Thursday, 25 April 2013

UPDATE: Nightcrawler! Jake Gyllenhaal seeing double: First image from An Enemy, plus poetry, basketball and a Drama League Award Nomination


According to Variety, Jake will be co-producing and starring in (probably) Nightcrawler alongside Rene Russo.

'Jake Gyllenhaal is continuing to focus on edgy, adult thrillers as he is set to star along with Rene Russo in the indie “Nightcrawler” that Tony Gilroy will produce. Dan Gilroy is helming from a script he penned. Story follows the story of a driven young man who discovers the nocturnal world of L.A. freelance crime journalism. Gilroy will produce along with Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Fox along with Michel Litvak and David Lancaster who are producing and financing via their Bold Films banner. Sierra/Affinity will kick off international sales in Cannes. CAA packaged the film and co-represents the film’s North American distribution rights with WME. The film marks the directorial debut for Dan Gilroy, who co-wrote “The Bourne Legacy” with his brother Tony Gilroy.'

So, another 'driven young man' role.... What do you think?

On with the post...

It's been another busy week for Jake Gyllenhaal. It's been so hectic, surely one could be forgiven for seeing double.

Yes, this week we've had the first image of Jake and Jake from An Enemy or Enemy Within. Whatever the title, it's certain that you'll get twice the Jake for the price of a cinema ticket. With the film due this autumn, it can't be too long before we have a trailer. Thanks to IHJ for this! And hot on the heels of the Nailed images too... (see last post - there are more Nailed images featuring Jessica Biel at

Jake has also been spotted over the last few days in the company of some very familiar faces. On 17 April, Jake attended the Poetry and the Creative Mind event hosted by the Academy of American Poets at the Lincoln Center, NYC. The resulting official pic is a bit of a who's who. Seeing Jake sitting next to one of my favourites, Kathleen Turner, is a cause for celebration.

Jake read Wild Geese by Mary Oliver and Ave Maria by Frank O'Hara. There are more details and images here. This is one of those events I would have loved to have attended.

On 23 April, Jake and Marcus Mumford joined Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor and Spike Lee to watch the Boston Celtics play the New York Knicks at Madison Square Gardens. I must admit that one's eyes are rather distracted in the photo below...

Marcus Mumford, Jake Gyllenhaal, Christine Taylor, Ben Stiller and Spike Lee gave a standing ovation as the Boston Celtics played the New York Knicks during a playoff game at NYC's Madison Square Garden April 23. One has to wonder at Jake's allegiance that night - maybe he cheered for both teams. Whether he liked it or not, Boston Celtics were defeated 87-71. I once umpired a game of basketball in 1985 despite having no knowledge of the rules - so I feel qualified to comment. Thanks to IHJ for the pics!

Also on 23 April, Jake was nominated for a Drama League Award - a Distinguished Performance Award no less - for his performance in If There Is! The awards will be held on 17 May - so much luck to you Jake!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

So much going on now! Love it! Have a good evening everyone :)

Susan said...

You are so right, Kate - so much going on! I'm loving it! Thank you for keeping us updated.

Is Jake a fan of the Boston Celtics? I know he's hardcore about the Red Sox, but that's baseball. Does an allegiance to one professional sports team from a particular city require similar feelings about other teams from the same city? I'm asking because I don't know - my hobby is movies, not sports. ;-)

Now that there have been fresh rumors about Nailed, I can't seem to stop thinking about it. Or maybe it was the photos of Caveman Jake. Whatever! I wouldn't mind if Nailed went straight to disc, I just want to see it. And An Enemy Within. And Prisoners. Oooh, that sounds a bit greedy...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I have trouble telling one of these sports from another to be honest. Except if it involves a tennis ball. Jake has a history of supporting Boston and NYC and LA teams - must make it very confusing. At least all three can't play each other at the same time. We're quite partisan and tribal over here so I'm not sure how it works with Jake.

I want to see more of Caveman Jake :)

ANTJE said...

I wouldn't mind either if NAILED went straight to disc because I just want to see it, too.

A double Jake on film - must we say more??!! And I can't wait to watch that film, too.

Anonymous said...

Those sneakers have to go.

Anonymous said...

and this news on iheartjake- wow! how exciting!!!


Susan said...

Nightcrawler sounds very interesting. Another edgy, adult thriller is fine but I'd still love to see Jake in a comedy now and then. However, I'm not complaining - just keep those movies coming, Jake!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone!

Hi Antje!

