Thursday, 25 July 2013

Festivals! Prisoners for Toronto and An Enemy for San Sebastian

As we get closer to the releases this autumn of Jake Gyllenhaal's next films - Prisoners (starring with Hugh Jackman) and An Enemy or Enemy (starring with Jake Gyllenhaal), the line up for the season's Film Festivals emerge. Although one or both were pondered as possibles for Venice, neither was to be. However, Prisoners is among the line up for the Toronto International Film Festival and An Enemy for the San Sebastian Film festival. Appropriately, we have a new Prisoners poster to celebrate. This time the poster features both Hugh Jackman and Jake (via IHJ).

Toronto (5-15 September) - Prisoners has been listed as a Special Presentation. The schedule will be released on 20 August. The inclusion of another doppelgangar movie in the schedule, The Double, made the appearance of An Enemy less than likely.

San Sebastian (20-28 September) - An Enemy (a Canada and Spain co-production) will appear at the Spanish Festival instead where it will compete as part of the official selection. I'll be crossing all my fingers for Jake and Jake (image via the festival website).

Time to dust off that tux and give the red carpet a sweep. Fabulous.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Oooh, good news! Also good to see that Jake will be seen at festivals on both sides of the pond with these two movies.

Have a good day, everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Apologies for turning the anti-robot device back on but I just had to. The site has been flooded with hundreds of spam comments which means I've been missing genuine comments.

Anonymous said...

Long explanation short:
San Sebastian's (Sept. 20-28) rules forbid its chosen films to priorily take part in another competitive festival. Hence no Venice for "Enemy". But the presence in noncompetitive festivals like Telluride (Aug. 29–Sept. 2) or Toronto (Sept. 5-15) is possible.

Tuesday's TIFF announcement was the first wave of titles. Only 75 of 250+ films to be screened in Toronto. Hundreds of new titles will be added in Galas, Special Presentations and other categories (e.g. the Canadian films category).

Telluride's lineup is kept under tight secrecy. The announcement is made right before the start of the festival (Aug.29)

We need patience: next month could bring news for "Enemy" in more festivals.
And the date is set for "Prisoners" at TIFF: Sept.6

Susan said...

Thanks for the explanation, Anon 18:09, as my familiarity with film festivals is somewhere between nil and nonexistent. Now my anxiety levels are reduced and I can relax a little as I await the collective fall film festival frenzy, hoping to see (An) Enemy featured in several places. ;-)

mermon said...

I think it's great for Jake to have two movies in two festivals. And Jake will be in Europe again! Hopefully.

BBMISwear said...

It's great to finally be getting official info on Jake's fall movie premieres. The start of it anyway...will be great to hear more about Enemy (An Enemy? Whatever they're calling it these days - ha ha)! The festival in Spain is nice but I would really love for it to make it to TIFF along with Prisoners (and considering their director and where they filmed I'm thinking there will be a pretty good chance of that). Good stuff for Jake and for all of us come September - bring on the press junket!! :-)

P.S. I don't mind the robot sign in at all, Kate - it's so needed these days to weed out spam and it really is only a few more keystrokes for us so no worries!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, 18:09 - that's very helpful and good to know!

Hi Susan :)

I hope he comes over here, too, Mermon! He looked so good when he was in Spain for Source Code.

Hey BBMISwear :-) Thanks for that about the anti-robot thing. It was becoming hard for me to keep up with and find comments. So there is still a hance for (An) Enemy at TIFF. That would be so good. But at least one will be there so lots to get excited about. I love the European festivals so very happy that they'll also get a look in.

I'm off into the wilds of North Wales camping for a long weekend so wish me luck!

BBMISwear said...

Yes...great to have Jake on both sides of the pond promoting his films! Good luck with the camping trip, Kate! :-)

Anonymous said...

New categories for TIFF were announced today, still no "Enemy". But other announcements are expected in August. I'm reposting what I wrote on Gyllenbabble:

Today's announcement was for
Vanguard - avantgarde/provocative films
Midnight Madness - horror/scary thrillers
City to City - Athens this year
Cinématheque - digitally restored films
No appropriate category for "Enemy", except maybe Vanguard.

4 other sections will be announced:
Contemporary World Cinema - 64 films last year
2 sections are well-suited for "Enemy". Contemporary World Cinema because "Enemy" is a Canadian-French-Spanish coproduction with American-Canadian-French-Italian-Swedish cast.
Masters because Denis Villeneuve is a well-established Canadian director.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Survived my camping trip - although it was touch and go... Very hot.

Thanks, BBMISwear :-)!

Thanks 20:15 for the update on TIFF. Still hope.

Very hot again today. I am a little puddle... Hope you're all having a good week!

Off to Paris next week!

mermon said...

Fantastic news! TIFF on twitter announced: "TIFF ‏@TIFF_NET
Jake Gyllenhaal & Denis Villeneuve team up again for another film premiering at #TIFF13, ENEMY. Already announced, PRISONERS"

That means two Jake's movies at one festival in Toronto!
And the news fly via Twitter that in around two weeks Jake will be on Inside The Actors Studio - long, around 40 minutes interviewing programme. That would be interesting.

mermon said...

A tweet from interviewer/journalist:

Jake Hamilton ‏@JakesTakes
Just booked my second set of #TIFF2013 interviews! I'll be talking with Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and the cast of PRISONERS!

The festival will start in one month, but the excitement is already here!

mermon said...

Me again
"Enemy" Runtime-90 minutes,Rating -18A, so for grown up audience! Sexual thriller, so darker than Saramago's book.

Susan said...

Hi, Mermon. It's all wonderful news about Enemy, isn't it? Now I'm anxious to hear a release date so I can plan to see it. I love Inside the Actors Studio - some of the best interviews of some great actors ever recorded. They are always fascinating.

mermon said...

@Susan, I watched one ITAS, to have an idea, how it looks like - the one with Goldie Hawn. It was great, with no rush, they went through her career and a bit of life. Very nice.
I hope we will have Enemy in Poland, so far, no news.
Prisoners - 4th October, not bad.
Kate discovers Paris, having good time.

Sonja said...

Hi Mermon! Thanks for all the updates! Exciting, eh?!