Friday, 28 June 2013

A new poster and trailer for Prisoners and Jake Gyllenhaal drops out of Mississippi Grind

The good news this week comes in the shape of a second trailer for Prisoners (via Rope of Silicon) and a poster (via IHJ) that would look good on any wall... (see below)

But brace yourselves - there is some less than good news in Gyllendom today. Jake Gyllenhaal is now not Mississippi bound. His place in Mississippi Grind, which seemed so sure, is now taken by Ryan Reynolds - more details here. This is a big surprise because Jake wasn't just set to act in the film, he was also down to produce it, with filming due to start any day. In fact, filming was supposed to have begun in the spring. Clearly, something wasn't right. Does Jake have something else planned for the summer? Or is he biding his time, planning new projects, while he waits to promote An Enemy and Prisoners later this year. It's unlikely that Into the Woods will take much of Jake's time so we must and see what happens. It is a disappointment.

Talking of An Enemy and Prisoners, the speculation has begun about the content for this season's festivals. With thanks to a commentor for the tip, Hitfix predicts that Prisoners and An Enemy will both feature at Venice (28 August - 7 September) even though they are expected to appear at Toronto (5 - 15 September). Films, actors and directors can and do appear at both festivals, as we know from Brokeback for example.  Playlist adds that An Enemy is expected to have a Venice premiere. Whereas Venice's rules insist that films must premiere at the festival, Toronto is less rigid, again supporting the speculation that both could show at Venice and Toronto. It certainly looks as if both could show in Toronto so the question is will they, and Jake, first make an appearance in Venice?

Buzz surrounds Jake for writers - the author of Revenge Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger, is keen to see Jake work with Anne Hathaway if her sequel to Devil Wears Prada grows movie wings. “Jake Gyllenhaal!” the 36-year-old tells Magic FM. “I love him and I love Anne and Jake’s on-screen chemistry." No doubt about that at all.


ANTJE said...

The Jake-poster is so, sooooooooooooo lovely. But the one with Hugh Jackman on it isn't un-sexy either.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ooh that was quick! I totally agree, Antje, they both look great!

ANTJE said...

I'm so hooked. Can hardly wait for AN ENEMY and PRISONERS to be released in Germany. I guess I'll have to wait til next year, thanks to our local "dubbing policy". Usually it takes months before German versions are finished. And most of the time the translations of foreign language screenplays are absolutely horrible!

Sonja said...

That poster is mmmmmmmmmm.... ;-)

I agree on the German dubbing! I've given up watching movies on German tv, as I much prefer movies in their own language.

In the Netherlands, people are currently speculating (once again) who will be playing Christian Grey in '50 Shades of Grey'. Uhm, well...
Somehow I keep reading Jake's name, amongst others of course: Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer... you name it.
Now, as much as I love Jake, I think '50 Shades' wouldn't be a good move for him. The book was horrible, and I can't imagine the movie being better.

By the way Kate, I credited your page on The Ultimate Brokeback Forum, as I posted the link for the news on 'Mississippi Grind' there. I hope you don't mind!

BBMISwear said...

Great update!! I am loving all the movie news and really enjoyed the new Prisoners trailer. Not so happy about the M.G. news and also wondered about Jake's producing of it now. I hope all this means a new project that we just haven't heard about yet or have only heard via unconfirmed rumors. Time will tell!

Thank you for that lovely old video from of my favorites...I've watched it many, many times over the years!

As for Venice and Toronto, yes, lots and lots of speculation by many film related sites which is keeping me on the edge of my seat waiting for confirmation. That's what I meant earlier when I said I am trying to be patient - speculation is nice but I look forward to these 2 major film festivals announcing one or both of these Jake films in their line up. It's going to be a great fall (not to rush summer away or anything)! Hope everyone is having a great start to summer.


ANTJE said...

Jake in "50 Shades"??
I was glad when his name dropped out. But he is supposed to be back as member of cast???
God help him.
- And us, his ever loyal fans and supporters.

Sonja said...


No, I don't think he's back on '50 Shades', it was just a little Dutch survey, you know, like: who would you most like to see as Christian Grey? Jake was mentioned a few times.

