Wednesday, 9 January 2013

**Emergency post** The filming of Prisoners gets underway with dire consequences for the Face Pet

We have much to thank Denis Villeneuve for. Having whisked Jake Gyllenhaal off to Atlanta to start work on Prisoners with Hugh Jackman, there was one vital task that Jake had to do before filming could begin. The removal of the Face Pet otherwise known as the Great Shave. While I reflect on the irony that Jake may well have shaved off the beard on the same day that we bestowed on it the name of Lincoln, here is the proof thanks to this Twitterer.

I believe that Atlanta has a more clement winter climate than NYC which also means the added bonus of decent footwear.

Thanks to Sasha for the heads up!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning! Well, whaddyaknow.... Lots of other tweets putting Jake in Georgia last night. Always good to know Jake's making another movie for us. And now we know the way to get rid of the beard - give it a name...

Laure said...

The Face Pet is gone! The Face Pet is gone! (frantically & insanely waving my hands like Kermit now)
Did you hear the worldwide sigh of relief? All is well in the world. Forget about war, famine, social injustice, global warming, tsunamis or earthquakes. Jake has shaved The Lincoln!
He's probably there for pre-production screen tests and other serious stuff but, more importantly ;), The Shave (it deserves capitalizing) has been immortalized.

Forgive me, preemptively, for turning your attention away from The Shaving Event:

Today we'll have the BAFTA nominations: call me naïve, I have one tiny glimmer of hope that the Brits might come through once again for Jake.
There are also the People's Choice Awards, where Jake is nominated for the right category: best dramatic actor. Though, considering PC is a social media popularity contest, Zack Efron seems the likely winner (talk about an oxymoron and a bitter irony)...

Tomorrow, the Critics' Choice Awards ceremony (and the announcement of the Oscar nods). I know he went to the Critics' Choice in 2006 but "Brokeback" was a frontrunner then. This time he's nominated in the action actor category. Will he go?

Anyway, we'll think about serious matters later. For now, rejoice! The Face Pet is gone!

"I hope the situation has calmed down and worked out for you... Good intentions are made to be tested."
Not necessarily but I'm learning to deal with it. Thank you for the meaningful words, Kate.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Laure! What a relief... I was worried that he'd have to get a wheelbarrow to push the beard about in before the year was out.

The BAFTA noms are already in (why they do these things at the crack of dawn I'll never know) and nothing for End of Watch unfortunately. Having said that, looking at the rest of the list, I'm not surprised. No shockers, no going out on a limb. I have a feeling that the Oscar noms will be very similar. But at least the Face Pet is gone! Let's get our priorities straight.

BBMISwear said...

Yay!!! Just when our conversations about the Face Pet were at an all time high it vanished - finally - Yay!!! LOL at your waving hands like Kermit, Laure - perfect reaction - ha ha!

I am also thinking the trip to Georgia is for pre-production stuff before things really gear up there. And maybe a pit stop for Jake before he heads to L.A. for some award stuff? Of course it's hard to say what/if he'll attend but it would be nice to see him all dressed up for a change (and with that beautiful face)! We'll see soon enough.

And to answer Lemniscate's question from the last post - yes, Jake spent summer's on Martha' Vineyard (Massachusetts) so I agree he would do a lovely Boston accent if needed in Prisoners. It's getting exciting having a new film project to look forward to. I definitely loved having him on stage in NYC for so long and I was so lucky to see him and talk to him so many times over the 5 month run but it was such a repetitive thing. A new film starting brings a different type of excitement and I've missed it! Cheers!


Grateful KW said...

Thank you, Denis Villeneuve!

Thank you, the person who took the photo!

Thank you, Kate for posting it.

Perhaps a simple haircut is next?
I don't want to seem picky. I'll take whatever we get!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Lisa! I don't know about the awards season... I wonder if Jake will skip it all this year. But it would be great to see him all togged up. I'm glad about the new film and project. I've missed him. :-)

My pleasure Grateful KW! So long as he doesn't go all EndofWatchy... Don't want him to overdo it! But this is a great start.

