Wednesday, 6 February 2013

End of Watch tops the charts, Jake Gyllenhaal in Atlanta and Mississippi Grind off to Berlin

This post must start with a disclaimer. I am writing it on an alien laptop, my own having decided to pull its own plug yesterday. Therefore, there is a high likelihood of a) typos; b) curses; c) violence. Actually, talking of curses and violence, this brings me on naturally to Jake Gyllenhaal's latest R-rated watch-from-behind-the-fingers movie, End of Watch, which is top of the US DVD sales chart. It is wonderful to see the film repeatting its box office success and this bodes well for the UK release in March. The film may have been rushed over in the theatres but it could come into its own on the smaller screen.

The other good news this week is the news from Deadline that Mississippi Grind, Jake's next film, is to start shooting in the spring. So straight on the heels of Prisoners, Jake will be back at work. Whether it's anywhere near the Mississippi is another matter. It's also good to hear that Mississippi Grind will be proffered at the Berlinale this year, just twelve months after we had the excitement of watching Jake notch up some jury service duty at the German festival.

Jake, meanwhile, continues to film Prisoners in Georgia mising it with visits to Whole Foods and NYC. We also hear that Jake is back doing his Spin classes, known in the gym where he's been seen in Atlanta as Fly Wheel Sports. 'He looked like he worked out hard'.It looks as if photos may be few and far between.

Some time ago we had a poll on WDW in which we put to the vote what type of film we would like to see Jake. The winner was a historical drama (possibly something to do with the white billowing shirts and tight trousers). With the UK gripped by Richard III following his discovery in a Leicester car park, more or less in one piece, the time is ripe for Jake to bring the past to life. I can just see him as a chivalrous knight fighting wrongs and blackguard lords. That or a pirate. What do you think? Any preference?

Thanks to IHJ for the pics.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I'm having terrible trouble posting - my laptop is kaput and I'm borrowing this one and it is awful! I can barely get a sentence out let alone format anything. Please bear with me as I try and get this sorted. Have a good evening!

mermon said...

Poor, poor Kate! I know what's you go through. I experienced the same short time ago! I still don't do my backup!
Jake as Richard III? Why not? I saw him or the reconstruction of him rather on my TV lately. Quite handsome. Jake on a horse looks always good. In the tight pants he would look adorable for sure.
In the meantime, I wonder how Jake will look as a gambler. We know Det. Loki's look already, so it won't be the same. Any ideas how gamblers look alike?
Fresh picture of Jake popped up today. Nice.

For those who don't know it yet - Duncan Jones will direct a 100mln$ budget movie based on a game - World Of Warcraft. I wish him good luck with that. I guess - games lovers are very demanding audience.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind Jake doing historic drama, but I will never again wish to see him with the hair of Prince Dastan.

I liked the Byronesque Poet look he had while promoting End of Watch. The beard was slight, compared to how it ended just before Prisoners began. That would be as far as I could take it.

I don't want Jake to look like Jeremiah Johnson the frontiersman.
The 1890's would be fine. Daniel Day Lewis in Age of Innocence, not Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans.

Laure said...

Greetings from an old friend! I've been AWOL lately because of work [may I trade places with Jake? he could have my daily job; I could have his (former) entire months off]

First of all, how are you, Kate? (besides the technical problems) Hopefully much better.

– That not-so-old clip from the Berlinale reminded me how happy and proud his presence as a member of the jury made us. And it made me eager to rewatch his and Meryl Streep's speeches.

– I'm catching up on Jake's news, and with him, if it's not a spin class or a Whole Food market, it's certainly a place to eat: "Optimist" or "Watershed" or "Yeah! Burger". And seeing that beautiful girl accompanying him, we can rest assured that our boy is settling in just fine. Go Jake! :)

I love that even on what should have been a slow week (no official appearances, just Jake splitting time between work and fun in Atlanta, his temporary "home away from home") there are still plenty of things to talk about, even some official news:

– Great news like EoW's DVD sales going strong, as in #1 in sales charts! Which made me think: what if EoW could become an almost-cult movie (we’re not talking "Donnie Darko" status...)?

– Surprising news like "Mississippi Grind" being marketed at the Berlinale European Film Market 4 months before the actual start of the production!
I also love the new description: "Unlikely gamblers on a winning streak who head to New Orleans and along the way encounter old flames, loan sharks and some bad bets". Hopefully the old flame scenario will apply to the younger character ;).
I expect the movie to be a touching, soulful character study, yet definitely lighter than EoW, An Enemy or Prisoners.
From the gambler movies I saw – old(er) ones (The Hustler and Colour of Money, Maverick) and new ones (Lucky You) – there is no specific look (as opposed to, say, a drug addict look). The colorful characters are usually the supporting/comic relief ones; the leads look like every man: they are con artists, you can't "read" them, they "read" you, it's how they win. Therefore, an actor can go everywhere which a character like this. I expect Jake to revel in it, adding anything from subtle quirks to striking tattoos (if his police detective wears one, imagine what he'll do with a gambler). Plus, he can move within a wide spectrum of emotions and characteristics: restrained and focused when gambling; wild or vulnerable outside the game. And with the setting being The South, we may hear Jake using that sweet accent...

– The twitter session with Duncan Jones was great. I'm glad for his chance to become a BO success with "Warcraft" – ‘cause later on, he can do his Nolan-ish mindbending movies with Jake! What I like the most about "Source Code" (one of my favorites) is Jake’s performance. Within the context of Colter's claustrophobic story, Duncan Jones made the most of Jake’s acting skills. The pod scenes were fantastic; Duncan pushed Jake artistically and, as a result, he found new ways of expressing confusion, anxiety, vulnerability, anger.

