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**Updated Update!** Gyllenhaal-Foner-Sarsgaard Sundance Takeover; meet Detective Loki and End of Watch out on DVD in US today

Update.... Again!

I wanted to post a couple of videos from Sundance - one of the Very Good Girls premiere and the other from Lovelace. I feel that posting the latter is my civic duty because, through this video, you can see for yourself the full horror of what can happen if a Face Pet is allowed to run free and fed too much. No wonder Jake shaved his off. And there was me thinking it had something to do with Prisoners.

A couple of the featurettes from the End of Watch DVD have also been released thanks to 411mania.com.  So here is Watch Your Six:

and Women on Watch

Update! Jake did indeed attention the premiere of Very Good Girls last night (sitting alongside Celebrity Godmother Jamie Lee Curtis) and how proud he looks! Many thanks to IHJ for these spectacular photos.

It's a big week for Jake Gyllenhaal and his family but I'd like to thank them for keeping it relatively low key while I had flu. Tonight, Naomi Foner's movie Very Good Girls - the film of the filmset that Jake frequently visited - has its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. There had been doubts about whether Jake would manage to be there - reminding me of last year when so many thought that Jake was there when all the time he wasn't (or was he?). This time, though, a series of tweets from excited people at Atlanta Airport makes it look as if Jake has indeed made the trip. No doubt in return for doing extra tea duty on the set of Prisoners.

Naomi has spoken a little today about what directing, a shift in her life, means to her.

'Time is not on my side. I came late to directing, although I’ve been writing screenplays for most of my life, so I am in a hurry. In my case, it was, grandma directs a movie. And that meant literally, limiting the time I got to spend with my favorite people on earth, my grand daughter Ramona, and her new sister, Gloria who arrived weeks before we began to shoot. That was a big trade off, but I am hoping that they will get to see this film, and others one day. That they will tell their own stories in some form, because grandma (and mom) keep telling theirs. It’s a struggle to balance family and work for men and women, and filmmaking is especially challenging. But it lets us touch people we would never otherwise know, while still holding our dear ones close. That seems like having your cake and eating it too.'

Of course it never rains but it pours (at least in Britain), and tonight Sundance also sees the screening of Lovelace, a film which stars Peter Sarsgaard. What a day! A big family desert reunion could be on the cards.

Sundance has been a popular film festival for Jake over the last 13 years or so, as just a quick search of the WDW archives reveals. Jake even featured in a movie shot at the Festival. Brokeback Mountain premiered at Sundance (Jake talks about that here) and Donnie Darko and Good Girls also had fine days in the sun. 

And then there was this performance from 2004.

Detective Loki!

This week we got our first look at Jake's new Prisoners character Detective Loki. It's a look a little reminiscent of Nailed and Love and Other Drugs but has several things going for it, not least the well-shorn face. I want to take some scissors to that bouffant though... There are a set of photos over at PoPSugar, including this below of Jake and his relatively hairy co-star, the extremely well-voiced Hugh Jackman. Interestingly, this appears to be Jake's second film character with a neck tattoo! Maybe it would be easier if Jake just had one done.

End of Watch out on Blu Ray and DVD in the US

End of Watch is out in the US on disc today. While the rest of us have a while to wait at least this means we can hear something about the quality of the features. Unfortunately, as we knew, no Jake commentary (such a loss - who can't love Jake's commentaries to Bubble Boy, Donnie Darko, Moonlight Mile and Zodiac?).

Here are some comments from Flix66
'Feature Commentary with Writer/Director David Ayer: A deeply insightful commentary. Ayer goes into a lot of detail explaining his choices for END OF WATCH.
Deleted Scenes (46:41): Seventeen deleted, extended and alternate scenes that at a lot of depth to the characters and film. Although interesting, most of these were rightfully cut to maintain focus and proper pacing. However, I think a few of these would have been OK to keep in the final cut.
Featurettes (10:59): Five very short fluff featurettes about 2 minutes each that offer nothing of much substance – “Fate with a Badge,” “In the Streets,” “Women on Watch,” “Watch Your Six” and “Honors"'

There's a further assessment at CinemaBlend which makes good reading.

