Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal and Emmy Rossum melt the ice

At the New York premiere for Beautiful Creatures this week, Interview magazine asked the lovely Emmy Rossum for embarrassing memories from when she was 16 years old:

"I was filming The Day After Tomorrow, it was my first big film, and I had to kiss Jake Gyllenhaal, so I was really nervous. The night before, I got a big zit and, stupidly, I picked at it, so then it was bigger and infected and had a scab over it. Jake called it my ‘third eye,'" Rossum recalled. Her 16-year-old self was crushed —"He's never going to want to kiss me now!"

In an earlier interview for USA Weekend (the link now no longer exists except in the WDW archives), we were told: 'This 19-year-old is no wallflower. When she met hunky star Jake Gyllenhaal one morning a few years ago, Rossum pulled a move worthy of the Phantom. "I went over to him and said, 'Look, I know it's 9 a.m., but is it OK if I kiss you?' " Rossum recalls. When he consented ("He said, 'It's never too early!' "), she obliged. "I knew if I didn't do it, it would seem like I was scared. And I wanted to kiss him. He's very, very cute."'

There's more from A Girl's World on what it was like to work with Jake.

'Fantastic! He’s a fantastic guy. He’s very intelligent. It was funny because I was kind of like the only girl on the set. There was Mark Gordon, our producer, Roland, Jake, Dennis Quaid and me. So, he’s like the big brother I never had. So it was really nice. We also work in kind of a similar way. We both put a lot of emphasis on preparation but then we get there and we kind of let it rip and are intuitive in a lot of ways within the bounds of the character and the arc. I think we work really well together.... He’s quite goofy in reality. I think we were so cold and wet and shivering most of the time that nobody had enough energy to pull pranks after running through that tank 500 times in one day with Roland going ‘do it again’! But he’s very much positive. He has a lot of positive energy.'

There's another account of the audition with less kissing: 'I definitely auditioned. I went in and sat on the bench next to all the other girls that were auditioning. I wasn’t given any kind of special treatment by any means. I got a meeting with Roland and Mark, went in and read for them, got a screen test with Jake, went in and I did that. I knew that that screen test was the moment when I had to prove myself. That’s when you’ve gotta show it. You’ve gotta bring it. I think that anybody can run through water but not necessarily anybody can run through water while bringing the heart and emotion to the character.'

As for making chemistry: 'There was no choice for me. It was gonna be there. It also wasn’t difficult. He’s terribly attractive. So it wasn’t like the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my whole life but, at the same time, I think the heat had to be there. Somebody had to melt the ice! (laughter).'

Thanks to IHJ for the last new old picture from the Berlin photocall for The Day After Tomorrow.

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Wet Dark and Wild said...

I love these pictures of Jake and Emmy so much! Great to post them. I'm so glad Emmy still remembers all this.

Have a good evening everyone!

Susan said...

Wow - spooky timing! Maybe it's only due to the exceptionally cold temperatures I've had to endure lately, not some sort of psychic wavelength connecting me to your post topic, but I've been thinking about The Day After Tomorrow all day long and fighting the urge to pop in the DVD (only because I have actual real work to do). That movie is such a hoot - lots of young Jake to concentrate on. He certainly made a very convincing cold and wet Sam, didn't he?

Thanks for the post, Kate. I was not familiar with Emmy's interviews on TDAT. What a lucky girl!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! It really is Day After the Tomorrow weather. I am very tired of this weather! I am not, however, tired of TDAT :)

BBMISwear said...

I just stopped by to make a "general" comment on the blog since there hasn't been much new stuff going on and was happy to see a new post! I love that there is always at least some old/new stuff that surfaces from time to time (it helps when we are short on new/new stuff)!

Thanks for the walk down memory lane with Emmy and Jake - I remember that bit about the "kissing screen test" - what a lucky girl! I love hearing what Jake's fellow cast members have to say about him (and it's always all good).

What a detailed comment from Laure in the last post - reminds me of when I have been buried under work projects at times and couldn't get here as much as I liked and then needed to catch up big time! I'm glad I normally get to visit here every couple of days or so as I need my fix - ha ha!

And what I REALLY came here to comment on (almost forgot with the new post) was that I finally watched the EoW bluray again and this time with David Ayer's commentary - what a treat!! Of course I would have preferred that Jake be involved in the commentary but I can say that David did a terrific job on his own. He gives so much info about locations and the actors and there are a few bits about things Jake filmed himself and a couple of lovely bits about some scenes Jake and Anna did together. I highly recommend that everyone watch it once they get the DVD or bluray - very enjoyable and a great learning experience. (I also learned a lot about different cameras and filming techniques that I never new I'd ever know anything about - ha ha)!

Until next time... :-)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, thanks !
Here's to kissing Jake - he's great kisser :-X

mermon said...

What a cute post Kate! Young Jake in TDAT was so charming, no wonder Emmy talked about him and kissing audition so many times. I wonder if all the other waiting girls from that bench had to (had a chance) kiss him as well. Anyway audition may be fun sometimes for sure!
I met Emmy first in Phantom Of The Opera with Gerald Butler. I liked it.
'It's never too early(for kissing)!' Bravo Jake, bright answer!
Thanks Laure for an interesting comment.