Gotta say, 4:39 - I love the trainers :)

Hi Amanda and Susan - just updated the post. I don't know about this one. I'm a fan of Rene Russo so I would be really pleased to see Jake acting with her. If we see Nailed at last this will counteract another intense role!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jake will turn into a bad guy for this new movie. I too am so excited to know he has another movie to do. If he is bad guy or good guy I don't care as long as he is the star.

mermon said...

New movie's news! Hurray!As I read, Rene Rousseau (I like her too!) is a screenwriter's, Dan Gilroy wife. And Nightcrawler's filming will begin in late October, according to The Hollywood Reporter. With at least one premiere in September(Prisoners) Jake will be very busy this autumn!
Finally we have stills from An Enemy! I like it! Two new at IHJ! One is quite cute.
What the time! It's difficult to keep up with Jake now.
Lovely, joyful pics from the game.

mermon said...

Rene Russo, of course! :)

Anonymous said...

I love all these adult thrillers Jake is doing now he's 'grown up :-) He seems very good at playing rolls that are both good and a little 'bad' - like in Brothers & Jarhead. A real person with real problems...

I love thrillers, so very glad he's doing some. But I do love his comedies too. Need more romcoms!! :-)

BBMISwear said...

Great news all the way around for Jake - I will join the group in agreeing that it certainly is exciting to have so much stuff going on lately! I have to say that I'll take any Jake movie I can get (ha ha) but I really would prefer a comedy (might get that if Nailed comes through) or a real straight forward drama/love story. These intense thriller type roles for him rattle me a bit too much when I am viewing his films. I always go to see his movies 4 or 5 times in the theater and buy the DVD the day it comes out for more viewing (and will continue to of course!) but they are getting a bit hard to watch! Either way, looking forward to hearing more about this new project.

Jake looked sooooo good at the Celtics game. And to answer your question, Susan, Jake is/was a Celtics fan. I say is/was because it's hard to say lately where his loyalties lie with all his sports teams. Basketball came up at the taping of the Canadian TV show I was at (he brought it up when the interviewer mentioned hockey - he talked about having friends calling him during the playoffs trying to make him choose between the L.A. Lakers and the Boston Celtics)! The rivalry between the Celtics and the Lakers is for basketball what the rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees is to baseball so I don't envy Jake liking both teams...very hard to deal with! I'm sure his fondness of both is due to part of his growing up happening in Massachusetts in addition to his L.A. roots but lately I think he is leaning away from his Boston teams (which doesn't make me happy). That horrible Yankees cap has got to go IMHO - ha ha!

Sorry...I am surrounded by obsessed Boston sports fans so I can really get going on the subject but am happy to stop right here! More important things going on (like movie news, award nominations, public appearances, etc.)!

Happy weekend all and thank you again to those of you who have passed on your kind thoughts knowing what we've gone through here in Boston...the Jake news has been a good distraction indeed! :-)

ANTJE said...

Oh God, was just watching the latest pics on IHJ. Lovely! Usually I'm not very much into paparazzi shots but the ones taken on Union Square in NYC April, 26th ...
Jake heading straight for the yellow tulips in the foreground?? What?
And his index finger in his jeans pocket. Yep! That's more than just casual; in fact it's very charming. Yet, the camouflage jacket isn't very nice, though.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I noticed the camo jacket -not sure I like camo much, not unless on a real soldier of course ;-)

Anonymous said...

Loved "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver.

Another project?! Fantastic!
Hope "Nightcrawler" can evolve to become Jake's very own movie franchise. After seeing another amazing Iron Man (3rd is the best by far!), I'm still miffed that Jake never got involved in it or something similar. He wants his own franchise. He needs one... It's not for him, it's for his future family... C'mon Mr. Dan Gilroy. Make it happen! ;-)

Gotta run,

P.S.: And would someone please be so kind to find a way to stop, or at least slow down the relentless "Bradley Cooper" rep machine. Hey, I don't think he's a bad actor. In fact, I loved him "Silver Linings Playbook". But I am getting sick of seeing his mug everywhere and him seemingly being the only guy capable of snapping up the good parts. Seriously?! Clear the field man. Let someone else play for a change.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon and Amanda!

Hey BBMISwear :-) Thanks so much for the info on Jake and the Celtics - I had no idea. But glad to hear it.

Hi Antje! I do like those shots :)

Hi 7:53 - Mr WDW has so much camo gear, I'm forever rolling my eyes...

Hey Lemniscate - I'm not a Bradley fan either. He's not a pain but I just can't see the attraction.

New post!