This, I believe, may be a DVD feature but it may not be...


So, all of you out there in Atlanta and Utah - keep your eyes peeled and those cameras primed!

Thanks to IHJ and links for photos.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! So good to be feeling almost human again - though don't get too close. I'm very sneezy.

So much going on - this is great! And I love how it involves the whole family. As we hear more from Sundance I'll add to the post.

I'm still making up my mind about the Loki look.... hmmmm

Have a great evening and thanks to you for all the comments while I've been poorly. I really enjoyed reading them all :)

Susan said...

Thanks for the post, Kate. Such exciting days for Jake spotters everywhere! It will be fun to see what images from the set of Prisoners make their way to social media. Wish I could be at Sundance or maybe in Conyers, GA in the coming weeks, but since I can't I will settle for watching my copy of End of Watch on Blu-ray freshly acquired today.
(Note to self: Keep grandchildren away while enjoying End of Watch.)

Eureka said...

Great post Kate. Love to see Jake back at the sets again. And with Wolverine and Jean from Les Miserables.
Looking forward for a pic of them together.
Susan, so great you got your EOW copy. Looking forward to get mine. Not sure when yet.
Let us know how you liked the extras.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My pleasure, Susan! Such exciting times! Enjoy the freshly pressed, freshly bought blu ray :)

Thanks Eureka!

ANTJE said...

Dear Kate!
PLEASE do not tell me you would appreciate a permanent tattoo on Jake's, aherm ... neck??!!??

Jake's freshly shorn face and the parting with his - relatively - long dark curls is a lovely change; frankly, a veeeeery loooooovely change indeed.

PS: END OF WATCH was a huge commercial flop in Germany. Not even 500.000 people found their way into the cinemas. Can you believe that? Okay, I admit it, the film HAS its brutal and "blood-stained" moments, possibly making people want to stay away and spend a Saturday night elsewhere but at the movies. Yet, EOW is also profoundly touching and when I went to watch it I could see nothing but excellent performances presented by all members of cast, even David Harbour with the kitchen knife in his right eye. (I still like his performance in BROKEBACK, when "Randall" shily tries to chat up "Jack".)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for the laugh, Antje! Well, possibly not but it would make all these tattoo roles easier ;) That's terrible about En of Watch in Germany. It does make me think that these films all need to come out at the same time across the world to stop people pirating. But it is true that this type of film may not be to everyone's taste. It had good reviews here but it was out of the theatres in not much more than a week. It was too violent and sweary for me, for instance. But it did have some beautiful moments in it too. Jake does like to challenge us with these roles - and that's probably a good thing :)

BBMISwear said...

Such a great 'full to the brim' post, Kate - thank you! I'm so looking forward to more from Sundance and I'm very interested in seeing Naomi's film when it is released. I wish her luck tonight!

And thank you for the reminder of all the great old Jake Sundance stuff we've been able to enjoy over the years. Revisiting the Brokeback references tonight is especially meaningful on the 5 year anniversary for Heath. So hard to believe...it doesn't feel like it's been that long...I'll never forget the moment I heard the news. :-( I guess I can make myself feel a little bit better with the reminder that today is also the day of my 7 year Brokeback anniversary - the movie that changed my life in so many ways. Sigh.

On a lighter note...I am laughing at your comment from your earlier post regarding Detective Loki's look: "It certainly beats the End of Watch and play look". So very true!! I don't think I am in the majority when it comes to thinking this Loki look is completely gorgeous but maybe it is in part to what you said? That long hair and beautiful (easy to see) face is waaaaaaaay better than some of the alternatives of late (ha ha)!

I agree completely that the low numbers for EoW in Germany and short run in the UK (and probably elsewhere) is another good reason that films should be released at the same time worldwide. Just having that huge buzz and promo push happening in the states would get people in other countries more interested I'm sure. But we all knew this film in particular was very American, very Los Angeles, so it was obvious where they were going to make their money. Hopefully a bit different with An Enemy which isn't so America-centric.

