Thursday, 14 March 2013

End of Watch UK DVD/blu ray release and an Italian Interlude

Buona sera! I have made it back to Blighty, having torn myself reluctantly from a most beautiful part of Italy, that insisted on feeding me good food and good wines while regaling me with culture, archaeology and a good dose of sunshine. Flying back over snow-covered northern Europe made it that little bit harder to come home. If you can stand it, a few photos will follow in an interlude further down the post. I recommend looking at them while quaffing Limoncello.

With filming of Prisoners entering its home straight, End of Watch will hopefully gain a new lease of life in the UK next week. On Monday the DVD and blu ray is released at last, which means I can finally see the film again, trying hard not to shut my eyes at the scary bits. There's a good review over at IGN.

As a result of this, new deleted scenes have been released. One is posted at HeyUGuys while the one below is from Total Film.

Jake Gyllenhaal also appeared in Metro this week answering five questions. Thanks to IHJ for the scan below. You can also read Jake's answers here. I do like this one on the importance of friends:

'With my best friends in the world, we express our love for each other through a whole lot of p***-taking and that’s what this movie conveys. Everybody needs a good friend. Romance and marriage are important but to have a friend you can use as a mirror or a blackboard or whatever, with an objective point of view, that is really important too.'

WDW Campania Interlude

I can't do credit to the beauty and culture of Campania in a few photos but here is just a taster of what we saw over the last few days in one of the most stunning regions of the world I've been too. Gems included Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi as well as two places I have always wanted to visit. A life long ambition has been achieved - Herculaneum and Pompeii. I'll be doing a full post on our visit to the two sites shortly on For Winter Nights but there's a taster here. The two best shots were taken by Mr WDW so thanks to him! The warm sunshine also helped...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Good to be back! Hope you missed me :D

Susan said...

Hi Kate! Yes, you were missed! Glad to have you back and excited to see your gorgeous photos.

Hearing about the release of EOW on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK has inspired me to watch it again. The extra features really are good, just not enough like always. How funny is it that the deleted scene clip featuring a clean-shaven, bald Jake is introduced by a scruffy, hairy-faced Jake? He looks a lot like Uncle Terry, doesn't he? I rather like both of them.

Haven't heard much from the filming of Prisoners lately. Hopefully it's all running on schedule. Also hoping we get lots of goodies the closer we get to the release of An Enemy. Overlapping promotions for the two movies will almost be sensory overload.

mermon said...

Thank you, Kate for sharing interlude pictures with us. Those places are really beautiful. And good, sunny weather added the beauty as well. Must be hard to go back to reality :)

I still don't know when End Of Watch will be on DVD in Poland.Hopefully soon.

Dani said...

Amazing pictures! Glad you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing. :)

BBMISwear said...

So great to have you back and I love what you've showed us so far...can't wait to see more! You brought back some lovely memories for me of me and my family in some of the very places you mention here. In fact, if I am correct, the 11th photo down of Positano just slightly cuts off where our hotel was (a little more to the right) - the most money we have ever spent on a hotel for sure - and worth every penny for that view every day!! So, yes, please more Italian Interludes!

Great news that you will finally get to see EoW again and I agree with Susan - great bonus features but not nearly enough. I feel like we are in a bit of "calm before the storm" with Jake so busy with filming the first half of the year and then so much to come with the release of two movies in the near future. Exciting stuff! Rest will be getting busy soon enough.

Happy weekend all and welcome back Kate!


Bright Moon Crystals said...

Lovely photos Kate! Glad you had a nice time. I'm off to Switzerland to visit my sister and her family on Sunday. She has a little boy and girl under two years old, so I will have my hands full!

Got hold of my last three Jake films to watch the other day: - 'Lovely and Amazing' (better than I thought it'd be despite only a few scenes with Jake), 'Highway' (like I thought it would be - the end made me queasy though!) and 'Bubble Boy' (I made sure I was in the right mood for silly stuff before watching this and I wasn't disappointed - but what an uplifting film and a real surprise - loved seeing Jake laughing and smiling his way through the film - so catching! And the end - a nice surprise - didn't know whether to laugh or cry - those pants...!!)

OneDay... said...

I always love your interludes, and I especially love this one! I have been to Sorrento, Capri, and Pompeii, and it is an incredible experience. I will go back because I must see Positano and I want to go to Herculaneum. Thank you! I am looking forward to a lengthier post about your trip, WDW!

Sonja said...

Hi Kate!

Welcome back! Loved your photos! Italy is a fabulous country, isn't it? And the Italian food... :-)

The Dutch DVD release of 'End of Watch' is March 20th. Looking forward to it!
In the meantime, 'Zodiac' will be on Dutch tv tomorrow, so I won't have to wait too long to see Jake! ;-)

Interesting comment on 'Bubble Boy', BMC. I haven't seen it yet - maybe I should give it a try! If it is as uplifting as you say it is... We all need a movie like that every once in a while!

Laliv Gal said...

Nice to hear from you

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan! That's so kind of you to say so :) The bu ray is out tomorrow now, can't believe it! Prisoners has gone very quiet - clearly it can have few car chases and explosions in it ;)

Thanks Mermon! It's very hard. I've been quite quiet over the last couple of days. And it's snowed today, a lot - unbelievable. I hope you're feeling better.

Thanks so much, Dani! Good to see you!

Hey BBMISwear! :-) That's amazing! I didn't know you'd been to Positano! What a beautiful place. Very quiet when we were there (although I did find some wine...) and how we walked. We walked miles! An amazing bus trip along that coast. Amalfi was utterly gorgeous.

Have a lovely time in Switzerland, BMC - another beautiful country! I love Bubble Boy very much indeed. Do try and catch the commentary. Jake is hysterical on it. My favourite commentary of Jake's without doubt.

Thanks One Day! You must go and see Herculaneum. It's breathtaking, far more intimate than Pompeii and the better for it, I think. You can see it quite thoroughly in about 3 hours. I'll do a fuller post on FWN very soon - I'm just finishing the book that goes with the British Museum exhibition first so that I can tie that in.

Thank you Laliv!

I hope you all have had/are having a lovely weekend! Hopefully with a lot better weather......