Sonja said...

I saw 'The day after tomorrow' only a couple of weeks ago on Dutch tv, so it's still quite fresh in my memory.
I like it how Emmy remembers her moments with Jake after all these years - in fact, I think all his on-screen partners remember their love scenes with him vividly! ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you BBMISwear! :-) I love the long comments and chats. Keeps us company while Jake's out there earning a crust and keeping away from the photographers (or red carpets!).

That's fab about the End of Watch commentary. I'm looking forward to listening to it. It may well make the film easier to watch again (I am very squeamish...). Hmmm, camera angle expert... I'm reminded now of our stage craft from our Mass. trip!

Thanks so much, 17:16!

So glad you liked it, Mermon! That would have been a very memorable audition. Exhausting for Jake! ;)

Hi Sonja! I think they do, too. Emmy seems to talk about it a lot, as does Ellen Pompeo. I think Gwyneth has just blocked it out... ;)

Have a lovely evening everyone! Friday tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

I love the last photo - of Emmy and Jake laughing - so natural - makes me feel joyful too!

I love it too that you can see Jake's grey fillings. One wonders when they were done and if he chose not to have white fillings and for what reason - I like to think that it's because Jake's not vain at all. His quirky teeth are just one of the many delightful things about Jake - instead of the usual fake Hollywood teeth :-) X

mermon said...

Anonymous - that's funny what you said about Jake's fillings. I think he has different now. Whiter ones. Maybe because of pictures like this. :)
Funny like anything concerning Jake may awake warm feelings for him.
Have a great weekend everybody.

BBMISwear said...

Oh Kate you made me smile from ear to ear with your comment regarding camera angles and our adventures running around Massachusetts! What a memory! I must subconsciously learn these things from directors so I can later act them out - ha ha! Just think of all we learned from Brad Silberling's commentary on Moonlight Mile and then recreated some of those camera angles - so much fun - and great pictures to look back on!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. It's going to be strange to not see Jake at any Oscar events - not typical - but what a nice break for him.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi 17:34! I don't think I'd noticed to be honest but it's good to think Jake doesn't care about that sort of thing :) Those are lovely photos!

Hi there Mermon!

Hey BBMISwear :-) This all gave me SUCH good memories about our times in MA! Definitely director qualities! So much fun :)

With the Oscars looming I've been trying to watch some movies, Lincoln today and Argo tomorrow. Here's my review of Lincoln from MovieBrit

Have a good evening!

Sydney Management Consultants said...

She's so beautiful.thanks for sharing here your all events picks.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Did any of you see the Oscars? Thrilled for Anne Hathaway and for Ang. And for Daniel Day Lewis. I missed seeing Jake there, though, I cannot lie. Maybe next year...

Have a good evening everyone!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he's become fed up with the awards business like many other film makers have become, like I am.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning-ish everyone!

Hi 8:09 - that could well be true, or he could just be busy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next year.

Have a good daya everyone!

mermon said...

From Twitter Feb.24:
Worked with Jake Gyllenhaal the other day on the film Prisoners. Great guy and terrific actor. Tuesday we add Hugh Jackman to our mix. Cool!
Does it mean that today they started to shoot common scenes? I guess, since two characters are a bit antagonist, they didn't need to socialize too much, to get friendly etc.
I missed Jake very much at Oscars. It would be so great if he could congratulate Ang Lee and Anne Hathaway in person. I was very, very happy for them. Next year with two movies' release Jake will have a double chance to be nominated. This year was very strong competition.

Sherlie Yulvianti said...

Hi.. I'm 31, a working mom and a wife. I never saw Jake's movie until 3 weeks ago. And I fall in love!!! I never had any celebrity crush until I saw Jake. God was in the good mood when He created him. I browse hours everyday on internet to find news about him. I'm obsessed!! Its driving me crazy!! The more I watched his interview on youtube or read an article about him, the more I gather information about him, The more I fall.. I wish the best for him in his life and love too. I think he is the most humble, downe to earth, loving and a very talented actors too. Hopefully he can get an oscar too like Anne. All the best for Jake!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherlie, yes, he is totally yummy isn't he! Never met anyone like him!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! I bet Jake was so pleased for Ang and Anne and no doubt he was cheering on Hugh (and maybe singing along!). I hope next year we see Jake back on that red carpet.

Hello Sherlie! Welcome! Thanks so much for commenting and saying hello. You are most certainly not alone. There are a lot of like minded people here. In the archives are hundreds of interviews with Jake so I do hope you enjoy looking through them. Lots of adventures too. So good to see you and do come back!

Sonja said...

Hi Sherlie! Welcome!
We all share your obsession here :-)

"God was in the good mood when He created him" <--- That's soooooo true!
What movie did you see? My first was "Brokeback Mountain", in which he starred with Heath Ledger. It's still my all time favorite Jake movie!