Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal continues filming Prisoners and is another cowboy role on the cards?

At the risk of interfering with serious chocolate ingestion and snow shovelling, I thought I'd take this holiday opportunity to a) bemoan the lack of Jake Gyllenhaal sightings and b) post the little information that we have about what Jake's been up to over the last few days. Filming continues on Prisoners in Georgia. Ironically, the best report we have had from the set is when the cameras moved indoors away from the hubbub of the streets. When Prisoners moved into his home, the owner kindly posted some information on it as well as some photos.


 Jake has, however, had a break from filming. He was spotted last Sunday in Frankies in NYC. After the small world coincidence of recording the audiobook for The Great Gatsby, to complement the movie starring friends Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, there is another coincidence brewing on the sidelines. There are reports that Jake is among the actors being considered to star in Jane Got a Gun in which another friend and co-star of Jake's - Natalie Portman. This western features Natalie as a woman on the run from her nasty husband. Originally, that role was to have gone to Jude Law but now that he's dropped out it could go to Jake - or to Tobey. Yet again, Hollywood seems to think that these two actors are interchangeable, especially in movies starring Natalie Portman.

 Wouldn't it be good to see Jake wearing a cowboy hat again?



Anonymous said...

It would be lovely to see Jake in a cowboy hat again - loved the way he flirted with Heath under this rim of his hat in Brokeback Mountain in the opening scenes. However, it will be very interesting to see Jake in a truly 'nasty' roll ;-) Can't really see him as a bad guy - but would be fascinating! Amanda (BMC)

mermon said...

Happy Easter to you Kate and all WDW readers. We have more like Christmas than Easter in Poland due to the weather. Snow everywhere!
It's unbelievable how little pictures we have from Prisoners' set. Thanks to Pastor Paul we have some, made in a pretty living room. I bet we will be able to recognize this stylish place in a movie. He was great to share with us.
So far we still don't know who will be chosen to play in that western. But the idea is very exciting. I'd love to see Jake in it, in a cowboy hat and as a villain. Something worth to wait for. Isn't funny that Natalie, Jake and Tobey are linked together for same project?

Susan said...

Hi Kate and thanks for the new post. The dearth of new Jake sightings and information is very frustrating, isn't it?

I'm with Amanda (BMC) about seeing Jake in a truly nasty role - if he's half as violent and scary playing a villainous husband as he was in the Time to Dance video, he would be awesome!

Mermon, I hope spring will get to Poland very soon. We were teased with a beautiful day yesterday but it's gone cold again today. At least there is some sunshine.

Now I must go in search of chocolate...

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Jake & Natalie work together again. It is intersting if Jake will get a part as a villain. He would make a good villain I think.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter, and remember the snow will be gone soon. If not run to the library and look for Jake! LOL!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Amanda! It would be so lovely - wearing one of his special hats! And this does sound like an interesting role, definitely a baddie.

Happy Easter, Mermon! It's the same here. Hardly been above freezing for months and sill quite a bit of snow on the ground. Horrid! It really is funny that these three actors stay linked like this.

Thanks Susan! And it is, very.... I hope you found lots of choccies :)

Hi 17:57! It really does feel like TDAT end of days at the moment... I'd like to see Jake as a proper villain. About time, I think.

I hope you're all having a good holiday :)

BBMISwear said...

And the answer to "Wouldn't it be good to see Jake wearing a cowboy hat again?" is YES, YES, YES!!! Time will tell but I swoon at the thought. :-)

I am so thankful to Pastor Paul for not only the lovely behind the scenes pictures he posted but the wonderful 'thank you' he gave to Jake and the equally wonderful response Jake gave back. It was right in line with what he said to me and Ted all those years ago. He may never stop hearing thanks, praise, and love for his role in Brokeback Mountain. And that is not a bad thing at all IMHO. *Sigh*

Happy Easter to all that celebrate...I just wrapped up a long day of hosting most of my family at my house (that's a lot of crazy Italians...ha ha)! It was favorite holiday h year by far.

Here's to more Jake sightings (and pictures please people of Atlanta and NYC)!! :-)

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Jake does look good in a cowboy hat. That would be nice. Time will tell if he will ride again as a cowboy. I also would love to see him play a bad, creepy guy. I think that would be a great change. Happy belated Easter. We have been very warm here. Tons of sun. I will send u all some to warm your toes. Lol. Also, big thanks to Pastor Paul for letting us in his home. How cool to see Jake n others work. One more thought, shall it be a cowboy hat and a beard? :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

That sounds like fun, BBMISwear! :-)

Hi Jessica!

There are new pics of Jake out with Naomi in NYC at Easter - I'll put these up later on WDW when it's ok to do so

Bright Moon Crystals said...

Wondering what type of character Loki will be - from the photos he looks quite serious - perhaps he has a 'dark' side, LOL! :-)

And Jake's part in An Enemy - could be interesting too, not entirely innocent...;-) !

Sonja said...

BBMISwear, what was Jake's response? I'd LOVE to know what his comment was!
To me, Jake will always be Jack Twist. I've seen nearly all of his movies now, and enjoyed all of them, but Brokeback... it's special. Unique. I bet he's proud of it.

Thanks! xx

BBMISwear said...

Hi Sonja! Pastor Paul posted that Jake said he was proud to do it (meaning BBM) and appreciated his (Pastor Paul's) comments. He said he took the part without hesitation yet realizing it's impact. It reminded me of the story Jake told Ted and I about a man who approached him shortly after BBM came out who got very emotional while thanking him for doing the movie and Jake told us it means so much when he hears these stories and he's very proud of the movie.

It really makes me think about how it all feels to many people thanking him for being a part of this epic film, some even getting emotional when they speak to him about it and all this years and years later. I agree...I love so many of his movies but this one is so incredibly truly has a life of it's own.

Okay now I'm going to start getting emotional if I don't stop - ha ha! I hope we get some new movie news a trailer maybe?!?! :-)

Sonja said...

Thanks! :-)

This made me think, you know. What a shame Heath isn't with us anymore... I bet he'd be proud too.

lemniscate said...

Hi everyone. Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter. ;-)

@BBMISwear & @Sonja - Yes,... Brokeback Mountain truely has a life of it's own. Noone is indifferent to it. We lost a great man and a brilliant actor. They aired Ned Kelly here the other day (btw, great cast also incl. Orlando Bloom, Joel Edgerton, Geoffrey Rush). Damn, Heath is bloody good in it. Legendary!

Anyway. Just popped in to share this:

Jake Gyllenhaal, Vanessa Redgrave, The Piano Lesson and More Receive Lucille Lortel Award Nominations
Winners of the off-Broadway honors will be announced on May 5.
Here's the link:

So, so proud of him!!! ;-)
Hope he wins it, but the competition is seriously tough.
He strides the abyss between "Hollywood Movie Star" celebrity and "Thespian" artist so well. Difficult at times, I'm sure, but he some how pulls it off. Legendary!

Anonymous said...

Where have you been, no news?