Which is perfectly understandable, since he's young enough, handsome, even ehm... HOT ;-) (as we all know) - but obviously Jake has style. I can't even imagine him in '50 Shades'. It would be such a bad career move.

Jake, if you're reading this: Don't do it, darling. Please, don't do it!!

mermon said...

I like the Trailer2, similar, with more scenes.I saw some necklace in it with kind of a maze. I wonder what is all about. Polish title of Prisoners is "A Maze" in translation.
From Bloody Disgusting - a third Prisoners' poster. With Hugh this time. Posters for Prisoners
Thank you Kate, for BBM Venice Photocall clip. I found some other goodies behind it. Like All BBM sections from Bafta.
So Jake is out of Mississippi Grind? I regret, could be a good film with Jake on a road. I saw another film last night, where Jake was supposed to play. "Now You See Me". I enjoyed it very much. It has some weak points, but is very entertaining. With a very likable, great cast.

ANTJE said...

Was just watching one of the latest pap-pics on IHJ. Then I went away. Apart from the fact that I do not want to look at paparazzi-photographs, these taken June, 28th and 29th very clearly show that Jake does NOT want to be "shot" and judging from his face he seems to be in a very bad mood and very angry with those pesky photographers. And rightly so.
Jake is one of the few celebs left who do not have a twitter account and who do not want to present their bare assets on facebook. That's one of the reasons why I like him so much. Paps on the streets and their shots on the world wide web cannot be avoided, but we can "help" Jake by not wanting to look a pics where is being "molested", yeah.

Sonja said...

Antje, I totally agree.

I think I already explained on here why I always feel like an intruder when I'm watching those pics. Imagine what it's like - to be followed everywhere you go...

Same for the gossip stories. I bet Jake can't even just talk to a girl, without it being reported in the papers the next day. No wonder he's a very private person.

I don't blame him. If I was in his shoes, I'd probably feel the same way.

He's famous, and therefor you could say he's probably used to all this, and of course it comes with his job - but he's just a human being, too.

ANTJE said...

Yeah, gossip and paps are part of being a celeb. This is a fact.
But I'm 42 years old, married with a kid and no longer a screaming teenager greedily collecting anything about a "teenager hero". I like Jake's films, am very interested in his career, his charity work and his official (!!!!!) public appearances. I really don't care about who he's sleeping with, where he dines, in which nightclubs he gets drunk and then falls off the bar stool, where he goes jogging, which gyms he visits etc. etc. The fact that he's an incredibly good looking man (yeah!) does not change this. Jake Gyllenhaal is famous for keeping a low profile about his private life and I like this attitude very much. In our celeb-obsessed times we should respect a celeb's privacy or rather: we should respect if a celebrity does not feel like showing the world his/her naked skin (in the true sense of the meaning) wherever he/she goes.

This website/blog here is so different compared to others as Kate's policy to shun the gossip and concentrate on the films, the career, the charity work - and her pics about the English countryside sprinkled in here and there.

But I must admit: I would agree a hundred percent/would't protest if the next SEXIEST MAN ALIVE (s)elected by the PEOPLE MAGAZINE was Mr Jake Gyllenhaal next November.

Sonja said...

Now Antje, let me tell you something :-) My age is actually a secret, but who cares... ;-)))
I thought it was just me, you know.

But last year, after I'd seen BBM and became interested in Jake and his career, I thought: "This is weird! I'm 44 and I'm far too old to idolize a man who's only in his thirties." I mean, I was twelve when Jake was born, ha ha! (I'm now 45).

But then I realized it's really because he's such a great actor. If an actor can make you laugh and cry, and if he can make you care about his character in a movie, it really doesn't matter.
Jake really touched my heart as Jack, just like Heath touched my heart as Ennis - both of them are incredible actors and their performances make Brokeback timeless and immortal IMO.

After seeing nearly all of Jake's movies, it's all about Jake's acting for me, his appeal as an actor, although I think as a person, he's also a funny, smart and sexy guy.
Nothing wrong with that. But I'd rather see one fabulous publicity picture than 50 paparazzi shots in which Jake looks miserable and angry because he's so fed up with the paps.

