Sunday, 23 June 2013

Into the Woods gets a release date, Maggie promotes White House Down and a WDW Jane Austen Interlude

All is quiet in the land of Jake Gyllendom following the excitement of the award shows a week ago. Jake is back in NYC where he has been enjoying the sunshine on bike and on foot. The paps have been just a step or two behind. The confirmations continue that Jake is indeed signed up to the Disney musical Into the Woods, alongside his End of Watch co-star, the extremely overloaded with talent Anna Kendrick. The film also has a release date for the US - 25 December 2014. What a Chrimbo present! Thanks very much to IHJ for the photos!

Maggie, meanwhile, has been busy promoting White House Down which opens in the US next week (and in the UK on the distant 6 September). The film is, of course, directed by a man with many Gyllenhaalinks - Roland Emmerich.

WDW Jane Austen Interlude

Last week, we took a trip into the beautiful countryside of Hampshire to take a look at the village of Chawton, the home of Jane Austen, the place in which she wrote Pride and Prejudice. It's a stunning house, a modest home for a rector's family, filled with memories. It's also full of evocative objects - lace crafted by Jane, her tiny table at which she wrote, her  treasured objects and those of her family, her handmade gifts to nieces. Dresses of the day are recreated and the rooms look as Jane would have known them. The village itself is gorgeous, with the picture postcard cottages almost on top of one another. You can almost imagine the talk going on behind windows, in gardens, on country walks and at balls that fills these wonderful novels.

In the village churchyard, you can pay your respects to Jane's sister and mother. Jane is buried in Winchester Cathedral.

Next to the church is the grand Chawton House that was owned by Jane's brother. No doubt Jane would have attended balls here just as Elizabeth Bennett did in her local grand house, very possibly based upon this one.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I hope you all had a good weekend! Sorry for quietness over the last few days - I've been away with intermittent internet. Have a good evening!

ANTJE said...

Why is Jake gnawing at the white headphone cord???

Wet Dark and Wild said...

That's an old habit of his, Antje - I remember old pictures of him doing the same.

Have a good day everyone! Wimbledon begins!

ANTJE said...

Yeah, I have seen pictures showing a gnawing-at-headphone-cords-Jake, too.

Thank God, he is not a nose-picking-and-then-eating-it-guy!!!!!!

Susan said...

What a lovely interlude, Kate. Thanks for the clips of Maggie as well. I had not paid any attention to White House Down until I realized that she was in it, so now I am very much looking forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Antje. He may do that in private, like most men ;-)


Anonymous said...

Kate, I loved Chawton when I visited there too. Lovely photos!

Great news about Into the Woods. What about Nailed?!


ANTJE said...

Most men do ... THIS????

Thank the Lord I once chose a male human being who prefers hankies.

mermon said...

The possibility of Jake playing Prince with Anna Kendrick as Cinderella is very exciting to me! I hope, it will happen.
I checked that White House Down now. We have premiere in Poland 2 days after American's one! Good cast, I may see it!
I guess, Maggie realized Twitter is a great place for promoting. Actors may really do a lot to attract the audience.
Kate, thanks for sharing Jane Austen's places. Interesting to see it!

mermon said...

I watched those Maggie's interviews. She really is a lovely woman. With Jimmy Kimmel in part 1 (to find in Part 3) they talked about her joining and being on Twitter.

BBMISwear said...

Great to see an update...I haven't been on line that much lately and can see that there hasn't been much news so I guess this has been a good time for me to be too busy to surf the internet!

I am looking forward to White House Down - yes, definitely a strong cast. "Wimbledon Begins" made me laugh, Kate, as right now everyone from my neck of the woods is on the edge of their seat waiting to see if the Boston Bruins can win one more game and be in the final game for the Stanley Cup - Stressful!! Not much tennis on the minds of anyone here quite yet!

Beautiful and historical interlude - very enjoyable!

I have to say I'm getting a little tired of the many, many, many news alerts about Jake as a prince in this Disney about some concrete info about An Enemy - a HUGE role (as in TWO roles) for Jake?! (BTW - I'm not referring to WDW here...just referring to every on line news outlet in existence). Sigh.

