Monday, 6 May 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal at the Lucille Lortel Awards and out and about in NYC. Plus a WDW Spring Interlude

Last night (5 May), the Lucille Lortel Awards took place at New York University's Skirball Center. Jake Gyllenhaal had a nomination for his role in If There Is.... but although he didn't win, the next best thing happened. Jake presented an award to his young co-star in the play, Annie Funke, who was hailed as best featured access for her role. Details here. One suspects Jake was very proud indeed.

Meanwhile, Jake has been seen out and about across NYC over the last few days. He was spotted out for a walk on 2 May with End of Watch co-star America Ferrera, who was also at the Lucille Lortel Awards, before later catching up with Marcus Mumford (photos here).America also attended the Lucille Lortel Awards. Later that evening, Jake attended The Great Gatsby after party with its leading lady Carey Mulligan (and wife of Marcus). Good to hear that also sitting at the same table was another co-star of Jake's, Tobey Maguire. This was the place to be. What a shame I live in Oxford and couldn't make it...

On 3 May, Jake was seen out for a walk with his mum Naomi.

Not all potential new movie news is good news. It turns out that we (and I would argue Jake) had a lucky escape. We hear this week that Jake was considered for a role in The Hangover, as was Lindsay Lohan. Takes a deep breath and exhales in relief. It was not meant to be.

Thanks very much to IHJ for the pics! There are plenty more there.

WDW Interlude

Finally, after the most horrible summer and winter on record, Spring has arrived in the UK! We've had two weeks of warm sunshine now and while more snow should not be ruled out it has meant that I've been escaping the four walls of work and home for the glorious, hay fevery countryside. Time for an interlude...

The Rollright Stones

The Roman villa hidden in the woods of Gloucestershire

Spring at the Cotswold Wildlife Park


May Day in Oxford

Spring in Avebury

Now you see me...

And now you don't.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! So food to see more of Jake this week - and congratulations to Annie! I hope you all had a good May Day long weekend if you get one (I had to work so a bit less fab for me....). Have a good evening!

mermon said...

Very cute pictures in your interlude, Kate! Nice to hear about spring in UK for a change!
Too bad Jake didn't get the award for his role in "If There Is". I'm sure he was a biggest magnet for the audience, but also was giving a great performances in that play. Would be nice if he was appreciated.
But good that Annie Funke received her award. Let's hope to hear Jake presenting that to her.

BBMISwear said...

Nice update...thank you! Annie definitely deserved that award but Jake really deserved one too...I'm a bit disappointed at that. Oh well...there will be other awards in his future I'm sure.

It really has been a treat to see Jake out and about all over NYC these all the pics. Spring certainly has sprung!

Speaking of...beautiful pictures, Kate. Especially love all those animals you caught on camera!

Here's to a good rest of the week and more Jake news! :-)

ANTJE said...

I do like the merry little sheep.

Sonja said...

I think I'll go and watch Brokeback again...! ;-)

ANTJE said...

@ Sonja
Watching BROKEBACK again?
Yeeeaaaah, what a charming idea this is!!!
Remember the scene in which Jake has one of the sheep wrapped around his neck and shoulders while "Jack" and "Ennis" are heading for the mountain with the flock? Ohhhhhh, this is such a nice picture to look at, the struggling/wriggling sheep, the denim shirt, the black hat, Jake being such a wonderful actor ... ... ...
I think you get the idea, don't you?

Sonja said...

My favorite part of Brokeback is the part where Jack & Ennis meet in the parking lot (those opening scenes are truly epic - just watch how Jack leans against his truck!) and all the scenes on the mountain... so, let's say, the first 40 minutes of the movie! ;-)

It's Jake's finest performance to date, IMO.

mermon said...

I love BBM deeply. It's the greatest movie ever. Remembering Jake's looks from under his eyes and from under his hat, and his smirks always reminds me of Ang Lee repeating to Jake, making his scenes: "More sexy!" And he was very sexy indeed in every single scene.
Some more news about Lucille Lortel Awards. A bit about Jake's speech
America Ferrera to Jake Gyllenhaal at the Lucille Lortel Awards: “Don’t Cry When You Lose!”

ANTJE said...

Yay, Sonja and mermon!
There are so many scenes in BBM where Jake is such a wonderful and convincing actor.

"Jack" ...
- leaning at his car when the boys first meet (oh those blue eyes, those, aherm, tight jeans, those ...)
- sightly smirking when he confesses to Ennis that he 'can't cook worth a damn' but that he is quite good with the can opener
- spilling the beans all over his hand and shirt and cursing when Ennis takes off his shirt, socks and boots in Jack's presence for the very first time
- longingly waiting for Ennis in the tent before they make love again
- during the flashback scene when Ennis rides off and Jack looks after him with eyes full of love, loneliness, hopelessness and worry
- being turned down by the hostile rodeo clown
- in bed with Ennis at the Motel Siesta
- fighting with his evil father-in-law over the Thanksgiving turkey
- crying in his car after yet another of Ennis's rejections

Very well girls, I think, you can guess how I'm going to spent the next two hours. Yes, yes, yes, it's been quite some time since I last watched BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

mermon said...

You reminded great scenes, ANTJE. It made me want to watch it again, but it's too late for me.

