Tuesday, 19 March 2013

An Enemy is screened and a look back at Jake Gyllenhaal's top 10 movies

An Enemy has had its first screenings. This film, directed by Denis Villeneuve, features not one but two Jake Gyllenhaals, Double Jake, not surprising then that we're especially keen to see it! And Jake - with Jake. The screening took place in the city of filming, Toronto. As you'd expect, details of the viewing are less than scarce (embargo forms will do that) but there are hints.

A tweeter tweeted that 'Jake was really good' but that the film was unfinished, although it did have some music in it. An unfinished film is not a film at its best and so there are criticisms. 'Weird and confusing'. But to distract from that are 'a few love scenes'. Thanks to Mermon for the link!

Meanwhile, Prisoners continues filming in Atlanta. You can read here of details of interior sets and night time filming. At this rate, Jake and Hugh Jackman will becoming quite a fixture in the streets of Atlanta.

On Monday, End of Watch was released on DVD and blu ray in the UK. This prompted Female First - longtime fans and supporters of Jake - to take a look at Jake's Top 10 films in chronological order. I especially like what the article has to say about Brokeback Mountain:

'Brokeback Mountain remains the best performance of Gyllenhaal's career to date as he and Heath Ledger lit up the big screen. The role of Jack Twist was a bold one for Gyllenhaal but it paid off as this is a rich and moving story that placed the gay love story in the mainstream. Both Gyllenhaal and Ledger deliver devastating performances as two men who struggle to hide what they truly are - this was a masterful movie.'

No mention for Zodiac but then you can't have everything. An interesting collection of films which shows just how varied Jake's career has been to date.

Thanks to IHJ for new old pictures, including extra ones from what has to be the worst ever of Jake's photoshoots! As such, it's one of my favourites. There are also photos from Jake's appearance in 2000 at the premiere of Leo DiCaprio's The Beach.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! No Zodiac on the list.... *shakes head*.... Have a good evening!

Susan said...

Hi, Kate. I am shaking my head as well - no Zodiac on that list? I think we could bump The Day After Tomorrow to make room. At least they had the decency to put Prince of Persia on the list.

The more films Jake makes the more difficult it will become to list his top ten "best." After An Enemy and Prisoners, the list should be allowed to grow longer so we don't have to start cutting. I think October Sky is one of his best even if it was one of the earliest.

Come to think of it, I can't recall Jake giving a single bad _performance_ in any of his movies. (Yes, I include Highway - it was not a good movie, but Pilot Kelson was a GREAT performance.) So in my mind I rate the performances on a different scale than the movies.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

I would have place Zodiac in place of The good girl. I agree that Jake has plagreat roles but I like Zodiac over GG. Thanks for the post it waa great. Also glas u now can now own End Of Watch in the UK.

Eureka said...

I'm looking forward to that double dose of Jake. I enjoy the most when Jake has the most time on screen.

So, An Enemy is still rolling! My, for how long now?
That one is going to have me really in trance. Two great actors Hugh and Jake, Jake an Hugh. Lovely!
Thanks Kate.

Sheba said...

Hey, how y'all doing? So good to be back thanks to a beautiful,shiny new Toshiba laptop. Cannot wait to see the twins, Jake and Jacob on the big screen again in An Enemy. Speaking of the twins I just watched 10 mins of Brokeback Mountain and couldn't watch anymore (the ticker couldn't take it) turned it over and there's Love and Other Drugs. Perfect.

However, top 10 for me MUST include Bubble Boy and The Good Girl with Holden as my favourite character ever. Loved Highway too. Piiiiilot!

So time permitting there'll be more posting from me.

mermon said...

It's exciting that An Enemy started to be screened. Hopefully will be more of it soon and we'll start to get some opinions. Jake is busy filming, but we don't get too many news from the set. He must be glad to be left in peace. So would be good to hear at least about An Enemy.

Sonja said...

What? No mention of "Brothers" on that list? I really liked Jake in that one.

Totally agree on "Brokeback", though. It's a masterpiece and Jake's finest performance to date! It's still my favourite movie ever.

Last week I finally found "Lovely & Amazing" on DVD. Quite liked it, actually :-) The movie's a bit weird, and Jake only has a small part in it, but boy... wasn't he cute! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I do love TDAT so I might want to fight for that staying in but no Zodiac?! That is so bad. Still my favourite. I agree about October Sky and Highway. I do hope that the new films live up to these!

Thank you, Jessica!

Hi Eureka! I can't wait for the promo for Prisoners. It's been so quiet while they film it. They need to make it up to us!

It is sooo good to see you Sheba, my friend! I hope the new laptop solves the problems once and for all. Love Piilot!

It would be so good, Mermon :)

I'm glad you liked Lovely, Sonja! Not enough Jake in it but he is cute. I did enjoy Brothers. I listen to the soundtrack so often. I'll never forget how thrilled I was the first time I saw it, watching Jake's first scene in the prison.

Good to see you all! Have a lovely evening.