You answered my question regarding the EoW blu-ray before I could even ask - I was wondering if everyone would get a chance to see it today or not. I'm off to watch some of the bonus features now (I've seen the movie 5 times so I guess that can wait for another day)! The features do sound pretty good but, man, what a mistake NOT having Jake do commentary. Jake, Michael and David together would have been perfect (just like Jake, Dustin and Brad were on the Moonlight Mile commentary). But don't get me started on that (Kate can vouch for how I get when I get going on Moonlight Mile, right)?! Hee Hee. Good times.

Thanks again Kate...GREAT stuff...looking forward to more!


Laure said...

Kate, you must've made quite the effort to post such a complex summary of all things Jake while still recovering from a pesky flu. Thank you! You deserve lots of goodies and plenty of rest.

There are so many things to discuss: Jake's wonderful Sundance experience, past and (maybe) present; End of Watch on DVD, and the much anticipated deleted/alternative scenes; Brokeback's sad anniversary, and all the nostalgia & love that brings us together...

First off though: Loki's looks (quite the alliteration).

Clean shaven (thank all the deities), slicked back (freshly cut) hair à la LAOD – pretty much as I expected from the blurry pic tweeted some time ago. Standard detective clothes (I'm assuming there will be a tie accompanying that shirt... and a nice coat).

The surprise comes in the form of a new (totally unexpected for a detective) neck tattoo. It raises all kinds of questions: are police detectives even allowed to have visible tattoos? does that mean Loki will be edgier, more daring from the get-go? will the focused, successful detective have a dark backstory?
The tattoo has to be Jake's idea. I was expecting him to come up with something like this for his gambler character in "Grind", but for Loki – it took me by surprise! Which makes me ponder upon Jake's intriguing although quirky fixations.

Taking the puzzling tattoo out of the equation, the style still makes people go hmmm. At first, I thought some oomph was missing. Later on, I found a better term: it lacks warmth. Jake is a beautiful man with sweet, gentle features, yet Loki seems somber here. Maybe he has decided to stretch his character, make him seem more aloof and cocky initially. So that the imminent reversal of roles will be more compelling.
Or maybe I'm just projecting, because there are other things to take into consideration:
1) Loki won't look exactly like this on screen. Jake's on a coffee and cigarettes break here. On screen, his hair will be carefully styled, the lights will be adjusted, they'll be close-ups on his eyes – the result will be different.
2) This specific style was Jake's, or Villeneuve's, or a joint decision. We may like it more or less (thinking a "Source Code" look would've been better, or "Zodiac"), but what if it suits perfectly the kind of movie they intend to make, a dark, uneasy psychological thriller?

I'll stop here, but I'll come back tomorrow. :)

Dani said...

Thanks for all the great news. How wonderful for the family getting together at Sundance.

I like Jake's new look considering the sheer torture most of us have endured with the beard and shaggy hair.

I bought my copy of EoW today! I'll probably just check out the bonus features first. The movie was definitely not a story people around the world could relate to. People that actually live in LA or near it like I do don't even have first hand experience with that particular segment of the city. Reports on the nightly news is enough to keep me away. But I am happy Jake got what he needed personally from making the film.

Maria said...

Thanks for the great post on the latest developments. Looking forward to see this movie. Interesting new look, still glad the beard has gone. Saw EOW in London, really enjoyed it.
Saw some great Sundance Photos on IHJ.
I am also home, having a nasty flue. Get well soon, Kate! Admire you for posting all this material.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for the comments! In a dash at work at the moment so must be quick now but just to say that I've uploaded a couple of those wonderful images from IHJ. Jake and his mum look great!

Get better soon, Maria x

Back later.....!

BBMISwear said...

Love the pics of Jake and his mom (and god mom) at Sundance - wonderful! You're so right, Kate, look how proud he looks - I love that. After seeing Naomi standing proud at her kids' premieres year after year it is so great to see it reversed for a change - ha ha! Go Mom!

