Sunday, 7 April 2013

Film rumours, stage award nominations, Berlin memories and a WDW interlude

Twitter gives and it takes away... Thanks to Twitter - which, as well all know, is not the most reliable of sources despite being the most lavish - we learn that Jake Gyllenhaal will not take the place of Jude Law in Jane Got a Gun opposite Natalie Portman. The cowboy hat will instead be worn by the head of Bradley Cooper.

But hot on the heels of the disappointing news is the hint of a rumour of some more possible good news. Someone tweeted that Jake has signed on to appear with Colin Farrell and Amy Smart in The Land of No Return to be released in 2014. This could be a remake of the 1978 film. If so, Jake may need to pull on all of his Man Vs Wild training. Of course, all of this is floating about up in the clouds of rumour and we may never hear more about it again. If it comes to pass, the worry may be that it will mean a return of Sasquatch Jake...

There is some great news this week. Jake has been nominated for a Lucille Lortel award as Outstanding Featured Actor in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. In further good news for the play, Annie Funke has also been nominated for Outstanding Featured Actress and Beowulf Boritt for Outstanding Scenic Design. Personally, I would have thought that being called Beowul Boritt is reward enough. This bodes well for the Tony Award nominations which will be announced at the end of the month. Jake has good form for his stage career, having won an Evening Standard award for his debut in This Is Our Youth back in 2002.

Berlin memories - Two years ago today

Two years ago today I saw Jake in Berlin at the premiere there of Source Code. A fabulous day, not least because I also met Sasha and other friends and got to explore this incredible city (and drink beer in the zoo). For a trip down a very happy memory lane, here is the first report and here the second.

WDW Interlude - Broughton

Last week, we dodged the remaining snow drifts on the motorbike to visit Broughton Castle, a moated manor house in north Oxfordshire. This beautiful house, built in the 1300s, was the home of William Fiennes in the first half of the 17th century who led forces against Charles I at the Battle of Edgehill in 1642. Rather appropriately, we then headed to Edgehill for fish pie, overlooking the site of the battle in a castle folly that is now a wonderful pub.

Next to the Castle is the manor's church which contains the most impressive tombs, including one that was restored in the Victorian period to its medieval gaudiness. Wall paintings also survive.

To provide a link to the movies, Ralph Fiennes is related to the family that still owns the Castle (and serves the most delicious Victoria sponge cake and tea - although not by them personally...). There are film props in the tearoom.

Photos by IHJ and me.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I cannot believe it's two years.....

I hope you're all having a good weekend. I am, as I have so often being this long and cold winter, ill again. Sigh.... Doing this post did cheer me up though :)

Sasha Hoyt said...

What a fun night we had, Kate! One of my dearest memories.

And hopefully there will be confirmation of a new movie soon.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Me too, Sasha. A very special evening! I'll never forget it.

Eureka said...

Great post Kate.
And yes, 2 yeas already. Time flies. Thanks to WDW I met beautiful BCFF's.
Get well soon.

Tony said...

I do not believe that off broadway is eligible for the Tony Awards, that is strictly Broadway.

Jake will begin filming Mississipi Grind this summer as there is already prep work being done.

BBMISwear said...

Wonderful update WDW - thank you! You are so right to have the first phrase in the post title be "Film Rumours" as isn't it so true that we are constantly hearing (and trying to decipher) the many film rumours that involve Jake?! Oh does keep it interesting I guess! And we will just have to stay tuned to hear more about what is next for the guy. Obviously we can count on Mississippi Grind and lots of promotion for the two films being released this year so I guess that will satisfy us for a while. You made me laugh out loud at the Sasquatch Jake comment...oh how I don't look forward to that if it happens!!

Having seen Jake in his role as Terry 6 times during the play's run last year I can say Jake truly deserves to win the Lucille Lortel award...Go Jake! and Sasha seeing Jake in Berlin was 2 years ago? It's amazing how time flies (and how some of these big events kind of start blurring into one many years, so many great to be a Jake fan)!

Beautiful pictures of your travels - thanks for sharing! I hope whatever illness you got it ends much more quickly than the others...ugh.

A few different events coming up for Jake in the coming weeks so I hope we get some pictures and video. Happy Sunday!


mermon said...

It was so interesting and funny to go through your Berlin/Source Code posts again. I forgot, Jake held your hand between his two. Still sounds unbelievable. Lucky you! It was a good and exciting time. I remember very well waiting for the news and pictures from you and Sasha.
Those Tweeter's rumors about Jake's new movies are not very reliable, but they keep us exciting and curious. Would be good to see Jake in a remake of The Land of No Return, even as a Sasquatch.
I hope Jake will get Lucille Lortel award, he certainly deserves it. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I loved Jake's look when he was promoting Source Code.

Thank you for another wonderful interlude. I hope one day I may visit your wonderful country and see these things. YOu are helping me compile my "list."

WDW, are you saying that the Fiennes of 1300 is related to Joseph & Ralph Fiennes the actors? That is amazing. In our family tree we can only go back to the Great grandparents.

Anonymous said...

Broughton Castle looks amazing, will have to go sometime :-) My partner and I love medieval buildings.
Amanda (BMC) x

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Feeling human again, I'm pleased to say. Thanks for all the well wishes.

Thanks Eureka!

Thanks for the info, Tony. Do you have any info on the prep work?

Thanks so much, BBMISwear :-) Just as well I enjoy these rumours and they do give us something to ruminate on. Things willl definitely perk up later this year though. Must be patient.... Not easy!

Hi Mermon! I can't believe it's two years ago! I'm determined to go back to Berlin as soon as possible. I loved the place. What an exciting time! And yep, fingers crossed...

Hi there 23:47! The Fiennes family is a very posh and wealthy one with quite an aristocratic history so it's easier for them than most to trace their history back in a straight line. I'm not sure how closely Ralph and Joseph are related to the current residents of the house but they're certainly quite close. I hope you do get to visit some time :)

Hi Amanda! It's one of our favourite places :)

Jake's Great Gatsby audio release is out today so do snap it up!