Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Keeping up to date with Jake Gyllenhaal - BAFTAs, Santa Monica, AIAF, Prisoners, Prince of Persia, This is Our Youth and more!

Last weekend, London was soaked in torrential rain and sleet - that can mean only one thing: BAFTAs. And while Jake Gyllenhaal was not in attendance this year (probably just as well because when I saw Jake on the famously soapy BAFTA red carpet back in 2007, it took a good week before I could rid myself of lingering hypothermia), his Prisoners co-star was, the Well-Voiced Hugh Jackman. Hugh might not have beaten Daniel Day Lewis in the race to the Best Actor Gong but he did provide a very pleasant distraction from Helen Mirren's new pink hairdo. I don't want to say anything too harsh about the pink do because I still feel a little bit of guilt for yelling at her to get out of the way back in 2007 when she chose to linger right in front of Jake. Obviously this is understandable but it did little for my view.


You can read about my experience of the 2007 BAFTAs in strictly unnecessary detail here. The shaky nature of some of my photos can be blamed on extremely localised seismic activity. With Well-Voiced Hugh busy in London, this no doubt left Jake with a bit of leisure time and so last weekend Jake was seen arriving at a hotel in Santa Monica. Was he in LA for the Mumford and Sons Grammy Victory, I wonder...? Many thanks to IHJ!


But while the filming seems remarkably low key, this week we got a very good look at Jake in character as Detective Loki when he was snapped being given the Heimlich Manoeuvre.


Filming, though, continues apace and very politely.


Otherwise, on the filming front, we have the little piece of news that the music is being recorded for An Enemy at the moment and it involves 'scary strings'.

Arts in the Armed Forces

Back in November, we were lucky to have our very own reporter, Lisa, at the Arts in the Armed Forces event in NYC, which Jake attended and gave a reading at. You can read Lisa's exclusive report here. This week, Lisa emailed me further photos from the event which not only show Jake but also Lisa and Ted! Jake is in full Face Pet disguise... It is well worth keeping an eye on the website for further photos. Thanks so much, Lisa!



King of Persia

The King of Persia has been speaking about the Prince of Persia. Richard Coyle reveals here that he and Jake are still good friends. With this brief interview, the happy memories come flooding back, a fair few of them involving ostriches. 'I did a play in the West End called 'Proof' with Gwyneth Paltrow, and then John Madden - the director - made a movie of it with Gwyneth Paltrow. And Jake played Hal [Harold Dobbs], my part. So Jake had been to see the play and we chatted. We sort of bonded over it. When we met again on 'Prince of Persia' there was a kind of dynamic of older brother, younger brother. Probably just because of that but also because I had played his part and he'd come and watch me do the original. I suppose there was a mutual respect and that already helped us together. And we have a lovely dynamic now, we still speak often.' Click and this pic shall be much embiggened.


And finally...

Stephanie has kindly uploaded new old pictures from a photoshoot for Jake's appearance in the West End production This is Our Youth back in 2002. There are lots more there, so thanks to IHJ.



Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Good to see you all and I have a working laptop!!

Susan said...

Hi Kate! Let's hear it for working laptops - YAY!!!

Great post and thank you so much for being on top of all the latest news. I must admit my favoritest piece of this one is the photo from Prince of Persia. Looking at it makes me hungry - and the food looks yummy too!

You have once again provided me a very welcome respite from a frazzled work day. My huge thanks to you accompanied by a virtual beverage of your choice (until the day I can buy you an actual one).

Maria said...

Great post, thanks a lot for the update.

mermon said...

Kate, I went through your 2007 BAFTA's memories with pleasure! What a day, what an excitement! Jake looked wonderful then - Rendition's look - and was incredibly loosen up!
I never knew that Richard Coyle (Tus in POP) played Hal in a play! He's quite few years older than Jake, so probably his Hal was different. I bet, not so cute like Jake! It's nice that Jake and him keep contact. Thank you for that information. There are still things to discover about Jake!
I like this latest pic of stiff Jake and a fangirl in heaven LOL. The need for Heimlich Manoeuvre would explain the look on his face. Hahaha! That was funny, Kate!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan - and yeay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. I had such a good time writing it. That pic from PoP is one of my very favourites. It was my desktop wallpaper for ages. And thank you for the drink! Cheers x

Thanks, Maria! I'm so glad you liked it.

That is wonderful, Mermon! That was one of the best days of my life, no doubt at all and I still get a thrill going back to it. It really makes me happy to know you've read it and enjoyed it. I didn't know that about Richard and Proof either. Small world....

Have a good evening everyone! Is it Friday yet?

BBMISwear said...

What a wonderful post - great old & new stuff!

I love hearing your BAFTA stories, Kate - such fun memories (and you always make me laugh with your style of writing)!

Sigh...Casa DEL MAR...that just makes me think of Ennis del Mar. Can't help it. I wondered about that very quick trip to the west coast - I wish there were more bits about that but I'm sure he's happy he was able to do that and stay fairly under the radar.