I'm with you, Laure, regarding this intriguing tattoo on Detective Loki. It is not typical for a detective so it makes me think there is some history to this character that we are going to learn about as the story unfolds - making Jake's character even more interesting. And, yes, Jake on a tea/cigarette break dressed in character is a very different look and feel from him 100% in character on film which I think will come off as very, very sexy. I am trying to avoid the script as much as possible but from tid bits here and there I envision this character starting out as a bit obnoxious and cold and then as we get to know him we see a whole other side of him (similar to Jamie in LAOD - they made him look like a real ass at first but then we learned how sweet he really was). I guess we'll see soon enough. Hard ass look or not I see the real Jake under there and he's Lookin' Good to me!

Regarding EoW - I watched the Deleted Scenes on the EoW blu-ray last night and it is the first time I cried while watching a film's deleted scenes - seriously. And not just once - multiple scenes they included did that to me. There are so many and it really made me realize how amazing David Ayer is as a filmmaker - he made the characters dig deep to bring out the emotional side of these guys' lives. How I wish some of these scenes made it into the movie! And such a vision with different outcomes for the ending - wow - really cool to watch. I look forward to everyone being able to get the DVD or blu-ray to enjoy. I hope it's not too long of a wait for those of you not in the states - are there release dates announced yet?

Another long post...sorry...but lots to talk about these days! Have a good day. 0 degrees here - ugh.


mermon said...

I love how it involves the whole family too! How they support and are proud of each other! Peter is a real werewolf! In the highest stage of a beard Jake never looked that bushy.
Here are some pictures from Sundance of him Dakota Fannings and others. Sundance's Very Good Girls Is a Family Reunion For Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard
I like very much what Naomi Foner said about being "grandma directing a movie". About balancing life between her work and a family. She really seems a remarkable woman.
My first impression of Jake's new look was not so positive. But now, after Sundance' pics I like it very much!

lemniscate said...

I'm always surprised how much I've missed when I haven't visited this site for a week or so... Djeesh.

Hope you are feeling much better Kate. I can't wait to get my hands on that Blu-Ray to see EOW's deleted scenes now after reading your experience!

Love that pic of Jake and his mum. She looks so happy and he looks totally chuffed.
I read an interview with her a couple of years back. Can't remember all the details, but recall I felt she was "deep" and direct, very... clear - no BS.
Great that they got to enjoy such a special moment together. I can't wait to see "Very Good Girls". Always had great admiration for the exceptionally talented Dakota Fanning.

@mermon - thanks for that link
Is that Peter? OMG! ;-) Now there's dedication to "the face pet" for ya! Freaky!

@Laure Very interesting perspectives on Loki's character. I also thought the tatt and gold pinky ring would make for an interesting back-story. Jake does seem to have a fascination with tattoos. When I noticed that neck tatt , I was somehow reminded of Uncle Terry and a beautiful scene in "Samsara" - of the heavily tattooed man, gently cradling a little baby girl to sleep. It created an interesting dissonance… Perhaps Loki will need to "loosen up" as a detective and go "old school" to help solve the case? Dunno. Anyway, I hope Villeneuve can make "Prisoners" much more noir and challenging than it currently reads as a synopsis. I find the story rather uninspiring... Haven't we seen this a million times? Surprise me!

Off to work now. Another glorious day in Sydney - no 46 degrees C like last week; that was scary sick - but a beautiful, lightly cloudy, sunny day. I was pleased to hear President Obama put such emphasis on climate change in his inaugural speech. Just hope he can get cracking now and actually make a dent, cause things are getting outta control fast… . Sorry, I digress…

Hope you all stay healthy, safe and comfortable.

Sasha Hoyt said...

@Antje I can understand why EOW wasn't successful in Germany.

First of all - it was released very limited, the closest theater that played it was 70 km away. That's too far for a movie. I live on the border, that's why I saw it in Austria.

