I don't need to rewatch the other one! LOL Don't you think Lisa that Jake choose that side of court to feel more private with his family? Ramona is so big already. I guess Peter and Jake were supporting each other as beard-bearer men. I bet they had fun together, before Jake shaved.
Susan, I liked that story!

Laure said...

Sorry for my belated response. Work and life got in the way…
Great updates, Kate, and thank you for crediting me, but I’m just a tiny, tiny, tiny contributor and it’s my pleasure to read your posts and everything else that people have to say here...
Speaking of:

...Kate, the Russian Culture theme must have been a puzzling idea for some of the sport fans in the auditorium, but I’m sure at least a couple of them appreciated it.

...Adele’s victory was exciting (especially over a certain competition). She’s not only a gifted artist but also a breath of fresh air. The Golden Globes are entertaining, that’s why I always stay up all night to watch 'em (the only thing that puts a dent in the fun is your favourite(s) not being nominated, or being nominated yet losing to someone you’re really fed up with). The Oscars try too much to be a serious event but lack the BATFA’s or C├ęsar’s class; hence they come out as pretentious and stuffy.

...BBMISwear, I read your detailed explanation (thanks for reminding me of Jake’s prior sightings), which made perfectly clear why in the first video there were no signs of Jake or a flowery-powery Peter...

...which leads me to: indeed, Kate, Peter’s Face Animal puts Jake’s Face Puppy into perspective. :)

Thanks for the insightful review, Kate. I haven't had the chance to see "Les Miserables" yet. From the few bits I've seen, and from what you’ve described, the performances are highly emotional and powerful and I believe the film, much like the book, will move me. (it comes easy when you love musicals, tragic or uplifting)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Sorry for the silence. Wrapped up in bed with another flu lurgy. Hope to be back tomorrow. Snowed in so not a bad weekend to be ill. Thanks for the comments :)

Anonymous said...

There is a large Russian community in this area, and also a Russian oligarch owns this team so it is not surprisng to celebrate Russian culture. Also they celebrate other cultures during the season as ell, such as for an example, the Irish and the Latino.

Sasha Hoyt said...

So sorry to hear that you are sick once again, Kate! You really need to get better for good soon now.

At least Jake is keeping it slow and easy right now.

I wonder if he'll make it to Sundance tomorrow with his mom and BIL screening their movies there.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate,
Great post like usual. I love those pics and also like the face pet finally is gone.
Sorry to hear you are sick again. I hope you feel better soon.
Have a nice evening everyone.

BBMISwear said...

And good wishes for a speedy recovery from me as well, Kate! Get your rest!

I so hope Jake will be able to hop on up to Sundance, if only for a day, to support his mom. How nice that would be (and what wonderful photos for us)!! Sightings had him on his way and then in Atlanta this weekend so it would have to be a day off for him if he was to do that.

Doubtful but *fingers crossed*


Laure said...

Sorry to hear you've got the flu again, Kate. It sucks to be sick in bed, your whole body aching... but at least the weather outside isn't welcoming either. Get well soon!

Tomorrow will be a big day for Jake's mom (her directorial debut) and a busy day for Peter (the screenings of both "Very Good Girls" and "Lovelace"). Unfortunately, I think Jake won't be able to accompany his family to Sundance. Not even today in NY, where a restaurant will cater a dinner for "Very Good Girls".

As several snapshots attest, Jake is already in Atlanta.
He packed a lot for the trip:


...and he's now on set!

A certain site has fresh new pictures with a fresh-faced Jake as detective Loki:


It's official, Jake has started shooting the movie, which is cause for big celebration. :D

(If only he could have had an additional couple of days off, to go to Sundance, support his mom and brother-in-law, take some pictures... Let's hope, next year, Sundance will be on Jake's agenda again, for "Mississippi Grind"!)

P.S. Hopefully, I'm not breaking any rules by posting links to snapshot pics or certain sites; if it's not ok, do tell me, Kate.

Laure said...

I stand corrected... by none other than Jake himself. :) He's on his way to Sundance. Can you believe it? Does this man ever rest? I can't keep up with his frenetic life, flying back and forth from NY to Atlanta to Utah in a matter of days.
And what a true friend this Villeneuve guy is!

According to several frantic tweets, Jake has been seen, and photographed, by the Universal Cheerleaders team (yep, right! gorgeous girls meeting Jake Gyllenhaal) embarking on a plane to Utah. This means he will actually be there to support his mom and brother-in-law, and we'll get pictures. From Sundance! After 8-9 years? I feel giddy.

New pics from the set of "Prisoners" and new pics from Sundance? Feels like Christmas.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Laure, thank you so much for these comments! I've been ill with flu and they have helped me so much!

Hello to everyone - waves at Sasha, Christina, BBMISwear, Laure!

I'm up and on my feet today so will get a post up later today :)

BBMISwear said...

I absolutely LOVE Detective Loki's look...simply gorgeous!!

And my *fingers crossed* wishes have been answered...Jake at Sundance?! Yay!! I was doubtful because of the filming schedule in Atlanta but I knew if there were any way at all that he could take off for a day and be there for his mom he would...and he is!

I'm with you Laure - there is a lot here to be excited about! Looking forward to your new post later Kate...hope you're feeling a bit better.


Laure said...

You’re more than welcome, Kate!
I’m glad you’re feeling a little better today. Don’t stretch yourself too thin, flu is exhausting, WDW can wait a little bit more for a new post.

You called it, BBMISwear! You had faith, and you were right!

I didn’t think he’d be able to do it, but he’s a good son and he has great friends. With his willingness to do whatever possible to be there for his mom, and the director’s consent to clear his schedule, we’ll be delighted to see Jake (once the it indie actor) at the festival for independent movies.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks BBMISwear and Laure! I appreciate that. Feeling much better (although you can probably here me sneezing from there). I've put a new post up and hopefully if and when we hear things I can ad to it so we can continue the chat about it all!

I'm not sure myself about the Loki look. It's a bit too Nailed for me but I'm sure it'll grow on me (and it certainly beats the End of Watch and play look!).