I'll try to be patient as I wait (and wait). Have a good week all (and I guess we'll take some more NYC pics if that's all we can get at the moment)!


Sonja said...

Wasn't 'Prince of Persia' also Disney? I'm almost certain it was.

ANTJE said...

It was indeed!

Anonymous said...

That's Disney for you -a HUGE media circus, (money making media circus...)

Shame no info re An Enemy - that's the film I'm most excited about seeing as Jake is STARRING in it and has TWO roles! Come on Jake!

Amanda xx

Anonymous said...

Antje, men are just men, even Jake and we wouldn't have it any other way would we girls?!? I'm sure even Jake our hero slobs it out at home just like we all do ;-)

Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Not too much gossip but yet there's another "sighting" of Jake with a woman. This time it's model Alyssa Miller. This could be -- the pic of Jake on IHJ of him at Round Swamp Farm and her twitter pics on the same day at the same establishment put them in at least the same geographical location at the same time. So, time will tell.

ANTJE said...


No Jake-gossip,please!


Anonymous said...

There are informations about "An Enemy" as almost certainly part of Toronto festival and possibly Venice festival. A simple search reveals these informations about plans for both "An Enemy" and "Prisoners".

June 21, HitFix makes early predictions for Venice film festival:
"Canadian director Denis Villeneuve's English-language double-shot of "An Enemy" and "Prisoners," both starring Jake Gyllenhaal, are being pegged as likely Toronto premieres given the director's nationality, but not so fast: many forget that Villeneuve's last film, "Incendies," first appeared quietly in Venice."

June 24, IndieWire predicting the same for Venice festival:
"An Enemy" (dir. Denis Villeneuve)
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent, Isabella Rosselini, Sarah Gadon
Coming off his Oscar-nominated "Incendies," Denis Villeneuve has a busy 2013, with star-filled studio thriller "Prisoners," and this indie, an adaptation of a novel by Jose Saramago that shares its doppelganger theme with Richard Ayoade's upcoming "The Double." "Prisoners" might turn up at the festival -- it could fill that studio premiere slot that we're tipping "Gravity" for -- but we know for a fact that they've been targeting a Venice premiere for "An Enemy." With Villeneuve's reputation ("Incendies" premiered at the festival in 2010), and Gyllenhaal's presence in the lead role, we can certainly see that the programmers might be tempted, at least to put the film in a sidebar or out of competition."

Venice regulations:
movies are submitted until June 21
they have to be world premieres, no prior public screening
letters of invitation for the chosen films are send until mid July
the line-up is officially announced late July.

TIFF rules are more lax: films don't have to be world premieres.

This year the festivals overlap for 3 days.
Venice: August 28–September 7
Toronto: September 5–15

It's possible for Jake/An Enemy to attend both.

Maria said...

Ryan Reynolds is replacing Jake in Mississippi Grind. I actually really like the concept of the movie. What could have happened? Would like that one a lot better than some Disney movie.

Was a bit disappointed, things were going so well for him.

Anonymous said...

Maria, that's areal shame. Perhaps Disney put pressure on him. He may not have 'time' to fit it in. :-(


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Friday at last :)

Thanks for all the comments (except for the ones about snot :D)

Waves at Amanda, Sonja and Antje! And yep, thanks for the no gossip reminder. That is indeed the rule of the site :)

BBMISwear, you need to watch some proper sport - tennis, cricket!!! I ahte having to work at the minute. I just want to watch Wimbledon. C'mon, Andy!

Hi Mermon! I'm a huger Emmerich fan (even if I don't like all the movies) so I'm looking forward to see WHD - a long wait here though for some reason.

Thanks 1:48 for the news :)

That is bad news, Maria! I thought that one was all sorted.

It is a shame, Amanda. I can't imagine that Into the Woods would take long for Jake to film. Hmmm

Now that we have some news, I'll do a post later today :) have a good Friday!

Maria said...

Love Wimbledon, my favourite tournament of the year. Wish we would have a good dutch player again.
Like the no gossip rule.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Maria :) I like it too (tennis and the rule).

Just putting a new post up.