Secondly - I think the German dubbing is terrible. It's always different than the original, but with EOW is was worse than ever.
I saw the movie in English first and loved it.
But the German dubbing changed so much of the subtle sense of the dialog, it even destroyed some of the wonderful chemistry between Jake and Michael. And I am not the only one who thinks so. If you read the reviews on Amazon a lot of people say the same thing.

Therefore EOW was missing a lot of word-of-mouth that made the movie so popular in the States.

Even I had a hard time recommending it to friends, I told all of them to get the DVD.

That's just my two tough.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for all the comments. It was Mr WDW's birthday yesterday so I was very offline eating birthday cake so it was great to see you all!

I've just updated the post to include some video extras.

Thanks so much Laure for the kind words. I missed being out of it with the flu. It made me feel much better to get something up. I wonder too if there'll be a difference with Loki's appearance. It's difficult to tell these days when Jake's smoking on set if it's in character or not!

Thanks so much, Dani! I know what you mean. When I was last in LA I wandered into a very unsavoury part of it. Not an experience I'd want to repeat.

I hope your're feeling better, Maria.

Hi BBMISwear :-) Thank you! That's really heartening to hear that the featurettes are that powerful. I'm avoiding the script of Prisoners too. I know little about Loki and I rather like that. I'm intrigued about the tattoo as it does suggest an interesting back history that Jake could have some fun with.

Thanks for the link, Mermon! Blimey, I've gotta say, this look on Peter is just horrendous. He was looking so good!

Thanks so much, Lemniscate - I'm feeling much better now. Those temperatures sound scary. You need some of hours to even them out a bit.

Hi there Sasha! That is a great point about the dubbing. I can imagine in a film like End of Watch that it could do a lot of harm. So much of the film is built upon the adlibbing between Jake and Michael. I just wish that films would always have subtitles, not dubbing. I can't stand it myself. Fortunately in the UK we usually get the subtitles.

Have a good evening everyone!

ANTJE said...

Peter's current face pet is ... I don't know what it is.
Arty-farty? (Sorry.)
But I was told it is for cinematic reasons only. And Maggie arriving in Dublin this week with Ramona, Gloria, a pair of huge red 1980s specs and the granny hairdo - all for love and her latest film as well.

Sasha Hoyt said...

I do wish to believe that the Gyllenhaal family ruins their good looks for artistic reasons, but honestly - looking at the pants Naomi wore for her premiere, I'm not not so sure anymore.
And Peter doesn't even have the excuse of genes.
Let's hope that Jake will, one day, find the strenght to let go of the green cargos and to return to the jeans and sweatshirt look that do him so well.

mermon said...

Thx for adding these videos, Kate! Good to hear Naomi. Basing on pics I thought she's a bit colder person, but listening to her, seeing her face expression I think now she's rather a warm, nice woman.
Peter's hair grows in a strange shape, completely different from Jake's one. So funny.
I can't wait to see Lovelace.

mermon said...

Sasha, Gyllenhaals don't seem to care for clothes too much. I've noticed Naomi's pants too. But judging on other actors clothes this festival is quite at ease.
Rendition just starts on my TV. Hot kiss scene is now. Too bad I'm too sleepy to watch the whole movie.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Antje! Maggie's haircut is really.... interesting. What she an Peter do for art. Let's hope they're good movies.

We must have hope, Sasha, but it's not easy!

Hi Mermon! It is good to hear Naomi speak. Not a common thing at all. Enjoy what you can of Rendition :)

Maria said...

Getting closer to his family didn't improve Jake's taste in clothing. Especially the pants deserve attention.
@kate, I am still at home, a bit bored. I just got antibiotics.

Susan said...

Well, I'm certainly not the fashionista that Sasha is, and since I think I'm safely out of harm's way from Jake's fans who (violently) disagree with me, I'll say it - I think Jake looks just fine in the green cargos and anything else he chooses to wear when he's himself and not "in character." Same for the rest of the family - go for comfort and don't be a slave to someone else's idea of fashion! I was sort of happy to see Naomi in pants. She looked great.

mermon said...