KW said...

maybe Source Code? or Zodiac? Or Proof? Rendition?

I agree. He must rotate. It's too soon for EoW, and he should not even consider looking like a Prince of Persia.

Bright Moon Crystals said...
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Maria said...

Great to see that the beard is history. Hope it wan't grow back soon! The movie sounds so promising.

Maria said...

There's a rumour that the face pet is still alive, hard to see on the photo! The continuing story of Jake and his beard.

Anonymous said...

Yay! We may finally see Jake's gorgeous face but I have to admit I'm having trouble figuring out which one he is in this pic?! Anyone??

Maria said...

The one on the left, on his right dennis villeneuve. I have no idea who the guy on the other side of the table is.

Laure said...

"The BAFTA noms are already in (why they do these things at the crack of dawn I'll never know) and nothing for End of Watch unfortunately."
Bad BAFTAs, crushing my last glimmer of hope for a nomination. Make no mistake, come December my hopes will be back in full force.
Kate, I've finally read the list: you're right, all the safe (and glitzy) bets are there: for lead actor, they've nominated Affleck for a change, the ever-present Bradley Cooper, but they "forgot" John Hawkes.

I was so excited to see the Face Pet gone, I must have looked like Kermit. Now Statler and Waldorf are trying to put a damper on my excitement from their balcony box. To me it seems pretty evident: Jake is the one in the corner, with longish slicked-back hair and no beard. The one beside him is (possibly) Villeneuve and the one across them (most likely) Paul Dano.
This might not be Loki's definitive look though; they could be doing screen tests, trying different versions. Loki could end up sporting normal slicked-back hair (LAOD) or longer (Rendition). Short(er) cropped hair (Zodiac or Source Code). He could be clean shaven. He could sport a shadow or a stubble. Anything but a beard I'd say, because young, ambitious big-city police detectives can't afford to look disheveled, unkempt.

Jake could decide to skip the awards shows this season, stay in Georgia with the director, the crew and part of the cast. Nevertheless, like Kate and BBMISwear, I'd like to see him on the red carpet or on stage, presenting. Clean shaven, wearing a dashing tuxedo, he would make a great impression. Not just on us, the audience, but the Hollywood circle. As we know, image is vital in the entertainment industry: substance is important, weighs heavily, but it works 10 times better wrapped in a stylish package. Look at Dame Helen Mirren: she's a tremendous actress, yet she's also careful to present herself impeccably.

To conclude: new year, new look (compared to 2012), new movie(s), new horizons. It's exciting and invigorating.

lemniscate said...

If the reports are true...
Ah, elas... We knew it couldn't last.
Taking a moment to reflect on your life and passing. A most magnificent specimen. Bristles felled to conform to the trappings of law enforcement grooming standards… But your existence acknowledged, just in time, by name, Lincoln. R.I.P.

Great to hear he's back at work though! Keeping his mind occupied, focused. Shame a BAFTA isn't on the cards this year. Also think Oscars will go same way... I'm hoping "An Enemy" will result in the kind of acknowledgement and appreciation he deserves.

@BBMISwear - Thanks for answering my question. Of course, Martha's Vinyard… ;-)

@Maria - In response to your comment on the previous post, if I understood correctly… Please don't hate yourself luv. Life's so beautiful, so precious… Take a walk. Look around you. Sense the beauty. You're part of it! ;-)
And, I agree photos are just snapshots. Could've been a flash, could've been the cold… Who knows… I read way too much into it. More a reflection of my own experiences and how I perceive the world, I guess. I worry too much…

Dani said...

Sending up a prayer of thanks. :)

Maria said...

@lemniscate, thanks so much for your care. I don't hate myself. People, like Jake, that don't groom, give me the message that they don't like themselves, they're not worth it to look in the mirror and groom.

Bright Moon Crystals said...
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Susan said...

Okay, I'll have a go at muddying the waters a bit more...