I love that PoP photo too - THUD! You have me laughing out loud with that "heimlich maneuver" fan photo - it really does look like that now that you mention it - ha ha!

What a nice surprise to see you included me and Ted in your photo update from Arts in the Armed Forces. I expected to see the new pics of Jake that surfaced here but not the picture of me and Ted - how nice of you! What a great night that was - I still wish they got a picture of him with his Red Sox cap on (of course that's all I wanted to talk to him about - hee hee)!

Thanks again for the work you put into this post - very entertaining! Happy almost weekend. :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, BBMISwear :-)! There was no way I wasn't going to put up that wonderful picture! Absolutely love it. And now it is the weekend! Yeay!

Have a good Friday everyone. Watch out for meteors!

BBMISwear said...

The weekend seemed to fly by - and lots of bits about Jake at the Mumford and Sons concert and then hanging out with them after. Oh to have been one of the lucky people who happened to stumble upon them hanging out. My weekend wasn't quite as exciting I'm afraid!

Hope all is good with everyone here and we get more sightings (and pictures) soon. We've got to look at something while there is no movie news - hee hee! :-)

Laure said...

Hello again! I know my posts are scarce – hopefully next month the workload will be less heavy. Ditto for the stress.

The good news though... you have a working laptop, Kate! Go, Mr. WDW! :D

Jake is really helping nowadays by keeping things low-key (I have to prepare for the coming months though: possible Cannes presence, then the promotion frenzy).
You, dear Kate, on the other hand, with your wonderful, elaborate, nostalgic, witty, hilarious posts, aren’t helping me at all :)

• The BAFTAs
- Absolutely loved the trip down the memory lane. I watched the clips, read everything you wrote, and teared up a bit. I miss those times, not just because 2005-2006-2007 were Jake's best years professionally, but also for the way he was (more open, more hopeful, less aware of the trappings, less hurt; in a word: younger).

[I could've watched 2013 BAFTAs. I didn't: the thought that Jake, as a former recipient of the award, could and should have been there to present, yet he wasn't, bothered me. I mean, why would Clooney (huge star and filmmaker, but never a BAFTA winner; he lost once to...Jake) present the award for supporting actress? Why Jeremy Renner?...] Anyway, nice surprise the award for Emmanuelle Riva!

• Prisoners
- the Heimlich Manoeuvre
Thank you for the laughs, Kate! I literally had tears in my eyes – this time, from too much laughing. I’ll never be able to look at that pic without picturing the Heimlich Manoeuvre being forced upon Jake! :)

- filming continues apace and very politely
It went on swiftly – yet, they may take a break for the Oscars. Nice touch the "thank you" note. Very well behaved crew. On the other hand, Conyers folks were the perfect hosts: no intrusion, noboby taking at least one pic on set...or off set, for that matter). I’ve come to the conclusion that Southerners are too polite – thinking that asking for pics would be an imposition (which is actually true). They tweet their excitement, but no photos.
I guess I’m thankful for the East Coasters more direct approach (as long as they don’t overstep the boundaries of decency). Case in point, the new photo from the airport:
Whenever he goes back to NY (or Philly, this time, for a Mumford and Sons concert), we get more tweets, sightings, photos. And pretty girls make Jake smile – when they’re laid-back and don’t smother him. :)

• Prince of Persia
Lavish pic! And happy memories indeed.
This recent interview with Richard Coyle reveals another longtime friendship (so many things in Jake's life are built on friendship and respect).
Who knew "the King of Persia" played Hal in the original West End stage version of "Proof"?...

In the ‘blast from the past’ series, here’s Emmy Rossum’s endearing admission (at the recent premiere of "Beautiful Creatures", alongside...Viola Davis):

We asked Rossum and Davis about their biggest concerns as 16-year-olds. Davis' answer was pretty standard: "That I would never have a boyfriend."
Rossum, on the other hand, might as well have said "turning evil." "I was filming The Day After Tomorrow, it was my first big film, and I had to kiss Jake Gyllenhaal, so I was really nervous. The night before, I got a big zit and, stupidly, I picked at it, so then it was bigger and infected and had a scab over it. Jake called it my ‘third eye,'" Rossum recalled. Her 16-year-old self was crushed — "He's never going to want to kiss me now!"

Sweet and cute! :) Though, I distinctly remember a clip from the making of TDAT, with Emmy Rossum exuberantly kissing Jake in rehearsals (don't know where I saw it, though).

I'd talk about "An Enemy", but my post is getting much too long (kinda like Peter's beard). À tout à l'heure!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Laure! That's a fantastic comment and I appreciate it so much, lots to think about. I was surprised that Clooney had never presented at the BAFTAs before even though he often seems to be there, but then he hasn't won much. I enjoyed seeing him but great to see Ben Affleck so overwhelmed. This weekend I'll finally see Argo.

Thanks so much for the links!