I think Gyllenhaals are people who concentrate on important and deeper things in their lives. And they don't pay too big attention to what they have on outside, but inside rather. I am with you @Susan here on clothes subject. I don't pay too much attention to my clothes, I'm not typical woman in that subject. So anything Jake wears is fine with me. Seems he opts for comfort, ease and freedom. But we have to admit that at special occasions he knows how to impress with good quality suits.

Maria said...

It's in the end up to them! Definitely. In general I disagree that paying attention to clothes means shallowness and lack of interest in a somewhat normale appearance allows you to focus on deeper and more interesting topics. I know many sloppy people with no deeper interests. Besides, dressing up doesn't require that much effort. Some really great people I know - with deeper interests - work in the fashion industry. And personally I think it's fun to have nice clothes.

Laure said...

Those pesky things called work duties took over the last couple of days, but today I’m catching up on Jake's news. Therefore, here I am, on my favorite blog.
We have to thank Kate for continuously updating us (in the midst of a family anniversary and recovering from the flu). This post, much like Peter’s beard, is getting huge. Unlike Peter’s beard though, we don’t want it shortened, on the contrary, we’re delighted to find out more and more.
Let’s see:

– Sundance
It was so good to see Jake with his mother – he’s so proud of her. I especially like the pic where Jake sits besides his godmother, proudly taping the on stage celebration. He’s happy, sweet, full of love; there’s plenty of warmth in these pictures!
It bears repeating: being able to see his face, after half a year of hairy obstruction (and witnessing Peter’s Face Animal), feels like a privilege.
Peter and his scary beard were there – unfortunately, no picture with the brothers-in law. Jenny Lewis (who wrote the music for the film) was there too and, according to Popsugar, she and Jake hung out: ”Jake made the rounds with his pal Jenny Lewis. He looked good while doing so” :D
It really was a family celebration. A loving extended family with close ties. As Dakota Fanning nicely described it: You meet Naomi, and she's like instant maternal love… If you meet Naomi, you meet Ramona, and you meet Jake, and you meet Maggie, and you meet Peter. They are such a connected family – they're very open, warm, loving people."
EW adds that "Elizabeth Olsen first met Foner, who's sort of an unofficial den mother at the Sundance Institute, at the 2011 festival: "I gravitated towards her because she has this amazing maternal wisdom (…) and there was a comfort and trust there because of her own two children".
(The bolded text is an interesting tidbit about Naomi.)

– On set "Prisoners" pics
My bad, BBMISwear, it was tea and cigarettes, not coffee (I went back and took a long look at the IHJ pics).

@ Kate, BBMISwear and lemniscate:
As far as the script goes, curiosity got the best of me last year: I've read the step-by-step recap of the script.
Without giving away any actual spoilers, Loki's a determined, confident, "never lost a case, don't mess with my case" detective to begin with – though, judging by the on set pictures, Jake and Denis may have decided to add more to the character: a gritty backstory, it seems.
Detective Loki has a compelling heroic character arc. He’s extremely relevant to the story, sort of a secondary lead, after Hugh's character (although the movie synopsis doesn't make it clear). Their arcs revolve around moral, religious, ethical and lawful issues. It’s more psychological, though also thrillery. I think it will be very noir.
IMO, it’s unfortunate they’ve decided to use this official synopsis (which is just the premise of a complex story). Not only because it makes Loki (falsely) seem like an afterthought, but primarily because it doesn't attract viewers, making them think: "I’ve seen this movie already". "Prisoners" is nothing like "Taken"; it has a completely different development of the vigilante concept and the characters.

– The "End of Watch" DVD
I'm from Europe, therefore no DVD for me yet. Hence my impatience in finding out more about the deleted scenes; particularly about the alternative endings. From the moment I saw the movie I got the feeling there were many scenes left out, and I believe some poignant scenes involving Jake were cut out in the editing room. (I’m thinking about the still that was used for the awards consideration poster.)

mermon said...