I think the fellow sitting next to the wall is Jake. That's the same way he's been wearing his hair since it grew out for the play. It's impossible to tell if the Face Pet/Lincoln has been trimmed because the back of the booth is in the way. The blurriness of the photos makes it very difficult to see, but it appears to me that there is a smudgy shadow on his cheek and a fairly prominent mustache that lead me to deduce he has NOT shaved The Lincoln.

We need more photographic evidence to make a final determination. :-)

Tina said...

If the guy against the wall is Jake, there appears to be some skin under the sideburns, so it does look as if he's at least trimmed, if not shaved. It does kind of look like he could have a mustache going there, now that I look back at it. Thank the heavens he's de-Wookified!

ANTJE said...

Gone is the beard and gone are the waves in Jake's hair.
Shame! ;-)
I was soooooo used to all this dark hair growing everywhere on his upper parts, but never mind. He's still my favourite.

And absolutely NO Oscar nomination for END OF WATCH.

Tina said...

BTW, can I ask a really stupid question? How do you guys find all the twitter information and pictures? Do you need an actual twitter account to do this? (<--Is completely lost in the ways of the twitter.)

mermon said...

That picture is so confusing. First I thought he's close to the wall, now that maybe in a pale sweater or jacket. So funny. You girls, seem to have the different opinions as well.
So no nominations or awards for Jake and EoW. Too bad.
Tina, you don't need to have an account to read tweets regarding Jake, just type his name in the right upper place and you will see the tweets.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Is it Friday yet...?

Thank you so much for so many fascinating comments!

Hello KW and BMC!

Hi Maria! I thought that Jake is the one with his back to the wall. It looks like he's just slicked his hair back.

Hey Laure! I reckon that they could be going through the planning stage too so things could still change. I do hope so about the red carpets but a bit of me thinks Jake will skip them this year.

Hi Lemniscate! I am sorry for your loss ;)

Me too, Dani!

Hi Susan, I think that's Jake too but I think the beard is gone or at least heavily grazed...

Hi Antje!

Hi Tina! Yep, the Oscars noms were disappointing but not a surprise. It's much easier to search Twitter if you have an account. You don't need to tweet anything.

Hello Mermon! I think it's the guy next to the wall too :)

Very pleased to see noms for Ang Lee, David O'Russell and Anne Hathaway!

Have a good evening everyone :)

Bright Moon Crystals said...
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Maria said...

I too think that Jake is the guy in the corner, left on the photo with the dark hair. But it's hard to be sure.

lemniscate said...

Well, I honestly can't tell anything from that fuzzy snapshot…
So I'm still hoping the face pet is alive and kickin' ;-)

If he's still rockin' the beard… JG might want to pop down to Charlie Hunnam's house and have a proper bro-shave farewell party.
Check out this wonderful story and video, where fellow actor, Ryan Hurst, finally laid to rest his Sons of Anarchy character "Opie". After 5 1/2 years of not shaving - ever - his loving colleagues, armed with a 44-inch samurai sword (no kidding!) helped him find his catharsis. Fan or not of SOA, you might just cry when watching it - I did. Beautiful!

Sasha Hoyt said...

@lemniscate: thanks for sharing that. Too funny how all these guys with massive beards help shave one off.

IMO the two other people in this picture are Denis Villeneuve (pale jacket) and Paul Dano (sitting alone).

mermon said...

@lemniscate - incredible, how much younger and more joyful this guy looked after shaving.
I think Denise Villeneuve style is quite similar to Jake's with a stubble. So on a bad quality pic, from a distance, when we still don't know how Jake looks now, it's really possible to take one for another.
Today at work I watched Love And Other Drugs with coworker and 5 elder people. I asked them first if they don't mind naked scenes and they said "absolutely not!" LOL Then they added that on TV there are many of this kind and finally that they are adults so they may see it at least, if they can't practice themselves. :)So we watched together, laughed and really enjoyed. It was an unusual experience for me. As you see I spread Jake as much as I can. I watched POP and SC with them as well.

Laure said...