ANTJE said...

Hi dear mermon!
It's NEVER EVER too late to watch BBM again. (Sigh!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, my fave scene is at the start when Jack and Ennis are flirting under their cowboy hats, so cute! :-)

PS watched End of Watch for the 1st time last night...

ANTJE said...

Did you like it? It's brutally realistic/authentic but yet terribly sad and profoundly moving, isn't it??!

PS: Another remark about BROKEBACK: There is not, I think, one scene, in which Jake does NOT show what a gifted actor he is. Even though it was Heath Ledger who "carried the film on his shoulders", I've always been more interested in Jake's acting. That's not mainly because I'm a huge fan of his acting and acting career but because I have always been more interested in the tragic figure "Jack Twist", even when I read the short story years before the movie was out. I think Jake got the idea of who "Jack Twist" is a hundred percent and was therefore able to bring him to life just as Annie Proulx (or the two screenwriters) ever imagined him to be. I've read hundreds of Gyllenhaal-talks-about-BBM-interviews in which Jake talks about his character, about understanding "Jack's" motives for the things he does and does not, etc., about 'becoming' "Jack Twist". This figure is doomed from the very beginning and in every single scene of the film Jake Gyllenhaal is able to make "Jack's" downfall visible and perceptible for the audience. His intense, powerful and heartfelt acting could even melt a few homophobic souls (like that of my cousin who after reluctantly having watched BBM finally left the cinema a completely new man in 2006!!). Shame that Jake was never awarded the Oscar he was nominated for.

Sonja said...

@mermon & Antje:
When I first saw Brokeback (only last year!), it was Jack who I was interested in. I know the movie focuses on Ennis's point of view, but I would've liked to have seen more of Jack's life, his thoughts and feelings in the movie.

And I guess that's because of Jake's acting. I wanted to see more of Jake, actually. His Jack Twist is totally believable, totally real.
No disrepect to Heath at all, but for me, Jake's the one that brings Brokeback alive.

I couldn't agree more with your comments, Antje! They totally reflect how I feel about Jack!

I didn't even know about the "More sexy!" comments Ang Lee gave him :-) Bless him.

Long live Brokeback!

Anonymous said...


Yes, I love BBM, and I agree it is Jake's best film and best performance, and he should have got an Oscar. I did a cinema studies course and I chose BBM to write my review on. Anyone who wishes to read, please ask and I will include it on forum or email to you. Robbie Colin, a film reviewer on TV and for newspapers went through it for me with his critical eye, which I'm so grateful for. And he liked it!! :-)

ANTJE said...

@ Amanda
How nice!

In 2011 I wrote my dissertation (German equivalent of a PhD called "Dr. phil")in American literature/ English philology about homophobia in the US-society during the 1950s and 1960s, choosing the short story, screenplay and film version BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN as the literary sample. I love all three versions of the story so much and - as a liberal, straight woman - I am so appalled by the fact how homophobic certain parts of the US-society are that I HAD to choose this topic. My dissertation supervisor professor was delighted by my work and my enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...


That's great! Well done :-)


mermon said...

IMO Jack and Ennis are equal in a movie, but my focus was mainly on Jack because of Jake, of course. He's my type of a man and I was freshly after seeing Prince of Persia, falling instantly for Dastan, so seeing BBM, so different, but so powerful, I fall for Jake even more. Movie is made excellently in every detail, whole cast is the best possible, Jake and Heath together and each one alone are beyond words.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more Mermon. Everyone is excellent in it :-)

ANTJE said...

BROKEBACK is so nice to look at when it comes to discussing Jake's talent. But seeing him in JARHEAD (especially the "Shoot-me-you-f****-pussy-scene") is mindblowing as well.
Or even a film as early as OCTOBER SKY (when Jaaakeeey was still such a baaaaaaaaaaaaby) the "Homer-eventually-falling-out-with-his-strict-dad-scene" shows how great Jake is as an actor, considering he has never had a formal training in performing arts at a drama school.
And do you all remember THE GOOD GIRL, girls? The figure "Holden" is bizarre and quite off his mind, but Jake's depiction of this craziness is excellent.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! This is such a great conversation - thanks so much Amanda, Sonja, Antje, Mermon. Hearing how you studied Brokeback like this is inspiring. I've got the DVD out ready o watch again. I have Monday off and I'm hoping to re-watch. I actually dreamed about the film a couple of nights ago.

There are new photos up and the post is about ready but I'll put it up in the morning as I don't want to interrupt the conversation. I really value this kind of talk on the site. I appreciate it. Especially when it's about BBM :)

Eureka said...

Loved reading allthe thread of comments. BBM IS SO AWESOME. I posted some BBM retouched pics in the forum yesterday. What a mind connection coincidece.
Lovely Spring pics Kate.

Anonymous said...

There are so many lambs about in Cornwall, one cannot NOT think about Brokeback when driving around :-)

Watched Source Code again last night, Jake was absolutely fab in that too, brill film :-)

ANTJE said...

'ello, dear Amanda!
You were watching SOURCE CODE last night?
I decided on THE GOOD GIRL to spend a lovely night with.

PS: Maybe DONNIE DARKO for me tonight - both versions.

Sonja said...

Never enough Brokeback, Kate, never enough... ;-)