@Maria -" I disagree that paying attention to clothes means shallowness and ..." - I disagree too. That's not what I meant and think! It would be unfair and not true.
@Laure - I like your description of Loki and Prisoners! Psychological, though also thrillery - sounds very interesting!
I can't wait to see alternative endings too! I wonder when it will be sold in Europe.

mermon said...

@Laure, I'm very attracted to Prisoners, even with the description they gave. But thx to what you wrote about it here and on GB some time ago, I'm even more interested! I don't read a plot of a film, I think with the thriller the more unknown mystery, that's better.

BBMISwear said...

I was just thinking about how there is a lot of buzz about Jake's Detective Loki character lately (of course due to those wonderful on set pictures) but we have 2 Jake characters (in one movie no less) to look forward to even sooner! I'm so looking forward to An Enemy!

A note about the DVD bonus features in EoW...I hope I didn't mislead about the alternate ending. There really is only one given but it's just given via a lot of different footage...it's a bit emotional thinking about how things could have turned out (I do prefer the final ending David chose in the end). What there is a lot of, though, are deleted scenes...way more than what I typically see on DVD bonus features! And these are what really got me emotional as I watched...and definitely left me wishing David included them in the final cut. I don't want to give away spoilers so all can enjoy them when they can see them in full but I'll say that some of the deleted scenes that involve Jake and Michael are not only really good acting on their parts but they seem to be really reaching down deep to say what they need to say and end up coming off as close to real cops than I can imagine any actor ever has! What great work they did. And there is a scene that is the exact dialogue of a scene that is in the movie but done a bit differently and in a different location but I found it to be more meaningful than the one that made the final cut. But David knows best of course! Okay that's all I'll say as I don't want to give away too much. What a difficult job the director has choosing which scenes make it into the final cut of a film...I don't envy that process at all!

Happy weekend all! :-)

mermon said...

@Lisa, are they any additional scenes with Janet and Taylor? Like when they walk street together with some grocery bag? Or any other with them? I'd love to see more of them.

Stefanie said...

Mermon there are no extra footage of Janet and Taylor. I kinds wish there was more to there story as well

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the comments (love the info on the DVD, thank you). Still unwell with horrible bad chest (my flu may never leave me, off and on for three months now) but will be up again tomorrow so will respond to your kind comments properly then. Listening to the rain fall... Have a good night and thanks so much for keeping me company!

BBMISwear said...

Awwww...Kate...I hope you can get rid of this thing once and for all and soon! In the meantime we will keep you company from afar.

Stefanie already answered you, Mermon, but I will add that I agree with both of you - would love to see more of Taylor and Janet. Think of all the extra footage they took from that road trip - I am so envious of the people that get to see all that (not the public though). I will add that all the featurettes are the same as what we've seen on the internet already - nothing new there. I still haven't listened to David's commentary - I'm looking forward to that - and will try not to be too angry that Jake wasn't include (ha ha)! :-)

mermon said...

Kate, have you ever seen the doctor during such long time of illness? Maybe you need some special treatment? Please take good care of yourself!
Thx Stefanie & Lisa. Too bad, I counted on Janet & Taylor scenes. But I noticed that in the movie all concentration in promotion, interviews was on Brian/Zavala friendship. It was not even one interview with Anna & Jake together about their relationship. It should be consulted with us fans. Hahaha!

Laure said...

I’m sorry you’re still sick, Kate. This stubborn flu is taking a toll on you...

Thanks for the kind words. I tried my best to give a non-specific, spoiler-free description, more like my subjective overall conclusion.
You're right, with a thriller, the more mystery = the better. The problem is, IMO, that "a father whose daughter is kidnapped decides to take the law into his own hands" sounds too much like the outline for "Taken". When "Prisoners" was announced last year, I saw that kind of reaction ("we've seen it before"; "a Taken knock off") on the commentary sections.
We, Jake's fans, are excited about "Prisoners" (along with Hugh's fans). I'm not sure about the casual, uninformed viewers though.
"Prisoners" has a terrific Oscar-nominated cast and director (4 nominees and 1 winner) and good word-of-mouth inside the industry; IMO, all it needs to achieve BO success come September is smart marketing: an original tagline and intriguing trailers that will distinguish it from the previous vigilante movies.