Laure said...

– For a period piece, a beard could be suitable - just nicely trimmed and groomed. Definitely not the unkempt Hatfields and McCoys type!
– Long(er) hair? I think Jake could pull it off (pun intended) just fine - only professionally styled. Jake has great hair. On Graham Norton Show, I liked his "romantic poet" style; it was the shaggy "dog on his face" that tampered the image.
– Tight pants? Dear Lord!

Jake would be perfect in a romantic period movie (remember Rufus Sewell in "Dangerous Beauty"?).
Just as well, he could play Mr. Darcy in a re-remake of "Pride and Prejudice", or Edward Ferrars in (not Ang’s) "Sense and Sensibility".

(And yes, Richard III had a rather handsome face, according to the reconstruction.)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Thank, Mermon! The good news is that we've now managed to get all my files off the laptop so thank heavens for that - Italian photos saved. I back it up a lot but not for the last two months. But all fine now. Now we just need to get the bloody thing working or replaced.

Thanks for the link to the picture - very nice!

Hi 01:22 :) Gotta admit I quite liked the PoP hair. I just saw photos of Colin Farrell on his new film set and he has diabolical hair! The Age of Innocence era is such an attractive one.

Hi Laure! Good to see you and thanks so much! I still have a cough but so much better now :) It's great learning about Jake's Atlanta. It looks as if Jake is getting to know it and enjoying the restaurants.

I think that End of Watch could well achieve cult status for police dramas. It should always find new audiences. But yep Donnie Darko is unique.

Mississippi Grind sounds like one of those Road Movies, which could be good. I think it will be light, which we'll need I think by then!

I loved Duncan's tweetalong! He is such a generous director. Jake and Duncan were a great team and I think both got so much from the experience. Certainly an important stepping stone in Duncan's career. Good for Jake to be involved more too. But above all else, such a good film. My favourite of Jake's more recent career.

I really can see Jake as some romantic hero in a dramatisation of a classic novel. I would like to see something lighter in the future.

Have a great day everyone! Is it Friday yet?

ANTJE said...

EOW tops the US DVD charts?
Unfortunately the DVD release in Germany is not due before late April/late spring (according to
Yet, I DO hope it'll do better than when it was in the cinemas over here earlier this year. Can't help it but I like the movie, despite its frightful moments.

PS: Everytime my laptop decides to call it quits I also have difficulty using someone else's "machine". I haven't found out yet why. ;-)))

Susan said...

Hi Kate! Glad to hear your laptop woes are behind you, mostly at least.
"I can just see him as a chivalrous knight fighting wrongs and blackguard lords. That or a pirate."

I can too! Actually your description immediately brought to mind some of the great swashbuckling movies of Errol Flynn, particularly Captain Blood. It just so happens that Errol Flynn is in my top 5 favorite movie stars of all time - I LOVE those old romantic action films. It's a pity they don't get made any more because I think Jake would be perfect.

Just for the record, I like the Dastan hair/look very much. But only on Dastan, of course.

BBMISwear said...

I'm glad you were able to get your computer files, Kate - but always so frustrating when one's computer is on the fritz - ugh! Thanks for the update om Jake movie and around town news!

I agree, Laure - there's a good amount of Jake news right now even when there isn't anything official going on in the public eye for him at the moment. I am really looking forward to Jake's role in Mississippi Grind - I think it will be a fun character!

As I've said before, this really is a great time for Jake (and us fans!) with 3 projects going on at once in one stage or another (pre-production, in production and post-production). I love this!!!

He's Lookin' Good in that photo talking to that very pretty brunette at the burger place. Looking forward to more pics and news.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Antje! I am sorry you have such a wait. I have decided I hate netbooks!

Hi Susan! The problems... how they continue...But light on the horizon as Mr WDW continues to try and fix it. I love the idea of Jake as a swashbuckler! I've just finished a novel about pirate and I can see Jake in a fun glamorous film like that. But that may be more to my taste than Jake's!

Good to see you BBMISwear :-) Oh it's been so frustrating! Just horrendous. On yet another computer tonight which seems to work a bit better. I miss Jake but at least we know he's busy for us! We will have an incredible year in store - three movies to come almost on top of one another. Excellent. And lookin' good!

Have a good evening everyone :)

ANTJE said...

Even though I have a university degree in English (firmly believing that I've seen it all, the good and the bad) I'm still eager to learn new vocabulary.
A computer "on the fritz"???? Ooooh, I love this expression. Must add it to my personal "Urban Dictionary".

BBMISwear said...

You made me laugh Antje! Sometimes I forget that there are so many people that visit WDW from so many different parts of the world that I might be saying something that won't make much sense to people in other areas. But you're right - it's always fun to hear new words and phrases and we get that here!

P.S. To anyone in the U.S. northeast I hope you're prepared for the predicted 2 feet of snow we're going to get - yikes - I won't be able to open my back door!! (I just hope we don't lose power or internet - if I'm going to be stuck in for 24 hours I need my electronics)!! :-)

mermon said...

A little news about An Enemy score - it will be a violin in it!
Recorded the film score today for a thriller starting #jakegyllenhaal too much fun, always wanted to record some scary strings.
it was for #AnEnemy I played violin on the score. I can't wait to see it too, they said #jakegyllenhaal gives an epic performance

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Anonymous said...

Deffo tight trousers and billowing white shirts :-)

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