It looks like "Prisoners" will start principal photography on January 16, as previously reported. According to the casting agency in charge(, they had several casting calls this week. More importantly, the shooting schedule is specified:

"For the feature film "PRISONERS" for this FRIDAY, Jan 11th and then possible multiple dates within our shooting dates of Jan 16th thru Apr 2nd."

It would explain Jake shaving his beard early this week, and it could be the reason why he (seemingly) hasn't left the state of Georgia - not even for LA and awards shows, unfortunately. I would have loved to see him on the red carpet for Critics' Choice (ironically, even the winner of Jake's category wasn't there) or presenting at the Golden Globes. Still, Jake is genuinely busy at the moment.

The year has started under good auspices: he'll be working on a thrilling project with an Oscar-nominee cast (Prisoners), then will co-produce and star in a more personal project (Mississippi Grind), possibly go to Cannes or TIFF with An Enemy, and definitely promote two movies. With the critical praise that An Enemy (and Prisoners) could get him this year, other opportunities may arise. Like projects with highly acclaimed directors. Maybe even a big studio production. If Maggie, universally acknowledged as a serious thespian, can make a summer blockbuster with none other than Roland Emmerich, I think Jake should be open to all possibilities and offers. And I believe the offers will come, along with nominations.

Bright Moon Crystals said...
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BBMISwear said...

It's been fun seeing little bits on line about the start of filming of Prisoners...but the "fake snow" in Georgia makes me laugh! When you list out all Jake has upcoming this year, Laure, it gets me very pumped up for 2013! I think it's going to be another great year for Jake (and his fans). I think there will be a lot of festival activity in his future (great photos and videos for us) but I would liked to have seen him at one award show this week. He is pretty much a "regular" for presenting at the Golden Globes but I don't think he's been on any official list so maybe he is skipping it this year after all. He deserves to skip it if he prefers - we just miss that great opportunity of seeing him all spiffed up! Oh well, plenty of chances to see him this year I'm sure. I hope those people in Georgia are good about using camera phones!!

Happy weekend all...


Laure said...

Not entirely sure he'd want to work with Roland Emmerich again though ;-) I think he's after non-big-studio productions.
Neither am I, Bright Moon Crystals.
I'm just saying, if his highly acclaimed sister can do this type of movie (with a CGI blockbuster director), maybe Jake shouldn't completely rule out a big studio production. With, say, Whedon or Spielberg, maybe...Nolan. That's all I'm sayin'...

I'm hoping for a lot of festival activity too, BBMISwear. :D
Good for him (makes for great buzz worldwide) and good for us (lots of pictures & interviews). Win-win situation.

Fake snow in Georgia for fake Massachusetts - movie magic.

There's a great Oscars analysis from movie critic Michael Smith. Pretty accurate IMO (with a bias towards "Lincoln" but can you blame the guy?). Amongst all the nominations and snubs, he mentions Jake:

BEST ACTOR - In a category consisting of largely the expected choices, there are those who never really got a look from the Academy and should have (Jack Black in "Bernie", Jake Gyllenhaal in "End of Watch"), and then there is the outright snub of John Hawkes in "The Sessions," which is one of the many oversights that has Hollywood baffled.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for the comments - I've been offline for the weekend so good to see you all.

Hi BMC and Maria!

That is funny, Lemniscate! My hubby has a beard - can't imagine him without it...

Hi Sasha and Mermon!

Thanks for the info, Laure! There have been sightings of Jake in NYC this weekend so it looks like he may have popped him before filming starts proper. No Globes for Jake, I think. Fingers crossed for Cannes.

Hi BMC - I'm not so sure. I don't think Jake would want to rule anything out. Be interesting to see where he goes in the future.

Hey Lisa! :-) I don't think he'll be at the Globes (or Oscars). I just hope we have other sightings and yes, Georgia pics!

I'd agree, Laura, about the big movies. I think Jake could do more of those. Maggie does a great mix. Thanks for the link!

Have a great evening everyone! Snow comin...

Maria said...

Jake attended a game in NY, clean shaven. Looks great, ten years younger.

Sonja said...

Shaven?!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Bless him! ;-)

P.S. Snow here as well (Netherlands)