Also agree on the lack of joint interviews with Jake & Anna. I know that Brian and Mike’s brotherhood was the crux of the movie, but I don’t understand why Brian/Janet together, while being relevant on screen, were given little attention during the promotion.

Thank you for clarifying. I actually thought they were going to include the alternative endings. If I remember correctly, Jake (or David?) said they filmed different versions. I might be wrong though.
And...didn’t the BTS youtube clip include some additional scenes with Brian and Janet? Nothing of the kind on the DVD?

I’m so thrilled for "An Enemy". I honestly believe and hope with all my heart that it will be a success in terms of critical acclaim, revealing sides of Jake we haven’t seen before and making people remember why Jake was nominated for all the awards 7 years ago.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Feeling almost human again just this flippin' cough. So don't get too close...

Some interesting discussions, thank you :) As far as the clothes thing goes, my tuppence worth is that I don't mind what Jake wears so long as I like his shoes. I really liked Naomi's outfit on the red carpet. I love how strong and independent she is and it shows in her clothes. I should point out though that I speak as someone who hasn't bought a new item of clothing since at least 2009.

Thanks so much, Laure, for the kind words. I appreciate that. Detective Lokie sounds like he could have the making of one of Jake's interesting characters. I hope so.

I'm looking forward to An Enemy too, BBMISwear :-) Double Jakes!

Thanks, Mermon :) I just can't shake this flu off but I do hope it won't come back again. There's not much a doctor could do, really, but I do appreciate that :)

Thanks for the comments, Stefanie, Marie, Sasha, Susan too!

Not much news out there at the moment. Jake is obviously very busy. His absence at all these awards shows is a shame. I miss the tux and the big red carpet smile.

Have a good evening, everyone!

BBMISwear said...

So good to "hear your voice" Kate - it must mean you really are feeling better! Good luck with getting all the way better (which I know can be a slow process, but you'll get there).

Hey Laure - the EoW DVD does include that one alternate ending like I mentioned but I agree that it sounds like they did film quite a few endings but we only get to see 2 (the one in the actual film and the one they put on the bonus features). It's so frustrating to know there is probably so much unused footage from this film that we'll never get to see (unless David Ayer wants to invite us to his house for a private screening - ha ha)!!


Laure said...

Hope you're feeling better today, Kate. Sometimes even a simple cold is exhausting. I can’t imagine how you must feel after 3 rounds in the ring with this flu...

Yes, the awards season sans Jake is no fun. Half the excitement is gone. Could we hope for the Academy to invite him as a presenter this year?...

@BBMISwear: If only we didn’t know how much unused footage they have! Then we wouldn’t be so… insatiable! :)

Watching EoW featurettes is becoming nostalgic for me nowadays. Knowing there are 3 new exciting projects in the foreseeable future, "End of Watch" feels like a successful but completed chapter in Jake’s career. Still, it's nice to be reminded of the devotion and passion he put into it, portraying the human being behind and beyond the uniform.

Detective Loki, even if not the lead per se, but the second most important, could become one of Jake’s memorable characters - if they follow the script and the director brings the best in Jake.
I have no idea if or how the script has changed/improved, all I'm hoping is that Denis Villeneuve will let Jake shine and use his best takes.
Obviously, "An Enemy" looks like the more artistic, philosophical of these two projects. The doppelganger characters were probably more challenging. In the end, "Prisoners" and "An Enemy" may remind critics and viewers alike how versatile an actor Jake is.
And then there’ll be "Mississippi Grind": a gambler addict – imagine how many quirky characteristics Jake could add to it (starting with crazy tattoos ;) and peculiar idiosyncrasies).

mermon said...

"If only we didn’t know how much unused footage they have! Then we wouldn’t be so… insatiable!" - exactly!
2013 with three Jake's movies reminds me of 2005 with BBM, Proof and Jarehead! I have a feeling it will be a year of Jake Gyllenhaal!

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