Friday, 10 May 2013

Watch Jake Gyllenhaal read Wilfred Owen for Words of War - video and images

On 8 May, Jake Gyllenhaal attended the Headline Project's Words of War event in NYC and took to the podium to read Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen, who died on the Front in 1918. You can read the verse of this beautiful poem here. You can also watch Jake read it here.

At the auction, Jake pledged a '$5,000 donation to go toward training efforts in EMDR, a specific kind of psychotherapy used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder'.

From the Wall Street Journal: 'Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, a friend of the Headstrong Project's chairman and executive director Zach Iscol, read a poem by World War I poet Wilfred Owen, after two other veterans, Gerardo Mena and Garrett Anderson, read their own work. "If I spoke for myself, it would do no service," said Mr. Gyllenhaal. "I'm an actor."'

Photos have also emerged of Jake at the Met Gala which took place on 6 May, including more photos of Jake with good friend Marcus Mumford. Vanity Fair has a funny little detail about last Sunday's Lucille Lortel Awards. '“Don’t cry when you lose!” a playful America Ferrera shouted to fellow nominee Jake Gyllenhaal moments before taking her seat'.

Thanks very much to IHJ for all these lovely pictures and especially for that wonderful video. There are lots more there from Jake's busy week.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! I'm a bit gobsmacked by that video, I really am.

mermon said...

Gobsmacked, Kate? Do you mean shocked by the video? Why? I like the poem, very touching.
"Gyllenhaal could barely contain his excitement for his young co-star, giddily running half way across stage to embrace her as she walked up to claim her award."
So sweet of him. I'm sure Jake was happy for Annie to get an award.
Lovely pictures from all the events. I like the most Jake's outfit for Met Gala.

Anonymous said...

Gobsmacked is a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, but I guess sums up the awfulness of war. Loved the way Jake read it.

BBMISwear said...

Cheers to Friday and the many wonderful pictures, blurbs, videos, etc. of Jake over the past couple of weeks - thanks for the continued updates, Kate! Yes, that video is wonderful, isn't it?! It is so great to see him being involved in so many great causes and taking part in many charitable (and just plain social) events lately. NYC has been good for him!

I just read through the comments in the last post and want to send a thank you to those here who shared the many, many, many favorite parts and thoughts of Brokeback Mountain. I'm guessing it's easy to tell (based on my screen name and photo) what my favorite all time movie is - ha ha! Never enough is right!

Often when I check back here and then comment I end with "here's to more Jake news/photos" and we keep getting more each week so I guess I'll say it again - here's to more Jake news and photos! :-)

Have a good weekend all.

ANTJE said...

Gobsmacked, Kate?
Positively or negatively??

I like how Jake reads the poem, albeit a bit too much swaying to and fro for my taste during the performance, I must say.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Sorry for any confusion caused by my use of the very Brit phrase Gobsmacked. This is a pure compliment, as 15:40 says. This is one of my very favourite poems and watching Jake read it just blew me away. Absolutely wonderful.

I love the outfit, Mermon, too. Good to see Jake talk after a long time.

Hi Amanda!

Hey BBMISwear :-) I was thinking of you when reading through those BBC comments and hoping you saw them. Yep, NYC suits Jake.

Hi Antje :)

Have a lovely evening! So glad it's the weekend and I have a long one as I worked last holiday Monday. And so it's gonna rain ;)

ANTJE said...

I must admit that I can't get enough of Jake's public life - his various projects, films, charity groups etc.
Thank God you strictly focus on his PUBLIC life, dear Kate, whenever you publish pieces of information about our hero. His private life is his private life and I am absolutely NOT interested in any gossip magazine trash/rumours about Jake, his love life, his women/girlfriends/lovers or else. He is very sexy and it's fun to discuss his sexiness. But NO talking about his private life, please!!!!! He keeps his private life strictly private, no twitter account, no facebook, which I really appreciate. So Jake Gyllenhaal keeping a low profile about his private life is always respected on this website/blog. There are awful Gyllenhaal-websites on the internet covering endless silly Jake-gossip. Yuk! You do just very well and make a difference, Kate. Thank you so much.

Sonja said...


I agree so very much. You're doing a great job, Kate!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Antje! That is so kind! I'm adamant that no gossip about Jake's private life should take place on WDW and I am so pleased and proud at how that rule has been respected over the years.

Thank you, Sonja!

Hope you're all having a good Saturday. A wet one here but I filled it wisely with Star Trek Into Darkness. Do go and see it on a huge loss screen if you can. Would love to see Jake in a film like that!

ANTJE said...

Was just watching the latest pics on IHJ, Jake flying off on board a helicopter (hope he did not get "air sick" and was in need of a barf bag).
I can't help it but the grey (white??) patch on his beard he's been sporting lately just looks like, aherm, dried leftover toothpaste. Sorry for sounding rude but this grey thingie ... I don't know ... it's just not very appealing. Oh dear.

Maria said...

I agree, the beard and the grey patch on it are so unappealing. Like some scruff, but not this! Wish he would shave or trim the beard.

Good news though, he seems to have quite a few projects lined up.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello Antje and Maria! I wonder where he's off too...

New post!