So I guess we agree once more!

Anonymous said...

well I'm 47! LOL! 15 years older, practically old enough to be his mum ;-)

Would love to see him in the sequel to Devil wears Prada!


PS I'm not gonna look at IHJ anymore - hate seeing the pap pics when Jake is so fed up with them

Wet Dark and Wild said...

hello everyone! Thanks for the comments - very interesting ones here about ages etc. I am, of course, 22 so way too young for Jake ;)

Dubbing is not good and I wish it didn't happen. Fortunately, most foreign-language films over here are subtitled which is much better.

Pap pics is a tricky one. I don't particularly enjoy them myself these days as Jake clearly doesn't want any of them taken. I have always preferred official photos - or fan photos - but there is a part of me that also wants to know what Jake's up to and which city he's in - you can also get clues to what he's working on. I am a nosey person. But these days pap photos give me far less pleasure, if any, than they used to. Must say, though, IHJ is a marvellous wonderful place and we should be grateful to it everyday for the effort that Stephanie makes keeping us up to date on events and happenings, not to mention all the wonderful photos and videos. Without IHJ I doubt there'd be a WDW. So do keep looking at all the other lovely bits of it, Amanda :)

Thank you so much, Antje, about my Interlude pictures!

Hope you're all having a good day. This time next week I'll be off for a few days in Rome - hooray! For the moment, wish work would go away and I could watch the tennis....

Susan said...

Well, as disappointing as it is to hear that Jake has dropped out of Mississippi Grind, I am more excited about Prisoners every day. The new trailer seems to ooze with even more suspense and tension than the first one. That new poster is fantastic, too.

Mermon, I saw Now You See Me and enjoyed it as well. Couldn't help but think it would have been better with Jake, but I tend to think that about all movies...

BBMISwear said...

Hi Kate...did you happen to see a comment from me here from the weekend? I typed one and I thought I saw it go through fine but was reading new comments here just now and don't see mine. Hmmmmm. Some internet glitch I guess! Well I was happy with movie news (not about MG though), liking speculation for Venice and TIFF (but still wanting confirmation - hopefully soon enough) and thanked you for posting that lovely BBM Venice video (one of my favorites - I have watched it many times)! Sorry if I'm duplicating my comment right seems to have gone missing?! :-)

ANTJE said...

Hello, dear Kate!
Stephanie is doing a great job, of course. I love all the pics showing Jakey on official occasions. I could not do without her page, providing me with tons of visual information about Jake's work. Most of the pics she collects ARE wonderful. Her latest smash: The wonderful PRISONERS-poster. Couldn't find it anywhere else but on her site. And if crazy people like me do not want to view the pap-pics, well, that's not Stephanie's problem, is it?? Her site is like a box of Quality Steeet chocolate - everybody's got a favourite of their own.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It really is, Antje! A wonderful site. I love how you describe it!

Ooh, glad you posted again, BBMISwear :-) Since I turned off the robot validation I have been flooded by spam. Luckily it seems like the filters have captured most of it (just filling my inbox with it...) but for some reason I found yours there too. Pulled it out and it should be back again now. Thanks for taking the time to post again! And yes - I want schedules and lineups!

Hope you all have a good evening!

BBMISwear said...

I'm glad I was at least remembering correctly, Kate, regarding my missing post! I do have to say that I don't mind typing in the robot code word - so many websites have that now that I just think of it as part of a regular log-in. If it's easier for you to not have all that spam in your email inbox please know I am fine with typing in that extra code if it helps overall! Just my two cents worth...hope you're having a good week/long weekend (for those who have the long holiday weekend here in the states). :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I hope all of you in the US are enjoying your Independence Day holiday! Not something that's celebrate over here ;) It is though very hot and the tennis is going well.

Thanks, BBMISwear :-) I might have to bring the robot verification back as I'm getting about 200 spam emails a day. Luckily they don't show up on the blog. So thanks for that!

Have a good evening!